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Semi-Permanent Freckle Face Tattoos Are Apparently a Beauty Trend Now

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 05:04 AM PST

While some women cover their faces with thick layers of foundation to cover up natural freckles, others are apparently getting them tattooed. Yup, freckles are in, and some people would even go under the needle to get them.

Freckle tattooing is reportedly one of the fastest growing beauty treatments available today. Similar to microblading, an eyebrow enhancing procedure, freckle tattooing involves the use of pigments to ink freckle-like dots onto a person’s face that eventually blend in with the client’s skin tone. As with any tattoo, there is some inevitable swelling, but it subsides after a few months, and the initial dark coloring of the freckles fades to a light brown.

Turkish Feline Lover Installs Tiny Window Ladder to Help Stray Cats Escape the Cold

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 02:05 AM PST

Winter in the Turkish town of Terkirdag has been particularly cold this year, but a local cat lover has come up with an ingenious solution that allows stray cats in her neighborhood to escape the chill – installing a tiny metal ladder leading up into her cozy apartment.

Sebnem Ilhan couldn’t just sit by and let the stray cats freeze to death, so she decided to open up her home to them. But since inviting them in through the front door wasn’t going to work, she had to come up with a more practical solution. The window seemed like the best choice, but even though her apartment is on the ground floor of an apartment building, the window is still to high for cats to jump on to. So she had a tiny metal ladder made that the strays could climb to reach her window.

Lonely Teen Robbed of a Childhood by Leukemia Advertises for Friends Online

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 12:49 AM PST

Jordan Kosovich developed leukemia when he was just seven years old. He battled the disease for the next four years, and even though he eventually beat it, the experience took a heavy toll on his social life. Now, the 19-year-old is so desperate to find some friends that he advertised for them on a classifieds website.

The Australian teen from Perth says that leukemia robbed him of a normal childhood. He was forced to quit school for two years until the end of Year 3, while undergoing hellish chemotherapy treatment. When he was finally able to return to school, he became the target of bullies, as the drugs he had taken made him overweight. He describes the whole school experience as “hell” and claims that he wouldn’t go back to it for all the money in the world.

“It’s the worst thing to have happen to you because the drugs they give you are so strong you lose all your hair, and you get really overweight because one of them makes you eat a lot,” Jordan said. “I was too weak to defend myself, being overweight due to the cancer, plus I was a really shy, quiet kid which made me the perfect target.”



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8 Best Wireless Routers to Get in 2017

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 03:31 PM PST

Hey, What's the Wifi Password??? Admit it! No matter how spooky the guy next to you is or how unwelcoming the cafe manager is, the 21st-century question to break the ice is "Hey, What's the Wifi Password?" While the latter part of the sentence is almost exclusive to the 21st century, it still strikes a chord, doesn't it? Wifi does play a crucial role in today's everyday life. Be it to check your official emails, update your instapage or ping your mom to tell you’re okay (I know, right?!).

But with the populations of smartphones becoming almost equal to that of humans, data throughput or data rates are falling. Network congestion and device cluttering make none of the devices connected to a hotspot capable of making the most of it. Fast devices need to wait in queue for the slower ones to finish their tasks before taking advantage of the connection. This is where routers come in. To begin with, ROUTERS ARE NOT MODEMS! In fact, you can think of them like your personal little super modems that give you wireless internet connections but also optimize multiple clients and give each device in the connected network the best of the ISP's services. So if you are looking for a device that can connect to more than one PC, multiple wireless networks and build you a network of connected devices, than a router is what you need. Here are the best 8 Wireless routers in the market today; from the budget buys to the luxurious choices, this list has them all.

Asus RT AC-88U

When you go for the Asus RT AC-88U from your conventional home modem, it is like upgrading from a bicycle to a spaceship. The Wi-Fi Router comes with 8 Gigabit LAN ports while most competing products just offer 4 ports. The router operates in the dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and is MU-MIMO-enabled. This means the router optimizes its clients to deliver the best speeds for all devices. The ASUS RT AC- 88U is ideal for heavy users who don't mind spending some money to get the best option in the market.

TP- Link Archer C9


The TP-Link Archer C9 is what you would call an economic choice for the average user. If what you are looking for is a decent router which helps get the best for your home or mini-office network without putting a dent in your savings, the Archer C9 is a great choice. The router works on both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bands and has 4 LAN ports and a WAN port. Though the Archer C9 is not equipped with MU-MIMO, the difference is hardly felt since the router well optimizes the dual band for client devices.

Asus RT AC-5300



I am not an Asus loyalist, but I cannot deny that the brand has an impressive arsenal of routers. The AC-5300 is a router that means business. Equipped with 4 LAN ports and a WAN port, the router is mainly made for wireless networking. The router has 8 directive antennas and has 3 bands of operation. The AC-5300 is best suited for office applications which have 3 to 4 desktop PCs that cannot do without a physical cable and a number of wireless clients like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Linksys EA-9500

The Linksys EA 9500 is a router built to give the Asus RT AC-5300 a run for its money. The Linksys has better interfacing capabilities with 8 LAN ports and a WAN port. It is also a tri-band router and is MU-MIMO-enabled which means wireless clients get the best of the ISP. Most of the client devices have not evolved to squeeze the best out of this router. But if you are ready to invest for a better tomorrow, then the EA-9500 is worth a shot.

Netgear NightHawk X8




The NightHawk X8 from Netgear is the brand's high-end router which has a parallel market to its Asus and Linksys counterparts. The NightHawk X8 however, comes between the AC-5300 and EA-9500 in terms of experience. One of the biggest advantages is the consistent throughput even over large wireless ranges and blazing speeds in the 5 GHz bands. The router is ideal for offices which need multiple wired and wireless connections with no performance inhibitions.

D-Link DIR 890 L


It would be a great injustice to miss out on the D-Link DIR 890 L when almost all reliable tri-band routers have a place in the list. The DIR 890 L was initially mocked for its UFO design. Critics, however, stopped as soon as they started when the DIR 890 L also started performing like a UFO. The router has one of the most consistent speeds in the market overall its wireless bands. It also has a great processor in its heart and has 512 MB RAM and 128 MB flash storage.

Linksys WRT 1900 ACS


The AC 1900 technology is rock-star famous when it comes to dual band routers. The AC 1900 not only offers high throughputs at both the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band but also offers consistency. The router has 4 Gigabit LAN ports and 1 WAN port. It also has USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for peripheral interfacing. It is ideal for home networks.

Netgear Nighthawk C7000

The NightHawk series from Netgear gives the best routers in both dual-band and tri-band markets. The C7000 uses AC 1900 technology to pump every piece of circuitry in the router to ooze surreal speeds. It has 4 Gigabit LAN ports and the standard USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. The best part though is the inbuilt modem in the router. This not only scrubs the need for a WAN port but also minimizes cost as a separate modem need not be purchased.

Oddity Central

Oddity Central

At 68, Berlin’s Famous “Techno Grandpa” Still Hits the City’s Hottest Clubs

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 01:55 PM PST

If you thought your grandpa was cool for his age, you’ve probably never heard of Bernhard Enste, the legendary “techno grandpa” of Berlin. When other 68-year-olds turn in for the night, he’s just getting ready to hit the hottest techno clubs in the German city and party until dawn with kids young enough to be his grand-children. They worship him, by the way, as he represents their hope for a happy old age.

Bernhard Enste wasn’t always the techno grandpa. He was born into a Catholic family in Mainz, and grew up dreaming of one day becoming a priest and converting the Eskimos to Christianity. That didn’t work out as planned, and he became a carpenter instead. At age 40 he got tired of working with wood and became an artist. Ten years later, his only son succumbed to cancer and his marriage fell apart. He felt that he needed to get out of Mainz, so he moved to Berlin, where he discovered the techno scene.

Growing up with The Beatles and Santana, techno always sounded more like noise than music to Bernhard, but all that changed when some friends invited him to a rave one night. The bass, the flashing lights and the energy of the crowd appealed to him instantly and clubbing became his thing. Today, he spends most his nights in Berlin’s many techno clubs, where he dances until the late hours of the morning.

Meet FORPHEUS, the World’s First Robot Table Tennis Tutor

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 10:48 AM PST

An advanced robot developed by Japanese electronics company Omron has recently been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s first robot table tennis tutor. FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized Automation with Sinic Theoretics) used machine learning to asses the skills of a human player, adjust its game accordingly and provide tips to help opponents improve their technique.

Unveiled at the Ceatec electronics show in Japan in 2014, FORPHEUS has come a long way in the last three years, especially after developers made a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Originally designed to showcase Omron’s sensor technology, the table tennis-playing robot has now become a Guinness-certified tutor thanks to machine learning. It analyzes data like the human player’s movement, the speed of the ball and the trajectory to determine his opponent’s skill level with around 90% accuracy. FORPHEUS then uses this information to adjust its play style – slow and and easy for beginners, faster and more unpredictable for advanced players.

Brazilian Scientists Bake Bread Out of Cockroach Flower

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 08:52 AM PST

With food shortage expected to become a major problem in the next decades, many experts believe that insects could become a major source of nutrients for people in the future. We already have plenty of insect based recipes and restaurants have begun putting bugs on their menus, but we need an effective way of using them as replacements for staples of our current diet, like wheat. Well, a couple of Brazilian food scientists have make a breakthrough in that area after successfully turning a species of cockroaches into flour and using it to bake bread.

Andressa Lucas and Lauren Menegon, two engineering students at the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made from cockroaches that contains 40% more protein than regular wheat flour and can be used to make all kinds of baked goods. It also contains lots of essential amino acids, as well as amino acids and lipids. And before you start acting all disgusted, the flour is not made from bugs like tho ones crawling through your kitchen at night, but of a species called Nauphoeta cinerea. They are sourced from a specialized breeder, where they are produced according to the hygiene requirements of the ANVISA, the Brazilian health surveillance agency, and fed exclusively on fruits and vegetables.

Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Graphic White Grid Creates an Unusual Layout for This Modern Home

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 06:00 AM PST

The space between two towering buildings on a Vietnam street becomes one big inhabitable plant trellis thanks to an unusual arrangement of space devised by local firm Block Architects. Looking up from the sidewalk, the new volume appears to have been inserted into an alleyway, occupying an interstitial space in a way that encourages the transmission of sunlight all the way from the neighboring rooflines to the ground level. Read more…

Elby: A Pedal-Assist Hybrid E-Bike That’s Intuitive and Versatile

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 08:35 PM PST

Sometimes you want to go for a bike ride, but other times you just need to get from point A to point B. In true hybrid style, the Elby bike straddles the best of both worlds. The chargeable e-bike will happily take you for a spin along a scenic bike trail, but if you need to tackle hills on your commute to work, you'll be thankful for the battery power to boost your weary legs. Read more…

Oddity Central

Oddity Central

Chilean Police Report Paranormal Activity While Investigating Domestic Disturbance

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 01:15 PM PST

People report cases of paranormal activity somewhere around the world virtually every day, but it’s not often that you hear police officers actually confirming these occurrences. However, that’s exactly what happened a couple of days ago in a Chilean city, when police investigating a domestic disturbance were allegedly attacked by mysterious forces.

On February 26, 2017, a group of Carabineros – Chilean police force – were called to investigate a home in Puerto Montt, after the desperate owners called the emergency number to complain that they were being terrorized by unnatural forces. When they arrived at the house in the municipality of municipality of Fe y Esperanza, they noticed several broken windows and a partially burned mattress in the yard. The owners were outside and as soon as they saw the police approaching they started telling them that there was strange paranormal activity inside the house. Obviously, the Carabineros didn’t believe them, but they quickly changed their mind once they went inside to investigate.

Second corporal Boris Olavarría González, of the Sixth Police Station in Puerto Montt, told reporters that he and his colleagues were questioning the owners inside the house when a trowel fell from the attic like somebody had thrown it down. After checking the attic and confirming that it was empty, González claims that he called out the “demon” asking it to leave. After receiving no response, he decided to go back outside, but on his way to the front door he was struck from behind by a knife.

World’s First Cannabis Gym Wants to Get You High and Pumped

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 11:02 AM PST

Weed and fitness apparently go well together, and the Power Plant Fitness gym, in San Francisco, wants to prove that once and for all by allowing clients to consume cannabis in various forms, while they work out. Power Plant Fitness advertises itself as the world’s first cannabis-friendly gym.

Before you get the wrong idea about this place, it’s important to mention that Power Plant Fitness “won’t be a place to get high and just screw around,” quite the opposite. Co-founders Jim McAlpine and Ricky Williams claim that they are “focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” and that they want to tackle the stereotype that pot users are lazy. The new gym will use cannabis as a tool to improve members’ concentration and speed up their post-workout recovery. McAlpine says he experienced the positive effects of weed while skiing, and that gave him the idea to try it in a gym environment.

Indonesian Woman Goes Overseas to Work, Has Kidney Removed Without Her Knowledge

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 08:52 AM PST

For years now, international media has been reporting on the physical and psychological abuse suffered by migrant workers from poor Asian countries at the hands of rich Middle-Eastern employers, but organ theft has never been mentioned. Until now, anyway, as an Indonesian woman recently revealed that one of her kidneys had been removed without her knowledge three years ago, while she was working in Qatar.

25-year-old Sri Rabitah, from Lombok, in Indonesia, claims that in June 2014 she reached out to a local employment agency to help her find a job in the Middle East. She was originally told that she would be sent to work for a family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, but somehow ended up in the home of a Palestinian family, in Doha, Qatar. As soon as she arrived, her employers told Sri that she first had to go through a medical checkup to make sure that she didn’t have any infectious diseases and was healthy enough to work. The young Indonesian never suspected that their reasonably-sounding request was actually just a pretext to get her near an operating table.

Sri Rabitah recalls that things got really weird when she arrived at the hospital – the name of which she cannot remember – on her third day of employment. A doctor told her that she was looking weak, and that he was going to give her an injection to help her relax. “Without permission, I received an injection. How come a medical needed an injection?” Sri told Indonesian newspaper Detik. “The doctor said I was feeling weak, so I was told to relax.”

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