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Turn your cat into the best DJ

Posted: 03 Feb 2016 08:56 AM PST


With Cat Scratch Turntable, your cat can suddenly follow after his dreams and become the most sought-after DJ this year. You want to know how? This is the story for you.

Many people think that cats and kittens scratch anything they find in order to sharpen their claws and stretch their muscles, but after carefully discussing things with Mr. Whiskers, we’ve found out the true reason: they just don’t understand their cats’ passion for music and their dreams of sharing the stage with Snoop Catt and hunt Deadmau5.

If after reading the last paragraph you are wondering what it is that your cat really wants in life (is it just happy with its city life, chasing insects and biting computer cables, or would it rather spend its days celebrating and going from party to party getting other cats and kittens to dance to the sickest beats?), but don’t even bother asking, for we have the answer right here. The Cat Scratch Turntable, is a very original toy for cats that retails for just over $20 USD (it’s currently on sale!), and is a great alternative to scratching poles as it will keep your pet entertained while it waits for a discographic company to listen to its demo. Who knows, your kitty might head huge European festivals by this time next year!

Besides being shaped like a record player and having a special disc to scratch, most parts are mobile (the cat would notice otherwise, and would complain and ask for higher end sets!), so it’s a world-class toy that will even entertain humans. The design is simply fantastic, decorated with stickers and drawings that would make any human DJ green with envy, but as if all of this wasn’t enough, the whole thing is also made out of highly resistant cardboard which is really simple to put together, so humans only need to mount the parts following the instructions.

Be warned, though, we have noticed that after buying this, most users have reported a crowd of cats started showing up around the neighborhood. Music fans and paparazzi kittens of the cat music scene will start gathering in your backyard to listen to the newest DJ in the area, so we recommend using a spare room so the top feline DJ can rest and make its music without any interruptions. Rock on, kitten.

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25 Cool Chess Sets

Posted: 03 Feb 2016 04:42 AM PST

25 Cool Chess Sets

While chess has been around since the 6th century (give or take), it does need a little updating from time to time, especially when it comes to the way chess sets look. Geeky, modern, futuristic or just weird, the following 25 chess sets cover it all.

 Super Mario Bros Chess Set

To demonstrate the never ending war between Mario and a bunch of creative thinking animals, this Super Mario Bros chess set was made from polymer clay, and each piece was sculpted and painted entirely by hand. Available for $190.

LED Glowing Chessboard

The photon chess LED set makes playing the ancient game quite special with its design and lighting, and comes with three options of coloring: Red, Blue or a combination of both. Available for $79.

Shot Glass Chess Set

The concept is simple but brilliant: Play chess and, well, get drunk while playing it. The figures are drawn on the glasses, although after a few shots, you might not notice anymore. Available for $24.95

Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Link takes his never ending quest to the chess board and looks super cute while doing it. All pieces are cast in resin with a felt bottom, and sealed with a matte finish  except  Available for the chu jelly pawns which are high-gloss. Available for $950

South Park Chess Set

Based on the hilarious TV show, this one doesn’t pit a faction of characters against another one. There are the same characters, with Kenny as the cannon fodder, against each other, only with a different base coloring to distinguish them. Available for $168

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set 

Playing Tri-Dimensional chess is incredibly difficult. But doing it with a special Star Trek set makes you feel soooo elite, it’s worth it. Available for $559.95.

Star Wars Chess Set

Silver pieces are the Rebels, Black Pieces are the Empire & friends. You don’t need to know anything else, or do anything else for the rest of your life except play chess with Star Wars characters and make voices while playing. Available for $23.99

LED Glow Chess Set

Another LED set with a different look, as the glossy board gives it a nice blend of darkness and light, with every piece lighting up on or near the board. Available for $79.91.

3D Knight Chess Set

The cool 3D knight chess set isn’t just about gold pieces going up against the silver guy; the board hangs above a ravaged battlefield. Available for $158

 Pokemon Chess Set (Fire VS Grass)

This Pokemon chess set pits fire and grass against each other on an epic, battle-torn table (which comes separate from the pieces), all made out of polymer clay, polyurethane glaze and slate. Available for $300

Doctor Who Chess Set

The Doctor Who chess set does look like salt & pepper shakers going up against each other, but there are 3D images of characters from the show inside the pieces, so you know what is at stake. Available for $35.99

Chess Set of Dragons

One of the more unique pieces on this list, made by obiskus of DeviantArt. The dragons are made out of copper, with half of them silver plated. The board is made of copper and stainless steel. Available here.

Flintstones 3D Chess Set

There’s nothing combative about the Flintstones (unless Fred is having a bad day at work) but they seem to make very fitting chess pieces pitted against themselves (with different coloring). Available for $44.50.

Bead Bazaar Their Highness’s Chess Set

Some chess sets are for kids, like Bead Bazaar Your Highness’s chess set, being just in the right size so smaller hands can mess around with them. Available for $37.49.

 Wooden Chess Set Pirates vs. Ninjas

I don’t remember anything about pirates from the Caribbean waters having problem with Asian ninjas, but when you pit pieces against each other on a chessboard, everything makes sense. Available for $275.

The Lord of the Rings Collector’s Chess Set

A very special Lord of the Rings chess set for fans of the books but especially the movies, with the playing pieces being precise miniature sculptures of the cast members, including an ancient map of Middle-earth Available just below the playing surface, which the words from the one ring colored on top of it. Available for $495.

50 CALIBER BULLET shell Chess Set

Made out of .50 caliber bullet cases that were made to look a lot less deadly but yet very cool, this metallic looking chess set is not just for army buffs, but for any chess fan who likes to play with shiny things. Available for $545.

Madoka Magica Chess Set

For those who want to play chess Madoka style, there’s this interesting creation, made out of Sculpey. Available for $75.

Minecraft Chess Set

If there’s an Angry Birds movie, there can also be a Minecraft chess set, bringing the battle through pixelated characters (Creepers and zombies), differentiated by black and white bases. Available for $39.99.

Modern Chess Set

This modern chess board has an impressionistic feel to it, made out of Acrylic, and gives a more flowing, classier vibe than your normal chess set. Available for $218.07.

Chess Set Jolly Roger Band Chess Set

There’s something special and timeless about wooden chess sets, made out of maple and walnut. It comes with a pirate set that includes kings and queens playing musical instruments, and the pawns are the “Jolly Roger”, the skull and crossbones. Available for $825.

Origami Chess Set

Only paper and glue to make this green vs white chess battle, but the Origami chess set is for those who want something very different when they’re making intelligent battles on the kitchen table with someone. Available for $25.16.

3 Player Circular Chess

Sometimes there’s a third person. So he needs to play to. Instead of going 2 on 1, why not play 3-player circular chess? Same rules, same strategies, only an added degree of complication, with a very good looking board to make it even better. Available for $49.95.

Space Invader Chess Set

There’s something still captivating about Space Invaders after all these years, and despite being a classic Arcade game, they fit in quite well on a futuristic looking chessboard. Available here.

Skyline Chess Set

So what’s special about the Skyline chess set? It recreates the London cityscape over the checkered black and white plane. In short, it’s for chess loves who also love architecture. Available for $130

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ZenMate VPN: Lifetime Premium Subscription

Posted: 02 Feb 2016 02:41 PM PST

ZenMate VPN Lifetime Premium Subscription 03

What’s the point of using a VPN if Netflix is going to block it anyway? Well, word has it that this is a war Netflix can’t win, so this might be the best time to invest in a lifetime subscription to a VPN, especially if it’s at a heavily discounted price, as is ZenMate VPN in our store, Walyou Deals.

First things first, it isn’t impossible for Netflix to block VPN services, and the on-demand Internet streaming media provider has actually started doing so in Australia. However, the company is going to encounter a lot of problems, the most notable one being the loss of a lot of customers. Why so? Well, not all people who use VPN services are looking to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. In fact, many of these subscribers have actually turned to VPNs for the increased security these services provide. That’s right, VPNs aren’t useful only for accessing geo-blocked content, but also for encrypting all of the Internet traffic, thus keeping hackers at bay. ZenMate VPN handles both of these aspects very well, and if you appreciate your privacy, with a bit of access to geo-blocked content on the side, you should give it a try.

ZenGuard’s ZenMate is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, in case you’re not ready to commit to a lifetime relationship with a VPN service. The free versions of the browser extensions are enough for accessing geo-restricted content (*cough* Spotify *cough*) and buying things from stores that offer “free shipping worldwide,” while secretly adjusting the prices depending on your location. These aren’t without limitations, however, as you can only switch between servers from the US, Germany, and Hong Kong, not to mention that the connections are noticeably slower. To gain access to more features, and to be able to use the VPN servers on more devices, you will have to go with the ZenMate Premium subscription. The lifetime subscription available in our store is a real bargain, considering how little you’re paying for the full package.

Using ZenMate, you can connect to servers from 11 countries (Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands & Spain), and have your traffic encrypted, without having to sacrifice the speed of the connection.

To purchase a lifetime subscription to ZenMate, head over to Walyou Deals within the next 3 days and pay $49, instead of the $840 the subscription typically retails for. By subscribing to our store’s newsletter, you can take an additional 5% off. You’ll gain access to your VPN service account right after making the payment. The license includes updates and the length of access is actually 10 years, despite being called a lifetime subscription. However, at the end of these 10 years, customers can extend the subscription free of charge. All they need to do is contact customer support.

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