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Keep Your iPhone 6/6S Safe with a Peel Case

Posted: 04 Feb 2016 05:21 PM PST

Peel iPhone 6-6S Case 01

Knowing just how much iPhone 6S costs, it would be a pity to buy one and not protect it using a case as inconspicuous as the one made by Peel.

The iPhone 6 may not have the best build quality ever (remember Bendgate?), but at least it ranks well in the design department. The aircraft-grade aluminum used in the iPhone 6S seems to have done away with that problem, as well, so in this particular model’s case, we’re left to admire the design without having to worry about the device bending in the back pocket. The problem with owning an expensive smartphone is that we’re often confronted with a choice: protect it properly by using a bulky case, or leave it bare, risking to get it damaged? Peel made a case that enables you to thoroughly protect your iPhone 6 or 6S without the added bulge of a massive case. For the next three days, you can find it in our store, Walyou Deals, at a discounted price.

In old mobile phones, the display was really the only part we needed to be careful about, but with modern smartphones that often retail for hundreds of dollars, we have to pay extra attention not to get them scratched, or even worse, drop them on a hard surface. We often trade protection for bulkiness, but that’s no longer the case with Peel’s case, which retains the shape and form of the smartphone, while also keeping it safe from accidental drops.

Measuring only 0.35mm in thickness, the Peel case is designed to be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Knowing as how both the iPhone 6 and the 6S have a protruding camera, you might think that this couldn’t possibly be protected when using such a case, but in fact the Peel case covers it with a subtle lip.

It should be noted that this Peel case is only compatible with the iPhone 6/6S, so if you’re using another model, you might have to look for other options. However, if you decide to buy one, you can choose between two color options: Space Gray and Gold, depending on the color of your iPhone. After all, you wouldn’t want the case to be in stark contrast with the smartphone’s body, now would you?

The Peel iPhone 6/6S case can be purchased from Walyou Deals for $24.99, a $5 discount from the original retail price. Granted, there are cheaper iPhone cases out there, but they won’t offer anything near the grade of protection provided by the Peel one, and that while being almost invisible to the naked eye. The product is shipped for free to addresses from all over the world, but any import taxes are solely your responsibility. If you place an order within the next 3 days, while the deal is still on, you can expect have it delivered between February 13 and 16.

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Five Funko Star Wars Mugs that Take Beverages to the Dark Side

Posted: 04 Feb 2016 04:03 PM PST

Funko Star Wars Mugs

Funko has recently unveiled five Star Wars mugs that will appeal to both lovers of Lucas’ episodes and the new ones to be made under Disney’s umbrella.

It’s hard to tell which side of the saga Funko leans more to with its Pop! ceramic mugs, as some of the characters have appeared in both. Probably that’s for the best, as nobody will get to accuse the toy manufacturer of launching merchandise inspired exclusively from the latest episode. However, Funko seems to have a soft spot for the Dark Side, as there’s a 3 to 2 ratio. There are really a lot of ways these five mugs could be classified, so let’s not waste any more time and take a look at each and every one of them. Bear in mind that they’re listed in alphabetical order to eliminate any discrimination, especially since I love all of these five characters to bits (or at least four of them, since the white one lacks character).

Star Wars BB-8 Pop! Home Mug

BB-8 surely is one of the most beloved characters from Episode VII, even though it didn’t have that many lines (get it?). The app-controlled droid that Disney and Sphero launched a few weeks before the movie hit the theater was sensational, and some even went as far as to call it the best piece of merchandise to ever come from Disney. Now it’s Funko’s turn to surprise us with a really cute mug that comes at a fraction of the price of the droid, and is probably more functional.

With a capacity of 12 ounces, this mug is great for drinking tea, milk, or even soup, but it might be a bit too large for coffee. The design is also nice, as most of the mug resembles the… top side of BB-8 (not sure if I should call that a head).

To buy Funko’s Star Wars BB-8 Pop! Home mug, head over to Entertainment Earth, where you’ll be able to pre-order it for $9.99. The product will be available in April 2016, so you’ll have to wait for a couple more months to get it. The best part about pre-ordering from Entertainment Earth is that your card isn’t charged until the item arrives in stock. Also, you can get free U.S. shipping on orders of $79 or more, so make sure that you check out the other pop culture inspired items.

Star Wars Boba Fett Pop! Home Mug

World’s most famous bounty hunter has also been immortalized in mug form. The design is instantly recognizable, as the mug features Boba Fett’s iconic helmet, with two shades of green, red, black, and yellow.

Funko’s Star Wars Boba Fett Pop! Home mug also retails for $9.99 and can be pre-order from the same e-tailer as the one above.

Star Wars Chewbacca Pop! Home Mug

Yet another character who didn’t get that many lines of dialogue in Episode VII, Chewbacca is among the ones who have lived to see both Darth Vader and Kylo Ren in action. This is probably the most cartoonish-looking of the five mugs, and for a moment there, you might mistake it for a Chihuahua because of the big eyes and the teeth-baring grin.

Also retailing for $9.99, the Star Wars Chewbacca Pop! Home mug can be pre-ordered now for an April delivery.

Star Wars Darth Vader Pop! Home Mug

Cue The Imperial March! Daddy’s coming to breakfast, and he only drinks dark coffee. No, not black, but dark, as the side he’s affiliated to. However, this mug is not as frightening as the real deal, as Funko’s Darth Vader looks a lot more like the one from Angry Birds.

Imagine the technological progress we’re living if it’s possible to get a Sith Lord from a galaxy far, far away turned into a ceramic mug and placed onto your desk for you to enjoy your favorite beverage in it. And all the manufacturer is asking for that is $9.99.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Pop! Home Mug

While you know for certain who’s behind Darth Vader’s helmet, you can’t say the same thing about Stormtroopers. There really could be anyone in there, and from this point of view, I’d say that Stormtroopers lack identity. Probably that’s why the Finn character turned out so well in Episode VII. We got to see that not all Stormtroopers are created equal, and that there’s a real human being hiding under all that white shiny armor. Before I get carried away, let’s

The Funko Star Wars Stormtrooper Pop! Home mug can be pre-ordered now for $9.99, and while it may not represent the most loved characters of the saga, it does have an iconic design that can be easily recognized by Star Wars fans. It should be noted that this has the same capacity as all the other Star Wars mugs from this collection, meaning that you’ll only be able to enjoy 12 ounces of liquid, unless you’re able to invent a system to replenish the quantity automatically.

Funko explained that the reason why these mugs look like they were inspired by cartoon characters is that these were based on the memorable design of Pop! Vinyl Figures. Would I have loved to see other Star Wars characters turned into mugs? Of course! Would they have looked as good as these five? I doubt it. Unless it’s Yoda or R2-D2 we’re talking about, the other characters are not as adequate for such designs, so Funko might want to add those two to the current line-up.

The manufacturer advises against cleaning these in a dishwasher, so keep that in mind if you’re ordering any of them. On top of that, the mugs aren’t to be used in microwave ovens. Other than that, you can drink anything you want in them, especially if that’ll make you quote your favorite character. Needless to say, that’ll be quite the challenge in BB-8’s case.

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