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Five Ways Cord Cutters Can Watch the Super Bowl

Posted: 06 Feb 2016 09:59 AM PST

CBS Sports App

If you’ve given up on cable subscriptions, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss on one of the most important sports events of the year, the Super Bowl. Here are five ways cord-cutters can still watch it using devices that most probably they already own.

There’s a bit over 24 hours left until Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will kick off this year’s Super Bowl, probably the most watched sports event of the year. This is obviously a great opportunity for companies to make their products known to a great number of people, while paying as much as $150,000 per second to get their ads broadcasted. Some companies have found a strategy that relies on YouTube to show their ads to possibly even more people, while paying nothing at all: they create either intentionally or accidentally ads that are unfit for a general audience, which gets them banned from the television. As no one can stop them from posting those banned ads to YouTube (where there’s a great chance people will share these with their friends, thus helping the number of views to skyrocket), the companies are getting the entire benefit with none of the cost. Now that I’m done with this piece of trivia, let’s see what you can use to watch the event if you’re not subscribed to cable television.

Stream on Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or a Windows 10 mini PC

This is probably the easiest approach. If you own any of the following devices (Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or a Windows 10 mini PC), head over to their respective app stores and download the CBS Sports app.

That’s all you have to do. After that, tune in Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET and enjoy the game. The app’s functionality goes beyond that, as a matter of fact, as it allows you to watch content for more than just NFL. After all, it’s called CBS Sports, so you can expect a lot of video from MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and more.

Mirror a Smartphone’s Screen to Chromecast

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in developed countries, and Chromecast HDMI dongles are not that far behind in popularity, given how affordable they have always been. They typically retail for $35, but on Black Friday and other such events, you could have bought one for much cheaper. The investment is definitely worth it, even if only for watching such sports events.

This solution relies on the aforementioned CBS Sports app, as well. You’ll have to download that on your Android mobile device and establish a connection between the smartphone or tablet and Chromecast, so that whatever is displayed on the screen gets mirrored to the TV or monitor the HDMI dongle is connected to. Bear in mind that to cast the game to your TV you need to use a Wi-Fi connection, as streaming over a cellular data connection is limited to a single carrier, which brings us to the next way cord-cutters can enjoy the Super Bowl.

Have Verizon as Your Carrier

AT&T users are not getting any love in this department, as only the ones subscribed to Verizon will be able to stream the game on their smartphones or tablets using a cellular data connection.

The reason behind that is that only Verizon has an NFL Mobile app. This is how the carrier explained it in a press release: “Super Bowl 50 will be streamed live through NFL Mobile from Verizon, available for all Verizon users at no additional charge on Windows, Apple and Android smartphones. NFL Mobile will also offer up-to-the-minute scores, stats, highlights and Super Bowl commercials. Verizon will also bring the game to life in go90 by live streaming the game through NFL Mobile on go90 for Verizon Wireless customers.”

Combine Verizon with a Chromecast

Sure, you’re free to stream the game using NFL Mobile from Verizon, but how does a smartphone or tablet’s screen compare to a fully-fledged TV? Do you actually prefer not being able to distinguish the players to having the impression that you’re on the field yourself?

TVs offer a much more immersive experience, so if you’re subscribed to Verizon and happen to own a Chromecast, why not combine the two in order to watch the game properly? Install NFL Mobile on your Verizon Android smartphone or tablet, launch the app, connect the device to the Chromecast and start mirroring the screen. The best part about NFL Mobile from Verizon is that it allows you to stream the entire game, so you don’t have to miss out on the impressive commercials that will be broadcast on this special occasion. Sure, you’ll be able to find most, if not all of them on YouTube later on, but what’s the point?

Use Placeshifting Tech

The following method assumes that you don’t have access to none of the aforementioned options, which really is hard to believe in this day and age. However, there is still hope for you, assuming you’re a social person and you’ve befriended people whose cable login you’re going to use for watching the Super Bowl. Besides the cable login, you’ll need a TV with component outputs. In case yours sports only HDMI, you can get an HDMI to component converter box to deal with the problem. Now this solution might come a little too late for the Super Bowl, but if you’re a cord-cutter, it’s worth keeping it in mind for future reference.

Slingbox streaming media players start at $43 on Amazon, but you’ll probably want to get a newer model, since you’re going to use it for more than just watching the Super Bowl.

Cutting the cord enabled a lot of people to get rid of unnecessary content. If you haven’t done it already, you should think if you’re comfortable with the above options, and if so, jump right into streaming.

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Arduino Step-by-Step: Your Complete Guide

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 04:02 PM PST

Arduino Step-by-Step Guide

The Arduino microcontroller has become very popular in the recent years for enabling people with a bit of knowledge in the electronics department to automate certain aspects of their homes.

What sets Arduino apart from other electronics platforms is that it’s open-source, and that makes both the hardware and the software extremely easy to use. Arduino boards are often paired with multiple sensors, and based on their inputs, the platform can turn lights on or off, start or stop motors, and so on. If you’re not willing to buy expensive IoT systems, making one yourself is a much better, not to mention much more affordable option. The guide found in the eLearning section of our store, Walyou Deals, is meant to take people who are just getting started with electronic design, and turn them into experts.

The Arduino step-by-step guide is a 19-hour course that will teach you everything there is to know about this electronics platform over 131 lectures. The Arduino prototyping platform may seem difficult for people who are just getting into electronics, but programming in it isn’t at all terrifying, once you get the hang of it. Of course, you’ll first have to become familiar with the principles of programming microcontrollers. Once you’re done with that, you can proceed to exploring the basic principles in electronics design. You’ll also get to learn a lot about shields, accessories and sensors, plus all the types of components you can connect to the microcontroller.

Yet another aspect that you’ll master by the time you finish this course is how to connect the Arduino board to the Internet for reporting and controlling. Not at last, you’ll find how Arduino can be integrated with motors, gears, and movement.

To get started with the course, you will need an Internet connection for streaming the lectures, as well as an Arduino board and other materials for practicing as you’re learning.

Part of the guaranteed success of this course is represented by the instructor, Dr. Peter Dalmaris, an Electrical and Computer Engineer, with a PhD and a couple of Masters degrees in Information Systems. With an experience of over 13 years as a lecturer, Dalmaris takes a hands-on approach when it comes to his teaching style, and really, when it comes to Arduino, there’s no better way than learning by doing.

To buy the Arduino Step-by-Step Guide, head over to our store, Walyou Deals, and pay $14.99, a 92% discount from the original price. All sales are final, the guide can be redeem instantly, as it is in digital form, and once you do that, you have lifetime access to the course. Unfortunately, there’s no certificate of completion. Make sure to redeem the course within 30 days of purchase. You’ll have to hurry, though, as the offer expires in 6 days, and after that, you’ll only be able to buy the course at full retail price, if at all.

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Google Chrome aims to help you find the right download buttons

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 11:06 AM PST


Google Chrome are looking for means to protect their users from fake and tricky download buttons seen in some shady corners of the web. Read all about their new protection measures, in this story!

You know the drill in some of the Internet’s shadiest websites: users access the site, and whenever they want to download something, anything, an endless barrage of buttons start showing up offering downloads, and most of them are spyware, ads, and links to things you would rather not download. Out of all those buttons, one is real, the others are a one-way ticket to spyware-land – a real Russian roulette of malware. The Google team is tired of the frustration this model produces on some users and how it brings down the overall browsing experience, so they have announced a new feature for their popular navigator Chrome called “Safe Browsing”. With this feature, users that make use of these techniques to trick users into downloading unwanted things will be flagged so users don’t have to suffer through them. So, Chrome expects to kill this business model entirely, as its all based on deceit and tricking users. No more fake Flash or Java updates? We say good riddance. Will it work? That remains to be seen, but we approve of the idea and what it aims to do.

This change is all part of Google’s new social engineering policy which starter last November. Starting with the next update, if Google detects this kind of engineering in any website (that is, fake downloads, tricky ads and buttons), users will be redirected to a warning page featuring a button where they can choose whether to take the risk and visit this website anyways, or to be redirected somewhere else. As it happens with all new features, we are sure this will start some discussions, and there will be some problems with its implementation, but Google themselves have set up a help page so websites that consider themselves to be wrongly targeted by the browser can expose their situation and solve the issues in the code – and this is all meant to give the user the best possible experience in the end, so it’s not like they have bad intentions. We hope other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Edge take a page off of Google’s book and start adding these types of features so we can let our parents or children browse freely, without having to worry about whether they will fill up our computers with malware or not.

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