Optical Illusion of The Day: Basketball Moon Illusion

Optical Illusion of The Day: Basketball Moon Illusion

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Basketball Moon Illusion

Posted: 01 Dec 2015 05:10 AM PST

The moon here has been pretty gorgeous as of late. It probably has something to do with the time of year, and the fact that we just had a full moon doesn’t hurt either. It makes me wish I had a basketball hoop, so I could take some cool moon illusion pictures like these…

basketball moon illusion

We’ve seen something similar to this moon illusion before in the nature’s basketball illusion.The moon and sun in both of these illusions is just in the perfect spot, making it seem a if they are going through the basketball hoop. This basketball moon illusion is a nice combination of perfect timing and perfect positioning. And patience, of course, which I don’t have.

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