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Cyber Monday on Walyou Deals Pt. 2: 20% Off All eLearning Suites

Posted: 01 Dec 2015 10:00 AM PST

OSTraining Developer Courses

The fact that Monday is gone is no reason to put an end to Cyber Monday Deals. Today you can take off 20% off all the eLearning bundles available at Walyou Deals, using the coupon code featured below.

Even though there are plenty of eLearning bundles to choose from, there are a few that stick out due to their tremendously discounted their. One such bundle is represented by the OSTraining Developer Courses, which are available with a lifetime subscription on Walyou Deals for $69, 96% of the original price of $2,000. With more than 3,000 elite tutorials on HTML, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress and others, learning to build engaging sites becomes an effortless task.

OSTraining, the company behind this series of videos, prides itself in having tutored employees of Apple, George Washington University, U.S Department of Education & Pfizer, and when such big names are used in their portfolio, there aren’t any reasons not to trust their capabilities. Their courses are well structured, and approach problems in a very simplistic manner, so that beginners understand everything, as well. Web development no longer focuses exclusively on coding, as learning how to build websites now also requires at least basic design skills. OSTraining promises that using their training courses will enable people to create websites without having to code at all, but if they’re willing to do it that way, the aspect is covered in the videos, as well.

The secret to certain progress is taking small, yet steady steps when learning anything new. OSTraining is well aware of that and gives access to one new additional class every week, so that the interest of the trainees does not diminish in time. Even though the videos mainly focus on content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla, any complementary platform or coding language is covered, to make sure you don’t have any unanswered questions when building websites.

Since all of the video tutorials included in this bundle are streamed over the Internet, the only requirement to watch them is an Internet connection. However, it is very likely that you’ll wish to practice what you’ve learned, and for that you will need the pieces of software covered in each video. Luckily, most of the programming languages and content management systems described in these tutorials are made available for free by their respective developers, so the only things you might have to spend money on later down the road are the plugins and themes websites need for an increased functionality.

To take an additional 20% off all eLearning bundles featured on Walyou Deals, apply the coupon code CYBERMONDAY20 during the checkout procedure. Pay What You Want bundles do not make the subject of this discount. The OSTraining Developer Courses can be bought anytime within the next 7 days, but a 20% discount isn’t something you should neglect, so take advantage of this offer while it’s still on.

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Spycup iPhone Hidden Camera Helps Activists Spread the News

Posted: 30 Nov 2015 12:46 PM PST

Spycup iPhone Hidden Camera 01

The safety of activists and journalists who report from war zones or dangerous areas, in general, is put to a risk the second they want to start filming or photographing. Spycup conceals iPhones so that journalists can safely take photos of whatever it is the world should know about.

Authors of revolting things seem to become even more infuriated the moment they see someone filming them, and that often leads to the destruction of the video equipment and the harm of the person filming. This seems to be the case more and more often recently, so activists need to find a way to make their smartphones more inconspicuous. Spycup, touted by many as the “weirdest iPhone accessory,” is one of the best ways to turn smartphones into something that doesn’t raise awareness as to what people are actually doing.

Ildar Khakimov, the creator of the Spycup, retells how this iPhone accessory came to be:

“The story of Spy Cup began in Taiji Japan, where I went as an cameraman to film the annual dolphin hunt (depicted in the movie “The Cove”). This is where conservationists like Sea Shepherd converge to protect the cetaceans like dolphins and pilot whales and that are hunted by the local fishermen.

I saw some disturbing things and realized how much good organizations like Sea Shepherd do to protect these animals. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after interviewing Melissa Sehgal who was heading up the Sea Shepherd team it became clear their motivations are pure and their tactics drive real results.

One day when we were watching the hunt unfold I was approached by a couple of officers which were gathering information on visiting foreigners.

I was invited into the police station. The problem is that just a few days before my interpreter got arrested and ended up spending 53 days in Jail. So when I get to the station I become extremely concerned for my safety.

They promptly inform me that I’m not allowed to film inside the station.

While sitting there I realized that I have the perfect recording device right in my hands, which is my iPhone, but I have no way of using it without them knowing.

This is when it hit me: There’s got to be a better way! Coffee cup is the perfect everyday object in which we can conceal a recording device without raising suspicion. I believe that Spy Cup can revolutionize the field of citizenship journalism.”

Due to physical limitations, Spycup only works with iPhone 5/5c/5s and 6/6s, but support for the 6+ and Android smartphones might be implemented in the future. Basically, all that activists and journalists need to do is place their iPhone inside the Spycup, where the camera has visibility to the exterior through a one-side mirror. Taking photos and filming is made possible with the help of a wireless remote control that connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, thus enabling people to report the news without feeling endangered.

Khamikov turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for mass-producing the Spycup. The campaign proved to be a success, and the $5,000 CAD funding goal was reached not long after the project’s debut on the crowdfunding website. At press time, there were still 18 days left until the campaign’s end, so if you are an activist or journalist and think that the Spy Cup could help you stay safe, head over to the Kickstarter page and back the project with at least $27 CAD. Items are expected to be shipped in May 2016.

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