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18 Best Skateboards With an Old School Look

Posted: 28 Sep 2016 01:30 PM PDT

Black Super Cruiser Quest Skateboard

Old School is always cool, even if it’s a new creation and design, honoring the awesome looking skateboards of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced skater, young or old, it’s hard to ignore the beauty and the quality of the skateboards we have lineup up for you.

Looking for a skateboard isn’t just about looks: Some people want specific specs and materials in their new ride. Others just want the skateboard to look great. Obviously, you can try and make your way through the endless selection on your own, but we think this selection of the best ones out there should help you find what you’re looking for:

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

A terrific board, with a very stiff deck, that can take a lot of abuse and not really show it. It’s the best selling skateboard on Amazon. To buy the Rimable complete skateboard.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

An incredibly durable longboard, which is fantastic for those who have little-to-none experience in skateboarding. The Super Cruiser longboard skateboard comes in three different colors: Black (my favorite), green and purple (the most expensive one). 

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

I simply love the Cal 7 designs. Even if their skateboards weren’t great to ride on, they’re simply gorgeous, always coming up with the perfect colors combination. You can buy the mini cruiser in a variety of colors, including Black-yellow-red, glow-in-the-dark, green-yellow-pink and many more.

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Whether you like the Penny Skateboard for it’s 80’s throwback style or simply because it’s a great way to get introduced into the skateboarding world, it’s difficult to beat in quality and how much fun you’ll get out of it. It comes in a variety of colors, from the more solid black to all colors of the rainbow.

Cal 7 Astronaut Popsicle Double Kicktail Skateboard

Hard to find someone who doesn’t love this board, which is something of a shout out to the old school of the 1970’s and 80’s with the popsicle shape and double kicktail. Besides it’s incredible look, it rides extremely smooth and handles the corners with ease. Buy it five different colors.

Rimable Maple Skateboard 31 Inch

Another terrific ‘first’ skateboard by Rimable, this one coming in three different designs, which tend to the more “metal” of beginning skaters. To Buy the Rimable Maple Skateboard.

Penny Classic Skateboard

This is the Caribbean design of the Penny Classic Board, which comes in 36 different colors, including the gorgeous sweet tooth design and the psychedelic indio tie dye.

The Boss Vintage Skateboard

Very similar to a penny board, but The Boss skateboard is for a bit more experienced skateboarders, as it’s more difficult to use than a longboard. My favorite color combination is the Superman, but it also has dragon and Easter Bunny.

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Most people say this is just like the Penny board (which is very good to compare to), only cheaper, which in my eyes, would make it better. To buy the Skatro mini cruiser skateboard.

Nine Tap Retro Style Skateboard

A cute looking board which is perfect for people who are just getting into skateboarding, which includes high durability, always a must when you know it’s going to take a lot of punishment. To buy the Nine Tap retro skateboard.

Merkapa Penny Style Skateboard With Glowing Deck & LED Light Wheels

The Merkapa Skateboard looks great and offers a slightly high-tech experience for those who love lights and shiny things. It can’t handle too much weight (around 180 lbs or 80 kilograms), so it should be perfect for kids and teenages. To purchase the skateboard.

Street Rebel Retro Cruiser Penny-Style Skateboard

The street rebel retro cruiser is another terrific penny-style board, which delivers on quality, sturdiness, looks and its ability to generate nostalgic feelings. It comes in red, black, green and royal blue.

 Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Skateboard

A double kick skateboard made from Canadian Maple, which provides superior control for your regular riding or when doing tricks. It’s quite popular for girls, although it isn’t too “girly”, which makes it suitable for pretty much everyone.

Landwalker Skateboard w/ LED Light Up Wheels

Another fantastic skateboard for kids, and not just because of the LED lights, but because it’s durable, even when they don’t use it as skateboard. To buy the landwalker skateboard.

PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard

Surprisingly perhaps, this isn’t just a plain skateboard with TMNT graphics sprayed on it. It’s a really strong board which provides a great riding experience. It supports weight of up to 110 lbs. And if you’re more into a Spider-Man skateboard, there’s a PlayWheel solution for that too:

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Skateboard

The Santa Cruz Shake Land Shark is more than just awesome shark graphics. It’s a perfect small-longboard type skateboard, providing a very comfortable riding experience for beginners and more experiences skateboarders. It has a cruzer shape that makes it ideal for tricks and more difficult terrain.

Razor RipStik Electric Caster Board

Different than the rest of your old-school/classic skateboards, the Razor Electric board also costs more, currently going for $149, but it provides a completely different experience, with a kick start in-wheel hub driven motor that pushes speeds up to 10 mph. It supports riders up to 143 lbs.


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