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Incredible ‘Elle’ Painting Every ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Needs

Posted: 14 Sep 2016 07:58 AM PDT

Elle Stranger Things Painting Poster

When something becomes a pop culture phenomenon, it grows way beyond the realms of its original medium. Stranger Things and Elle, or Eleven if you prefer, are a perfect example of something crossing over into all forms of arts, which leads to beautiful works like this wonderful painting.

The talented Barrett Biggers made a wonderful poster, with Elle as the star, her nose bleeding, the monster in her mind (which might hint towards a popular fan theory), and below, the contrast between our world and The Upside Down, with Mike, Dustin and Lucas riding on their bikes.

The poster comes in museum quality Giclèe ink print on archival EPSON professional metallic photo luster, exhibition watercolor or exhibition matte canvas media, with size options of 16″x20, 22″x28″ and 24″x36″.

Each print is hand designed by the artist and signed by him in the bottom right hand corner in the white border area.

According to the Amazon page it takes about 2 to 3 days to create, and currently costs $45, which is totally worth it for something this unique.

This is what it looks like compared to a person:

And this is the Elle painting hanging on a wall, for a living room scale:

Personally, what I love about this work is how bigger than life Elle looks. Well, the more we find out about her in the show, she does seem almost like an all-powerful deity. Whether or not the monster from The Upside Down is really just a part of her, which is why the two disappear together, or some other thing, it doesn’t matter. As grande and beautiful as Elle is, she’s also quite scary, especially when she’s pissed off.

For more of Barrett Biggers works, check out his Amazon profile page.

If you’re into more Stranger Things stuff, be it Elle or anything else, finding what you need is only one click away.

19 Perfect Halloween Dog Costumes

Posted: 14 Sep 2016 12:43 AM PDT

Jedi Dog Costume

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is difficult. Finding one for your dog can be an even more complicated venture, but we’re here to help you find the perfect way for your pet to shine on the most important dress-up night of the year.

There’s a wide selection of dog costumes, but we’ve selected the best ones we could find, with an emphasis on some geeky looks: Superheroes, Star Wars, Disney films, etc.  One thing worth keeping in mind is the sizes: Most costumes have an attached table of dog measurements. Be sure to look at those before ordering. X-large doesn’t mean you can fit your lab into a Superman outfit.

Halloween Wonder Woman Dog Costume

I don’t know if it’s the dog in the picture or something else, but this Wonder Woman dog costume has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It comes in small, medium, large and X-Large.

Halloween Star Trek Spock Dog Costume

For dog owners who need their pets to find some source of logic, and most importantly live long and prosper, the Spock dog costume is perfect.

Halloween Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

Probably because of their size and fuzziness, Ewoks are probably the best fit for Star Wars dog costumes, even if they’re such a small part of the overall story.

Halloween Ghostbusters Dog Costume

Halloween is the perfect time to equip your companion with the suit and ability to hunt for some ghosts. And even if your dog doesn’t find any, looking cute is what it’s all about.

Halloween Despicable Me Minion Dog Costume

One of those rare costumes that’s also awesome AND comes in more than X-large. Sizes go from small through 2X, so your bigger mutts can enjoy too.

Halloween Vampire Count Dracula Dog Costume

Count Dogula? Sounds about right. It comes in sizes from small to x-large.

Halloween Superman Dog Costume

Dogs, especially small dogs, think they’re superman anyway, so why not have them dress the part? This costume comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and X-Large.

Halloween Star Wars Jedi Robe Dog Costume

Like most dog costumes, even the larger sizes aren’t exactly a great fit for bigger breeds. If you have a Bulldog or Collie to dress up as Obi Wan or any other Jedi you like, you’re probably fine.

Halloween Batman Dog Costume

Just like Superman, but without the superpowers, although with a lot more money. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Bruce Wayne’s hidden stash of cash inside the costume?

Halloween Jamaican Rasta Dog Costume

Slap this hat, dreads and shirt on your dog, and he’ll be dancing to Reggae tunes in no time. Comes in sizes of small up to XX-Large.

Halloween Disney Stitch Dog Costume

Dogs are basically hairy babies. So put them in a Stitch costume, and turn them into blue-ish fuzzy babies instead. Everybody wins.

Halloween Pokemon Pikachu Dog Costume

Bee or Pikachu? Not sure, either way it’s great. It comes in various sizes, up to X-large, but it’s better to check the chest width before making the right choice.

Hot Dog Halloween Dog Costume

I would say corny, but this isn’t a corn dog It’s a hot dog. And it’s classic, especially for small, wiggly breeds.

Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs

Is it the shark from Jaws? Sharkando? Any other shark film? Doesn’t matter. It looks incredibly cute. It’s not for your bigger dogs, fitting well with Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and other breeds that size.

Halloween Iced Coffee Dog Costume

When you want your dog looking fabulous and delicious, this Starbucks-like costume is the way to go. Comes in sizes of small, medium, large and X-large.

Halloween Pirates of the Caribbean Dog Costume

Some dogs just want to sail the high seas and live the good life some Pirates had 300-400 years ago. Why not let them have that dream come true, at least for one night? Comes in small, medium and large.

Halloween Riding Cowboy Dog Costume

The trick with this costume, just like the Star Wars Bontha, is getting it to fit around tightly and not be too loose, or the rider keeps slipping to the side. It’s good for smaller dogs.

Halloween Raptor Dog Costume

If you’re going for the Jurassic Park theme this Halloween, turning your dog into a vicious Velociraptor makes for a perfect companion, whether they’re clever or not. It comes in four different sizes: X-small, small, medium and large.

Halloween Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume for Dogs

If you wanna go with a less mean-looking dinosaur and give your dog an even cuter look, a Stegosaurus is the way to go. Small dogs will feel bigger than they already imagine themselves to be.

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