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12 Nostalgia-Inducing Autobots & Decepticons Prints Celebrating the Original Transformers Designs

Posted: 19 Sep 2016 01:09 PM PDT


There have been many versions of the Transformers over the years, carried out over different mediums. Still, nothing tops or looks better than the Generation 1 autobots & decepticons, even after all these years.

Something that disappeared in the ultra successful but superficial live action Transformers films was personality, and the original distinct look. In the new films they all looked kinda the same. Maybe Optimus Prime had one with the films focusing mainly on him, and Bumblebee was sort of relatable in the first film. However, so many great characters and relationships got lost in a sea of explosions and sound breaking every possible barrier.

Tom Whalen (Facebook page) made a series of prints from the shoulder ups that celebrates the original Transformers series and design. The result is brilliant, and nostalgic, for those who grew up on the 80’s cartoon. These 8 x 8-inch prints will be available in Autobot/Decepticon sets on paper (in runs of 100 and 50) and metal (in a run of 5) on Tuesday, September 20, at Acid Free Gallery beginning at 12:00 pm ET.

Optimus Prime



Personal note: My absolute favorite transformer of all-time. The one thing I missed in the films was the rivalry/hate relationship between him and Megatron, which was only mentioned with one line of Megatron being disappointed. Having just watched the 1986 Transformers Movie, it makes me think of how much better they could have made this interaction in the live-action films.










If this doesn’t satisfy your need for Transformers art, browsing this list will probably do the trick.

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