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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Dear Human’s Recycled-Paper Furnishings

Posted: 20 Dec 2016 02:00 PM PST

Recycling is the right thing to do, of course, but it takes on a whole new value when you see the cool creations that designers can dream up from "waste" paper. Designers Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O'Connell of Dear Human love to explore what they call "the blurred zone," where art and function overlap. That's where they feel design and art can be free, not restricted by expectations. Read more…

OWL Paperlamps Bring Light to Life

Posted: 20 Dec 2016 06:00 AM PST

Adding a splash of playfulness to a creative design usually gives a product a colorful jolt. Need proof? Check out OWL paperlamps, the fruit of the imagination of two architects based in Lisbon, Portugal. "We were inspired by the origami art of creating paper figures, but we were looking for more than just another animal figuration," say Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida, the owners, creators and designers at OWL paperlamps. Read more…

Green Hills in the City: Undulating Apartment Building Built Into the Mountainside

Posted: 19 Dec 2016 02:00 PM PST

When space is at a premium in any given city, high housing density is a top priority. That means more plentiful and affordable housing for everyone, but this usually comes at the cost of grassy yards for residents to enjoy. Gaze out onto the city of Takamatsu, Japan from an overlook point along the mountainside, and you'll see almost no private outdoor space among the closely-set houses and apartment buildings, let alone rolling green hills covered in lawn chairs and native plants. Read more…

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