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Best Christmas Deals on DC Super Hero Girls Toys

Posted: 10 Dec 2016 11:12 AM PST

DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl Slingshot

Toys, for adults or kids, make Christmas better for everyone. This holiday season, the DC Super Hero Girls line of action figures is something worth paying attention to.

A toy line by DC and Mattel that also has its own web series (Super Hero High), Super Hero girls is on a special sale for Christmas, whether it’s on the action figures themselves or some awesome accessories that go hand in hand with Supergirl, Batgirl and the rest of the gang. Check out our best picks for you:

DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Action Figure

The success of ‘Suicide Squad’ has propelled Harley Quinn on the popularity ladder, with Margot Robbie helping out with that. You can buy the Harley Quinn action figure for $4.65 instead of $11.99 on the Christmas deal. There’s also a deal that includes Harley & Batgirl together for $12.24.

DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy Action Figure

Wherever Harley goes, Poison Ivy will be there too. You can buy the venomous villain (sometimes antihero) and her action figure for $4.21 instead of $11.99 on the special Christmas deal.

DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl Slingshot

An awesome little toy that includes the wonderful Supergirl and a slingshot for you to send her flying into the air. You can buy Supergirl & her slingshot for just $6.64 on a special Christmas deal, down from $14.49.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Action Figure

My favorite action figure from the DC Super Hero High series, this Wonder Woman doll looks fabulous and ready for action, all at the same time. You can buy it for $4.24 on the special Christmas deal.

DC Super Hero Girls SuperGirl Flying Slingshot

Turns out Supergirl has quite a few ways to make her go up in the air. There’s this flying slingshot, which can be bought for $4.24 instead of $9.94, and also comes with a Batgirl option.

DC Super Hero Girls Bat Girl Blaster

I saved the best for last. Not an action figure, but an accessory. However, it’s one big and cool one: The Batgirl gun, which you can buy for $7.50 instead of $14.99 on the special Christmas deal.

For a look at other deals you might be interested in as we get closer to Christmas, check out Amazon’s 12-days of deals page.

Top 10 Bloodborne T-Shirts

Posted: 10 Dec 2016 10:39 AM PST


Bloodborne is a critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Released in 2015, it has since gone on to sell millions of copies and is considered one of the greatest PS4 titles.

In Bloodborne, you play as a character known as a “Hunter.” These hunters roam around the city of Yharnam, ridding the city of beasts. As the story unravels, many of Yharnam’s mysteries are revealed and Bloodborne’s story becomes increasingly fascinating. This is a game that you won’t be able to stop playing, no matter how frustrating its many bosses and even regular enemies can be.

If you’re a fan of Bloodborne, you’ll definitely want to check out these top ten t-shirts inspired by the brilliant game.

Bloodborne Hunter T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with this t-shirt if you want people to know you’re a Bloodborne fan. With the game’s title printed on the shirt and the iconic hunter image, everyone will recognize your love for this wonderful game.

Bloodborne Blood Echo T-Shirt

This is a great shirt if you’re both a Bloodborne and an Adventure Time fan. One is a gritty, action RPG, with horror elements, and the other, is a lighthearted, comical cartoon. Combine the two together and you’ve got a pretty sweet t-shirt.

Bloodborne Blood Moon T-Shirt

For those beer drinkers out there, you’ll probably immediately recognize Blue Moon’s logo, except this time, instead of Blue Moon, it’s Blood Moon. Relax, crack open a beer, and play Bloodborne. (Or maybe skip the beer part, you’ve got to be sober if you even want to attempt a game like Bloodborne.)

Bloodborne Brainsucker T-Shirt

The brainsuckers are my least favorite enemy in the entire game. I’ve died to them more than I have to certain bosses. They’re incredibly frustrating, but when you finally kill one, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings. Wear one of these bad boys and show ’em what you’re made of! (Or die a thousand times and lose all your insight like me.)

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne T-Shirt

Good old Papa G, is one of the first bosses in the game, and the first mandatory boss. He’s definitely not as easy as you’d expect an early game boss to be, but remember, this is Bloodborne, and never at any point, is it really “easy.” Father Gascoigne is an awesome fight though, and your first taste of what fighting another hunter is like. He’ll probably kill you a few times, but conquering him is so much fun.

Bloodborne “Fear the Old Blood” T-Shirt

Featuring the character, Eileen the Crow, this t-shirt’s message will become clearer the farther you delve into Bloodborne’s adventure. Not only should you fear the old blood, you should basically fear all of the blood. Especially when enemies start shooting it at you. Sooo unfair.

Bloodborne “Grant Us Eyes” T-Shirt

If you’ve gotten far enough into the game, you will have encountered some figures with very odd cages on their heads. Your first thought was probably, “that looks stupid,” which it does, but if you study the lore behind it, suddenly you’ll think, “Omg this game is amazing.” Next Halloween, I expect to see a cage on your head, or I suppose this shirt will suffice.

Bloodborne Doll T-Shirt

The doll is one of the few genuinely good characters in this game, and she’s not even really alive. (Or is she?) You’ll love her, for she is the one who grants you precious level-ups, and helps you get through this bloody and difficult game. She’s also super adorable and cute, why wouldn’t you want to walk around wearing a picture of her?

Bloodborne Madman’s Knowledge T-Shirt

Madman’s Knowledge is an item pickup in the game that grants you with insight, a very useful tool for beating certain bosses. If the brainsuckers get to you enough, you’ll probably lose your insight and Madman’s Knowledge will provide you with some more. (Screw those brainsuckers.)

Bloodborne Hunter’s Dream T-Shirt

The Hunter’s Dream is the only safe haven in the entire game, and your source for items, level-ups, and weapon upgrades. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here with its inhabitants, the doll, and Gehrman, a wheelchair bound hunter. They’ll quickly become some of your few friends in the desolate world of Bloodborne, so feel their comfort with this t-shirt!

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these t-shirts to be fun and cool. Remember to check out more! There’s so many great t-shirts out there, you’ll be bound to find the perfect one for you!

8 Best Key Finder Gadgets – Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Posted: 10 Dec 2016 10:12 AM PST


Losing your keys is so easy and it can be a very annoying situation, especially if you don't have any spare ones available. 

What if I told you that you will never have to worry about losing your keys ever again. This is the 21st century and there are gadgets that can help you find your lost keys in no time. Some of them emit loud noises if they are within a specified distance but some use GPS and Bluetooth to display information on your smartphone. Are you excited? I sure am, so let's get started.

Xcellent Global Wireless RF Key Finder

The Xcellent Global Wireless key finder consists of 4 receivers a remote controller. It works within a range of 100 feet and emits a loud beeping sound along with flashing lights to make your life easier. The tracker works with CR2032 button cell batteries while the remote control works with a couple of AAA batteries. The AAA batteries are not included but they've included 8 CR2032 button cell batteries for the trackers. It is pretty easy to use. You attach the trackers on to your keys or valuables and if you lose them, press the corresponding button on your remote.

Click ‘n Dig! Key Finder

Click n' Dig key finder also works just like the Xcellent Global Wireless RF key finder. It comes with two trackers colored blue and red. The remote comes with two buttons, one for each tracker. Click n' Dig comes with a range of 60 feet that is said to penetrate walls and cushions. The trackers are pretty loud and produce sound at about 90-95 decibels.

KeyRinger XL Key Finder

KeyRinger XL comes in a pair and they can be used to call each other or can be called with the help of your PC, smartphone or tablet. The best thing about the KeyRinger XL is that it works within a range of 300 feet which is much more than similar key finders. It flashes and beeps to make locating it easier. They also provide a 90-day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty.

Where’s the Remote? Key Finder

Another key finder that is similar to the other ones on this list. Where's the Remote? key finder comes with 4 receivers and a remote that are color coded. It has a range of 60-80 feet and emits sound with a loudness of about 85-90 decibels. Other added features include Velcro, double sided adhesive or a key ring attachment to easily attach it to your keys or other valuables.

Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 Key Finder

If you're looking for something that looks classy and sleek, then the Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 key finder might impress you. It is designed almost like an imperfect square with a swirl design all over the top. It can be connected to your iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. The Nut 3 also has the ability to use GPS to locate your stolen stuff. When using Bluetooth, it'll disconnect itself and notify you once you have crossed the 30-meter mark.

Find One Find All Key Finder

The name of this product signifies the standout feature itself. Find One Find All key finder does not have a base transmitter. All of them are transmitters and if you have one with you, you can easily find the others. It comes in a set which contains a key finder and a flat wallet, which can be put inside your wallet. The great thing about it is that if you buy another set, it'll work along with this one. You can buy 6 sets which can simultaneously work with one another. It has a shorter range when actually using it, about 20 feet to be precise, but it makes a loud beeping sound at about 90-95 decibels to get your attention.

AGPtek Key Finder

This one doesn't look very impressive and is sort of the underperformer here. The AGPtek Finder comes with a set of five trackers and a remote control. It has a long battery life and a convenient design. The marketed sound output is 85 decibels, but users have complained about the lack of volume. The AGPtek Finder has an operating range of about 20 meters and considering its price of about 12 bucks, it is worthy of a mention on this list.

Tile Mate Key Finder

We kept the best one for the last. Tile Mate key finder is the improved version of the world's bestselling GPS tracker, Tile. The Tile Mate is now 25% smaller and still provides all the functionalities of its predecessor. It can be used, either way, to find your smartphone or to find something onto which the Tile Mate is attached. If you ever lose your smartphone, simply press the button on the Tile Mate to make your smartphone start ringing. If you've lost your keys or any other valuables, simply press the button on your smartphone and Tile Mate will start beeping, if it is within the range obviously.

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