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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

The Ekster: A Secure, Trackable, Stylish, Skinny Wallet

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 02:00 PM PST

There's nothing quite like the sinking feeling of panic when you think you've lost your wallet, running around in a cold sweat retracing your steps, patting down all the pockets in every jacket and pair of pants you own, envisioning slick crooks cackling as they buy plane tickets to hot climes on your dime. The Ekster smart wallet aims to put a sense of ease in your pocket with its several-pronged defense strategy and trackability. Read more…

Fuel Your Inner Builder With the Flexo Bendable Building Block and Tendon System

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 06:00 AM PST

Entrepreneurs have an uncanny knack for experiencing a situation and turning it into a new idea or invention. Case in point: Mark Stolten was waiting for his appointment with a physiotherapist for treatment on his torn bicep tendon when he was gazing at cross-section images of the complex inner workings of the human body. The networks of tendons and muscles that added a flexible dimension to bones intrigued him, and he says he suddenly saw the human body as a marvel of "perfect engineering. Read more…

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