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9 Beautiful Star Wars Puzzle Sets

Posted: 05 Dec 2016 02:53 AM PST


A great gift for a geek of any age, these puzzles are all inspired by the popular science fiction franchise and, even if they range a lot when it comes to difficulty,  they all have in common the fact of being awesome.  

Puzzles are amazing as presents because they are challenging and once you get one done you can have a great picture adorning one of the rooms so it's a double win in our book.

The choice of puzzles is really large but we consider these ones to stand out from the rest through the great images, materials or just through the tasteful way in which they recreate the wonderful Star Wars universe. Challenge your friends, offer them a treat they will enjoy or simply get one for yourself to add more Star Wars flavor to your life!

C 3PO and R2 D2 Jigsaw Bigjigs Puzzle

If this seems like a really difficult one to solve (with 1000 pieces) you don't know the half of it and even if it comes with a poster that helps you in the process it will still take quite a long time to finish. The photomosaic will bring you back to some of the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars movies and in the end you will have an impressive image with the droids everyone's looking for. If you like a good challenge or want to test a friend's wits then this is one of the best choices you can get due to the great materials and amazing price.

Star Wars Funko Pop Puzzle

The FUNKO Star Wars puzzle has a completed size of 19 x 26 inch and brings together all the important characters in a single group picture of the figurines. The big headed models make it quite amusing and the puzzle is a really good gift for younger children although it can be quite a challenge to put together in the first place.

Ravensburger Star Wars Episode I-VI a New Hope Jigsaw Puzzle

As one of the most appreciated puzzle company in the world, Ravensburger stands out through the quality of their products and through the great images they choose. This one is a classic image from the first Star Wars trilogy and it will certainly look good in the room of any Star Wars fan. With 500 pieces, this puzzle isn't as difficult as some of the others presented here and thus it makes a great gift for anyone with ages 10+.

Star Wars The Legacy Puzzle 5000 Professional Premium

If a 500 piece puzzle is too easy for a puzzle expert, then one that is ten times larger might do the trick. The completed size is of 153 x 101 cm so it can take up a whole wall, making it the central attraction of a room. The designers had this in mind and thus they made the pieces with a linen-paper finish to ensure no glare. The illustration itself brings together the entire story of the first six episodes in a picture filled with nostalgia that will bring many memories each time you take a glance at it.

Handmade Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Star Wars – A New Hope

With the classic A New Hope print that we all love so much, this puzzle stands out through the hand crafted wooden pieces that will provide you with the best quality you can get. The picture is actually just an indication since you can get any picture made into a puzzle and since the quality is so high then this is perfect for a gift. One thing to keep in mind though is to make sure you order it in time since it will take two weeks or so to be created.

Star Wars Episode 7 R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8

Episode seven brought a new droid to the saga, transforming the dynamic duo into a trio and since everyone loves them this is one of the best images you can choose for a fan of Star Wars. The jigsaw puzzle has 1000 pieces and is difficult enough to pose a challenge without edging on the impossible so you can offer this to anyone over 10 years old.

Metal Earth Star Wars TIE Fighter 3D Metal Model Kit

This isn't a typical puzzle, since once you assemble it you get a figurine of a TIE Fighter, but it is certainly awesome and the models are highly detailed. The iconic starfighter of the Galactic Empire, this one has a size of 2.6×2.4×2.9 inches so it will be easy do display in any room. You don't need glue or other things to make the pieces stick together and the instructions are easy to follow but the small parts make it recommended for ages 14 or above only so keep that in mind.

Ravensburger Star Wars Episode I-VI Saga Puzzle

At 2000 pieces, this is certainly going to test the skill of the person who assembles it and just as with the previous puzzles they offer, Ravensburger prove to be the best choice. The Star Wars theme is really epic and you get a sort of group picture with the space battles in the background. A wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys Star Wars and a challenging puzzle for those who want to test their skill.

Star Wars Crystal Puzzle 60 Pieces

This isn't a typical puzzle since it is 3D and instead of being made of jigsaw pieces it comes with crystal parts that you have to assemble together to have a statue of Darth Vader. You get a pedestal as well and in the end the bust will have a 13 cm height. It's easier to assemble than a typical puzzle and the pieces are large so you can give this to a small child (three years or more according to the manufacturer) making it great for anyone who loves Star Wars!

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