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11 Coolest Hanukkah Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 02 Dec 2016 07:50 AM PST

Hanukkah Let's get lit Ugly CHristmas Sweater

One of the best ways to celebrate Hanukkah is giving it an ugly Christmas sweater kind of spin, whether there’s a dreidel on the design or not.

Turns out Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweaters can be quite imaginative and funny. We took a good, long, hard look at all the options, and picked out the best ones for you:

Hanukkah ‘U Spin Me’ Dreidel Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m a sucker for bad 80’s music and ugly Christmas sweaters. This Hanukkah dreidel themed one is perfection.

Hanukkah Light my Menorah Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s great to know that Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweaters don’t just make you look stylish on the holidays, they assist in giving out cheesy pick up lines.

Hanukkah Let’s get lit Ugly CHristmas Sweater

The puns might be the best thing about the Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweaters you’ll encounter in 2016.

Happy Hanukkah Bitches ugly Christmas sweater

You can have ‘Happy Hanukkah Bitches!’ on your ugly sweater in six different colors this holiday season.

Happy Llamakkah Hanukkah Ugly Christmas Sweater

Llamas have nothing to do with Judaism. But the name sounds nice on a funny Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweater.

Stylish Hanukkah Ugly Christmas Sweater

Some Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweaters seem a bit more stylish than the others. There’s nothing wrong with being tacky and chic at the same time.

Merry Chrismukkah Ugly Sweater

This ugly sweater is all about turning religion and tradition into one big, happy melting pot. Admit it, Chrismukkah has a nice ring to it.

Hanukkah ugly Christmas Cardigan

It’s important that the combination of Hanukkah and the ugly Christmas sweater style isn’t boxed into one niche, so the Hanukkah ugly Christmas cardigan was invented.

Hanukkah Dancing Dreidels Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re trying to convey you’re planning on having a good time during Hanukkah, this is the ugly Christmas sweater you should go with.

Happy Hanukkah Ugly Christmas Sweater

If someone is celebrating their birthday while lighting up Hanukkah candles, this is the right ugly Christmas sweater to wear.

Hanukkah Star of David Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sometimes, the straightforward, simple design approach when it comes to Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweaters is the best one.

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