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14 Best Santa Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 03 Dec 2016 10:12 AM PST

Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s not really surprising to see that father Christmas himself, Santa Claus, makes for an excellent central character on funny ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

With all the options to buy a Santa-themed ugly Christmas sweater out there in the big confusing world, you’re lucky to have us, so we can recommend the best ones:

Santa Video Game Style Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Santa Video game sweater looks like something that should get made, ASAP, before the holiday comes and goes.

Santa Duck Hunter ugly Christmas Sweater

Staying with the video game theme, this ugly Christmas sweater does a good job of placing Santa in the world of the Duck Hunt video game, a Nintendo classic.

Santa Fighting Game Ugly Christmas Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater makes me think about how awesome Santa will be in a video game like Street Fighter or Tekken.

Santa Claws Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maybe my favorite idea for a Santa ugly Christmas sweater, that’s actually a snarling cat with a Christmas hat.

Santa on a Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater

This isn’t a simple Santa riding a Dinosaur ugly Christmas sweater. This is Santa riding a f***ing Stegosaurus.

Santa New York Rangers Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It doesn’t make sense that Santa is a New York Rangers fan, considering how long it’s been since their last Stanley Cup. Maybe there’s another reason he’s on their sweater.

Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m not sure Santa follows sports, because he should know anyone who dabs end up losing in the end. But at least he looks cool on the sweater.

Santa Bottle in the Belt Ugly Christmas Sweater

The moment someone sees you with a Santa ugly Christmas sweater that’s basically a faux suit with a bottle hanging off the belt, they’ll know you’re the life of the party.

Santa & Jesus High Five Ugly Christmas Sweater for Women

It makes sense that Jesus and Santa are BFFs, and it makes even more sense to put them on a Ugly Christmas sweater together.

Santa & Jesus Friends Ugly Christmas Sweater

Turns out Jesus & Santa being friends on ugly Christmas sweaters is a trending theme this year.

Santa Peeing Ugly Christmas Sweater

All this peeing Santa ugly Christmas sweater does is how that Santa Claus is human like the rest of us.

Santa Peeing off the Roof Ugly Christmas Sweater

What is about Santa peeing and ugly Christmas sweaters?!

Santa Emoji Ugly Christmas Sweater

Someone should make a set of these to use on our phones: It’s a shame Santa emojis are just on ugly Christmas sweaters.

X-Rated Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Bad Santa, Raunchy Santa, you name it. This ugly Christmas sweater shows the dark side of Santa Claus on holiday season.

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