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17 Funky Darth Vader Gift Ideas for Star Wars geeks

Posted: 22 Dec 2016 01:20 PM PST


With Rogue One showing in the theaters, Star Wars collectibles have yet again become in demand to consumers. This more due to the fact that the film has just underscored why Darth Vader – even with little exposure – must be feared. To Darth Vader fans, the film is proof that the Dark Sith Lord is evil in a very awesome way.

Maybe, just maybe, so awesome that you’d want to have some of Darth Vader accessories. Or it can be for any other reason, perhaps something to give to your Darth Vader fan friend or sibling?

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

Feeling really bad today? Get this Darth Vader mask and put on the dark side in you. What makes this bore badass is its voice changing function that would really make you feel like Darth Vader, that almighty lord of the Sith.

Deluxe red light-up Saber Sword

Complete that mood with a  light saber that's close to Star Wars reality. Why? It gives off that humming sound effect that we get on every Star Wars film allowing you to recreate those Star Wars scenes more stunningly.

Rubies Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Accessory

Or, you can opt for this lightsaber that actually extends and retracts, which could make you feel like a true Dark Lord of the Sith.

Star Wars Ep3 Darth Vader Collectors Helmet Costume

Perfect for the Star Wars geeks looking to add a new item for their collection, this Darth Vader helmet collectors' item could suit as a perfect centerpiece for your display area! You don’t believe me, eh? I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Star Wars Darth Vader Tree Topper with Led Light Saber

Why put a star on top of your Christmas tree when you can have a Darth Vader tree topper instead? This will definitely give your Christmas tree more character. It's not too late for a Star Wars geek to have!

Darth Vader Helmet Pillow

Maybe you love your Dark Lord so much, you want to hug him to sleep. You can do that now with this Darth Vader helmet pillow.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bread Toaster

Have Dark Vader's company even while making bread for breakfast by getting this Darth Vader-designed bread toaster. After trying this out for some days, maybe you could say: “Now I am the master!”

Darth Vader Trouble Maker Fashion Cooking Unisex Apron

Try this on while learning something new – perhaps a new recipe – in the kitchen and watch yourself live up to what this apron says!

Star Wars Dark Side Grilling Mitt and Lightsaber Fork Set Kitchen Accessories

And that apron might just suit well with this side grilling mitt and lightsaber fork set, so you’re all geared up while making dinner the dark force’s way!

Darth Vader Silicone Ice Trays / Chocolate Molds

Want to see more Darth Vaders in your Kitchen? Well you can make your ice “cubes” more interesting through these silicon trays. Or  better yet, use them to make chocolates for your family to share.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure

Darth Vader has never been this cute. Read: NEVER. Just now. So go get this mini Darth Vader LEGO right now!

Funko Fabrikations: Star Wars-Darth Vader Action Figure

Or, maybe not. Maybe Darth Vader can get a little bit cuter. This Funko Darth Vader action figure proves it so.

12-inch Electronic Darth Vader Action Figure

Now this 12-inch tall electronic Darth Vader action figure could work either as an addition to your collection, or as a way for you to bring your kid into the Star Wars action, too. As a bonus, it has a push button that lets you relive some of the Star Wars scenes matching with the lightsaber sound effects.

Darth Vader LED Light Up Alarm Clock

Which one’s force is stronger? Your will to sleep more or this alarm’s power to wake you up? Let Dark Vader help you start through each day using this light up alarm clock.

Star Wars Plush Darth Vader Slippers with Textured Soles

Darth Vader may be tough, but take these Darth Vader slippers differently as they would give your feet comfortable and warm.

Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy?” Star Wars 2×3 Patch

Show which side you are on and also add a little fun in your outfit by stitching this Who’s Your Daddy patch on it.

Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Money Bank

Do you need a stronger force to save funds for something? Let this Darth Vader money bank be your guide!

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