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17 Coolest Slippers for Geeks

Posted: 12 Dec 2016 11:54 AM PST


Slippers are just slippers until you make them more interesting. How, you say? By letting your slippers reveal your inner geekiness!


In this post, you will see tons of sweet and funny slippers (and a mix of both) from your favorite characters that will make you rethink your choices in slippers. What’s more fun about all of this? It is not just for you; it can also be for your kids!

Marvel Boy’s Spiderman Slipper Booties

These Spiderman Slipper Booties can work in two ways: they may be a simple fun-looking footwear for your little boy, or it may also complement his Spiderman suit for a costume party!

Superman Boots Slippers for Toddler Boys


DC tries to compete in the red-and-blue boots battle with these Superman boots slippers for toddlers. Making it more fun, the boots mimic Superman’s sculpted muscles and even gave it a twist by designing it with a cape-looking cloth on the footwear’s back.

BB-8 Slippers

Remember how delighted we were, Star Wars fans, with the cuteness of BB-8? Get to recall that moment every time you wear these BB-8 slippers. Oh and that BB-8 astromech droid head isn't made of steel but of foam intended to make you feel comfortable. Please remember though that it isn't a mechanism for you to roll on the floor like BB-8, heh!

Super Mario (Mario & Luigi) Kids Slipper Set

Have you ever played Super Mario with a friend and argued about who's going to play the Mario character? Some of you might experienced that same feeling that I had, but worry no more; this time, there's no need to argue. In this Mario & Luigi kids’ slipper set, you get one Mario and one Luigi at the same time!

Limited Edition Cinderella Sparkling Slipper Heels

Beat Cinderella and be her for more than one day by getting these limited edition Cinderella Sparkling Slipper Heels!

Darth Vader Slippers

Move into the dark side, or rather, move your feet into the dark side with these Darth Vader slippers, and then you'll know how comforting it feels like to be in the shoes of a Sith.

Star Wars Storm Troopers Little Boys Slippers

Of course, together with Vader is his crew, the Storm Troopers. Give your kids a chance to step on them by buying them this Star Wars Storm Troopers little boys slippers.

Marvel Kids’ Captain America Deluxe Slippers

Make your kid feel indestructible and feeling like the Winter Soldier with this Captain America Deluxe Slippers!

Captain America Girl’s Slipper Bootie

But wait! Even your little girls can have the Captain America fashion with this pink and starry Captain America slipper bootie.

Marvel Iron Man Slippers with Sock Top

Is it a duck? Is it a boat? No, it's Iron Man-designed boots! This is bordering funny and cute, but your Iron Man-fan kiddos sure cannot resist having one of these!

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman Boot Slippers

Red, blue and white, nope that’s not an American flag. It’s Wonder Woman boot slippers! Yet another pair for the little ladies who are going crazy over Wonder Woman. Oh yeah, it’s but just timely with the anticipated fame of DC’s Wonder Woman, with her film coming out soon!

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Slippers

At some point I thought that I wanted to be Han Solo just so I can have a reliable, funny, furry friend like Chewbacca. But as for all of you who have the same dream, you can't still have a live Chewbacca as a friend, but you can own a Star Wars Chewbacca plush slippers that could be just as fluffy as Chewbacca itself.

Super Mario Red & Green Mushrooms Soft Plush Slipper Pair

The mushrooms in the Super Mario game were either meant to give you an extra life or a power up. But this time the Super Mario mushrooms have one goal: to make your feet comfortable. This is why, it's a good idea to get your very own Super Mario Red & Green Mushrooms soft plush slipper pair.

Batman Plush Head Sock Top Slippers for Toddler Boys

If this is a Batman vs Superman face-off, you now know who wins. Look at that Batman face! Get this Batman Plush Head Sock Top Slippers for your little boy.

Batman Batmobile Sock Top Slippers for Little Boys

Of course, with Batman comes his Batmobile. After seeing a Batman film, I’d bet that most boys would want to have that Batmobile experience. Well, moms and dads may not be able to give that instantly, but as a replacement, here’s Batman’s Batmobile sock top slipper for the meantime, kiddo.

Star Wars Yoda Unisex 3D Slippers

"Do or do not, there is no try" is what Yoda would say. But these Yoda unisex 3D slippers are a definite must try for you, Jedi!

12 Coolest Star Wars Rogue One Sweaters & Hoodies

Posted: 12 Dec 2016 11:30 AM PST

Star Wars Rogue One Women's Jyn Erso Sweatshirt

Star Wars movies coming out during winter. Rogue One: A Star Wars story is no different, so in order to dress accordingly and warm enough, it’s better to head to the premiere wearing a sweatshirt or a hoodie, with the appropriate logo or art on it.

Whether on our list or on your own, I’m sure you’re going to find a Star Wars Rogue One hoodie or sweatshirt that you like enough to buy.

Women’s Star Wars Rogue One Rebellion Logo Hoodie

I just love the crimson colors on this Star Wars Rogue One hoodie for women. One of the best designs heading into the premiere.

Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Darth Vader Silhouette Sweatshirt

The thing most Star Wars fans are most excited about when it comes to the Rogue One movie is Darth Vader, appearing in silhouette only on this sweatshirt, yet still looking very cool.

Star Wars Rogue One Women’s Jyn Erso Sweatshirt

The main character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Jyn Erso. It’s nice to see two female protagonists in Star Wars film back to back. Jyn especially looks awesome on a sweatshirt.

Star Wars Rogue One Deathtrooper Hoodie

I’m not sure what makes a Deathtrooper different compared to a Stormtrooper, but they sure do look awesome on a Star Wars Rogue One hoodie.

Women’s Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Poster Hoodie

It’s impossible to go wrong when you’re trying to rep Rogue One: A Star Wars story, especially when it’s a Jyn Erso hoodie you’re wearing.

Star Wars Rogue One Born to Rebel Hoodie

Above everything else, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in all its form, including hoodies, is about the rebellion finally getting things going, making this hoodie extremely appropriate.

Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader Logo Hoodie

The back of this Darth Vader hoodie is even cooler than the front, which is pretty awesome on its own.

Rogue One a Star Wars Story Poster Hoodie

There are many Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hoodies and sweatshirts. This one with the official movie poster is probably the “classical” edition.

Star Wars Rogue One AT-5T Hoodie

One of those Star Wars hoodies that doesn’t leave a lot of information on it to let the less passionate fans know what it’s about. Some people like their geeky clothes to be as mysterious as possible.

Star Wars Rogue One Hoodie

It doesn’t get simpler or more effective than this: Star Wars, Rogue One, Black hoodie. Perfect.

Star Wars Rogue One Movie Poster Hoodie

Out of all the Rogue One Star Wars posters on a hoodie, the looming Death Star over a battle on the beach is the best.

Star Wars Rogue One X-Wing Hoodie

The X-Wing flying with some alien sunset in the background, along with some other massive stars, is one beautiful sight to have on a Star Wars hoodie.

8 Best Gaming Keyboards for Hardcore Gamers

Posted: 12 Dec 2016 11:12 AM PST


Having a good PC for gaming just isn't enough. You need a lot of other gear to compliment your PC which can elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level.

For instance, there is a huge difference when gaming on a standard keyboard in comparison to a gaming keyboard. They offer a much more exciting experience to gamers and it is the sole reason why gaming keyboards are a hit among gamers. In this list, we'll take a look at the best-selling gaming keyboards for hardcore gamers. Gaming keyboards can be expensive but we've included a few affordable options as well.

Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum

When it comes to keyboard and mouse, Logitech is the name that comes to everyone's mind. They have a huge range of standard keyboards that are extremely affordable, but also offer high-end ones. The Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum comes with customizable LED lights for the keys. It also uses Romer G-Mechanical switches which offer 25% better performance compared to standard keyboards. The keyboard looks quite simple and elegant and will definitely impress you.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma

How can a list of gaming accessories be complete without a product from Razer? Razer is well known for their gaming accessories. Even though they are slightly expensive, they offer everything that a hardcore gamer desires. Their keys are designed based on their award-winning technology and the switches are rated for up to 80 million keystrokes.  On the far left side are five built-in macro keys. The other keys are also fully programmable and the Chroma backlighting offers unlimited possibilities of color combinations.

DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard

This is a relatively new brand in this list and it is also an affordable option. Priced at just below $30, the DBPOWER gaming keyboard has all the bells and whistles of its counterparts. It comes with customizable LED lights and also a breathing option for transitioning the LEDs. This keyboard too doesn't have a lot of additional functionalities and should be apt for the budget gamer.

SADES k8 Blademail

This is yet another budget option in this list. If you don't like the DBPOWER's simple look, you can opt for a more flashy design of the SADES k8 Blademail. It comes in white and black and the backlight can be chosen from three different colors. It has non-slip rubber feet and an extended body along with removable caps for replacing some keys to your desired position.

Corsair STRAFE

Corsair provides the best when it comes to gaming gear. They have the best RAMs, CPU coolers, fans, and more. The STRAFE gaming keyboard is not an exception to their quality and it uses Cherry MX mechanical key switches. The contacts below the keys are made of gold for the best performance. All the keys are completely customizable for setting up macros. Another advantage is that they keys are all contoured and textured for getting a good feel. Another superb feature that I found is the USB pass through which can be used to connect your wireless headset or mouse.

VicTec Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This pure matte black gaming keyboard from VicTec is water-resistant and that's what makes it different from the rest of the keyboards. There are drain holes provided on the keyboard. It is a great little addition and can be a life-saver for those who tend to spill a lot. The keyboard comes with backlit LEDs which have 9 different patterns that can be set by the user. Each key uses a single switch which allows for better performance overall.


Yet another brand that produces exemplary products. Their RAMs are one of the best in the business. The RIPJAWS KM780 MX gaming keyboard from G.Skill is a monster at first sight. It looks like it is built for a hardcore gamer with a lot of additional features. The keyboard features Cherry MX mechanical switches and also has on-the-fly macro recording capabilities. It has 6 built-in macro keys placed on the far left side. There are also additional multimedia keys with a volume rocker which is really cool.

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE

This is the second keyboard from Cosair and it is also a very highly rated gaming keyboard. The K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE is touted as Corsair's fastest mechanical keyboard ever. It is extremely sturdy with its aircraft grade aluminum body and has a removable extended platform for your wrists. This one too has multimedia keys with a volume rocker. The keyboard and lighting patterns can be customized extensively for the perfect ambiance for your gaming.

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