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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Floating on Air: Magnetic Bonsai Tree Hovers Above Base

Posted: 30 Jan 2016 12:58 PM PST

A miniature tree hovers in the air over its pot, unsupported, in a scene that mixes an ancient Japanese art with sci-fi effects. In fact, the pot that comes with this particular bonsai plant kit isn't even designed to hold soil. Instead, it contains a powerful magnet that keeps the moss-covered root ball of the plant suspended in the air an inch above its rim. Read more…

Adorn Milk: Jewelry for Architecture Aficionados

Posted: 29 Jan 2016 01:31 PM PST

Architectural pieces for the human body? No better way to express your artistic leanings toward high design and innovative architectonics. California-based Adorn Milk exclusively features designers "who make architectural, high-quality, handmade adornments," from up-and-comers to independent, already established brands. Overall, the entire selection is fairly and affordable priced, considering one gets custom-made, handmade sculptural jewelry. There are textile rings, necklaces made with cotton rope and copper, geometric earrings and brooches made of 3D printed plaster and resin. Read more…

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