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Accenture & Bos Sci Create Cloud-Based Digital Health Solution

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 04:38 PM PST

Boston Scientific

Healthcare spending for heart failure and other chronic cardiovascular diseases may see a drop in the near future, thanks to the data-driven digital health solution developed by Boston Scientific and Accenture.

Besides reducing the cost for treating these patients, Advantics Care Pathway Transformation, as the solution developed by Boston Scientific and Accenture is called, will also improve outcomes in hospitals from all over the world. Using this cloud-based digital health platform, healthcare providers will be able to correlate data analytics with patient population health paterns, in order to make more informed decisions.

Advantics is based on Accenture’s analytics insights platform, and will focus on three important aspects:

  • Pathway Analytics
  • Care Management
  • Patient Engagement

These refer primarily to how the patient is served through the hospital system, how long each step takes and how the entire process can be improved. The second measurement refers to how patients are diagnosed, treated and monitored, as well as what medical personnel was involved in this. The last aspect refers to educating, monitoring and communicating with patients during the hospitalization, as well as after discharge.

“Boston Scientific and Accenture designed this digital health platform to help providers standardize care, reduce overall length of stay and lower readmission rates,” explained Mike Mahoney, president and CEO, Boston Scientific. “The Care Pathway Transformation solution is designed to support healthcare professionals and patients to have more informed relationships, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs for health systems. Together, we are addressing an acute need for some of the most costly chronic conditions.”

To test the system, Boston Scientific and Accenture collaborated with Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden and Tampere Heart Hospital in Finland, two of the largest hospitals in Scandinavia. Since heart failure is one of the costliest diseases to manage, improving the way patients are managed will surely reduce the hospitalization costs.

“The collaboration with Boston Scientific and Accenture exposed significant opportunities to increase provider collaboration and improve the quality of care that patients experience when coming to our hospital,” explained Dr. Kari Niemelä, CEO of Tampere Heart Hospital. “For example, we identified a 25 percent unnecessary heart failure readmissions rate, and therefore a definite need for better care coordination, supported by modern technology and processes that can decrease overall costs.”

“Socio-economic changes are driving the market to move to value-based care, and new data-driven care transformation services are a great enabler of delivering high-quality healthcare at the right cost,” concluded Anne O’Riordan, senior managing director at Accenture Life Sciences. “Working together with Boston Scientific, we are able to bring to market digital capabilities and analytics-driven insights that focus on improving patient and economic outcomes.”

The Care Pathway Transformation digital health solution will first be available in hospitals from the UK and Scandinavia, but Boston Scientific and Accenture plan to extend this to the rest of Europe and the United States.

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Solve Multiple Problems with a Golem Pry Bar Wrench Multi-Tool

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 01:59 PM PST

Golem Pry Bar Wrench Multi-Tool 01

When you stumble upon a pry bar multi-tool that’s called Golem, you know from the very beginning that it’s going to be a sturdy device with magical powers.

Pocket Tool Works’ Golem, which is named after the animated anthropomorphic beings from Jewish folklore that are magically created entirely from inanimate matter, is probably the only multi-tool you’ll ever need. Built to last a lifetime, this pry bar multi-tool is made from Grade 5 Titanium, which makes it not only extremely light, but also very durable. That’s definitely something you don’t see in every mass-produced mini tool out there.

The manufacturer of the Golem pry bar multi-tool takes pride in producing each of these products by hand. In other words, there’s a lot of attention paid to detail, and the final product really screams quality all around. It only measures 3.4″L x 1.1″W x 0.2″H, so you’ll be able to carry it with you just about anywhere.

There are plenty of situations when you need to tighten a bolt knot, or drive a screw, and you realize that you don’t have the needed tools with you. The Golem is really inconspicuous, so you won’t even feel it in your pocket. Besides that, it packs multiple wrench sizes and plays multiple roles, so it’s quite possible one of the most versatile multi-tools you could buy at this product’s price point. Make no mistake, as the Golem might look similar to other multi-tools, but its durability and added functionality definitely set it apart.

If you’re judging the Golem by the SAE wrench sizes it packs (5/8″, 9/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″, 3/8″ & 5/16″), then it’s not much different from its counterparts. However, this pry bar wrench multi-tool also features a ¼” wide carry slot where you can place a hex bit you happen to use often. It’s a really small detail, but it can make a world of difference in some situations. Even though there’s a hex bit pictured in these promotional images, there isn’t one included, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

In case you don’t own a KeySmart 2.0 key organizer with bottle opener, then you’d better have a Golem multi-tool around when you need to open your beverage of choice. Packing multiple products with the same functionality may turn out to be redundant, but it’s definitely better than not being apple to open bottles at all.

Not at last, the Golem pry bar wrench multi-tool also includes a one inch ruler. While that’s not even enough for measuring a smartphone’s display, it’ll work great as a quick measurement reference.

For another four days, you can find the Golem pry bar wrench multi-tool in our store, Walyou Deals, with a 26% discount, meaning that you’ll only have to pay $32.99 instead of $45. Before complaining that this is a steep price for a multi-tool, consider that it’s made out of titanium, so it will last a lifetime. All sales are final, and orders can only be shipped to continental US addresses.

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