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The Witness Combines Challenging Puzzles with Beautiful Imagery

Posted: 26 Jan 2016 03:03 PM PST

The Witness 01

Launched today on PS4 and PC, Jonathan Blow’s latest 3D puzzle video game brings forward some mesmerizing graphics that prove that game development studios don’t necessarily have to invest tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in order to create great games.

Jonathan Blow, the indie video game programmer and designer who became famous in 2008 when he launched Braid, has done it again, with yet another puzzle video game. The Witness, as his newest release is called, has been in development ever since Braid got launched, and you can tell from the complexity of the included puzzles and from the stunning graphics that investing so much time in it has been totally worth it.

The game’s action takes place on an open world island, where the main character wakes up alone, surrounding only by a few man-made structures and a lot of puzzles. In fact, there are not less than 600 puzzles to solve, for countless hours of fun. If you’re judging The Witness by screenshots of the puzzles, you might end up thinking that they’re all very similar to one another, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While it’s obvious that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, The Witness is a very well designed game that really puts your brain to work, not to mention that it has taken some of the best puzzle video games from the last decade, and has turned them into pure art.

The minimum system requirements listed on Steam include Windows 7, a 1.8Ghz CPU, 4GB of RAM, Intel HD 4000 GPU, DirectX 10 and 4GB of available storage. To enjoy this game to the fullest, though, you’ll need a CPU clocked at 2.4Ghz, 8GB of RAM, and a GeForce 780, the rest of the requirements remaining unchanged. If you’re not a huge fan of Steam, or simply you can get it for less than $39.99 elsewhere, feel free to check other game distribution platforms.

As for the non-PC versions of the game, Blow initially wanted to launch this on PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, but the game’s engine proved to be too demanding for these consoles, so he had to turn to PlayStation 4, instead. It is a well known fact that Sony is open towards indie developers, so Bowl’s decision shouldn’t surprise anyone. A mobile version is in the works now, and should be launched on iOS at a later date. Sadly, there has been no word on whether there will ever be an Android version of the game or not.

Some gamers went as far as to compare The Witness to the Portal franchise, which includes some of the best puzzle video games ever, and to The Talos Principle. Such comparisons attest to the true value of this game, and even though it has only been a few hours since The Witness was launched, I’m fairly certain that this title will make history, at least in the indie community.

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Build 60 Games with the Complete Game Developer Course

Posted: 26 Jan 2016 01:01 PM PST

The Complete Game Developer Course - Build 60 Games

One of the greatest fears of anyone wanting to get into game developing is that they’ll have to learn to write code, and lots of it. The complete game developer course that’s currently available in our store, is firm proof of the opposite, as it teaches you how to build not one, but 60 games, without writing even a line of code.

Construct 2, the development engine the entire course focuses one, stands apart from many of its counterparts, as it is primarily aimed at non-programmers. In this context, really one can be a game developer and have his creations listed on Steam or any other digital distribution platform. However, that doesn’t mean that only beginners could make use of it, as Construct 2 also enables experts to work faster than if they were coding. Mammoth Interactive’s Complete Game Developer Course aims to teach you this new approach, and at the end of it all you won’t only be an expert in Construct 2, you’ll also have built 60 real-life operating games.

One of the best things about the Complete Game Developer Course is that the tutors assume that you’re a complete beginner, with no game making experience whatsoever, so you’ll really get to build games from scratch using the Construct 2 game development engine. Over the course of 423 lectures and 34 hours of content, you’ll learn practical skills that will definitely look good on your resume, if you’re willing to make a career out of this.

The 60 games you’ll learn to build by the end of this course are in a variety of different styles. The opposite really wouldn’t have made any sense, so it’s great that Mammoth Interactive approached the goal like this. After all, your portfolio needs to demonstrate just how versatile you are, and 60 games designed in completely different styles will surely attest to that. As far as art and game design are concerned, you will learn to do both of these in Photoshop.

John Bura, the instructor who will guide you through this course, has contributed to more than 40 commercial games for XBOX 360, iOS, Android, HTML5, ad-games and more. Since he has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002, it’s rather clear that he is more than adequate for instructing you on how to become a Construct 2 expert.

To make the most out of this course, you will obviously need a PC and a paid version of Construct 2. You can get that on Steam for $129.99 if you’re buying it for personal use, or for $429.99 if you’re a Business user. Virtual Mac environments are not supported, so if that’s your only option, you’re really missing out.

Walyou Deals offers the complete game development course at a heavily discounted price, so you’ll end up paying $39 instead of $300, which is what this course typically retails for. The offer ends in 6 days, so you should take advantage of it while you still can, if you’re planning to learn everything there is to know about game development.

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8 Must-Have Things at Your Super Bowl 50 Party

Posted: 26 Jan 2016 12:15 PM PST

Super Bowl 50 Plates

A great American sporting tradition, Super Bowl Sunday, is upon us once again in less than two weeks. Super Bowl 50 or Super Bowl L, it doesn’t matter how you call it. It is important to get ready, especially for those hosting a Super Bowl party, which can’t happen without certain items. If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Super Bowl 50 Plastic Cups

Super Bowl Sunday is a long day of watching football, but eating and especially drinking takes up just about as much of your day. It’s about interacting with people, having fun, filling up and mostly drinking. So you’re gonna need cups for all the thirsty people, so why not have them drinking out of Super Bowl 50 cups, just to make it more about the special day?

The specs: 25 plastic cups of 16oz, all officially licensed by the NFL for Super Bowl L. Available for $14.99.

Super Bowl 50 Luncheon Plates

On to the food, which is important in order to soak up all the alcohol you’re drinking. Another official item, it’s kind of a pretty thing regardless of the Super Bowl, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, which is always a nice sight to have under some rice and spicy wings.

The specs: 8 Plates in a package, which are rather sturdy and don’t fold and fall apart the moment you put too much food on them. Available for $5.29.

Super Bowl Jell-O Jigglers

In order to make the event a little bit more special than just ordinary food and drinks, Jell-O, especially if there are kids around preventing you from fully focusing on the game, comes in quite handy. Being in the shape of football helmets or a football just makes it more fitting than usual.

The specs: Two sets included. Four trays in total. One box of Jell-O will fill two trays. Recipe is on the packaging. Available for $4.08.

Super Bowl 50 Decoration Kit

Besides feeding people, you need to make your house or yard feel like it’s having a Super Bowl party. That’s where these decorations seem to make the most sense. Stickers, a Super Bowl 50 pennant banner and swirl decorations will take care of making it feel festive. Available for $19.99.

Super Bowl 50 Shot Glass

For the big day itself or as something that will last you much longer than that, the Super Bowl 50 shot glass is a pretty cool way of downing a swift, strong drink. Obviously you’re not going to order one for every guest, but having a couple of these around for the occasional cheers in your future football viewing moments, alone or with someone, isn’t such a bad idea. Available for $12.99.

Samsung Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

On to something that isn’t licensed by the NFL, but is probably the most important thing in every Super Bowl party: A big ass TV. The options? Endless. So when you combine price (through an excellent deal) and quality, the Samsung Curved 65-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV seems like the perfect choice in order to make the viewing experience of the Super Bowl as perfect as possible. Available for $1479.99 if you’re going for the 65-inch model, which is a $1202 discount. The 55-inch costs $997.99 which is a $502 discount from the original price. There’s also the 48-inch option ($797.99, a $352 discount) and even a 40-inch option, which costs justs like the 48.

Weber Gas Grill

Our final non-NFL related item, but just as important as a huge TV: The grill. Unless you’re vegetarian (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you’re probably going to have wings, steaks, burgers, chops and what not cooking on your grill. To make things simple: Get a good grill, and the Weber Gas Grill seems like a fantastic way to keep everyone fed and happy on game day. Available for $399, which is a $100 discount.

Super Bowl 50 Shirt

While not a must, and obviously not something to get all your guests (unless you really have a lot of money free to spend), it’s nice if the host of the party flaunts around the reason why everyone is there: Super Bowl 50. There isn’t one option that stands out, so simply browse through the shirt selection and find the right one for you.

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