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10 Awesome Helmets You Don’t Really Need But Want

Posted: 14 Jan 2016 01:45 AM PST

10 Awesome Helmets You Don't Really Need But Want

Getting a Darth Vader or Optimus Prime helmet won’t make you more productive or better at anything, but they’re so damn cool, especially with the voice changer option, it’s impossible not to want one.

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

Still the coolest helmet ever made for a movie or anything pop culture, the simple addition of helping you sound like Darth Vader with the press of a button makes this one of the coolest things on this planet. Available for $64.89

Transformers:Optimus Prime Cyber Helmet

Optimus Prime might not be as charismatic as Vader, but he’s pretty damn close, with great one liners to rally the autobots into battle. This helmet also comes with a voice changer, but you can simply let the Prime battle phrases do the work themselves. Available for $74.88.

Star Wars: Boba Fett Mask

While this doesn’t come with a voice changer or anything, it’s worth getting just so you can look like the baddest bounty hunter in all the galaxy. Available for $101.44

Wearable Mega Man Helmet: Scale Replica


Few helmets will make you look as dorky as the Mega Man helmet. But if you’re a fan of the game, you won’t care, and you really shouldn’t; it’s f***ing awesome. Available for $159.99

King Helmet With Etching And Chain Mail

You can tell yourself this is inspired by Skyrim or by warriors from the islands of Skellige in the Witcher series. It doesn’t matter. Looking like a badass viking warrior doesn’t need too much backstory. Available for $169.99

Iron Man Mask

You won’t have J.A.R.V.I.S telling you all kinds of reading while wearing the Iron Man helmet, but you will look shiny, chrome and fantastic, not to mention heroic. Available for $19.42

Predator Helmet

I don’t remember the Predator ever riding a motorcycle, but we’re in 2016, so anything can happen. Who knows, maybe you’ll even have that super cool thermal viewing thing going on, although I doubt it helps you while driving. Available for $850

SteamPunk Helmet

This Steampunk helmet is a combination of the Victorian period fan fiction and simply looking like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s pretty awesome either way. Available for $190

Trojan Helmet – Achilles – Steel with Black Crest

You can tell yourself you look like Brad Pitt from Troy. Physically, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you probably don’t. The helmet at least helps you come close to being Achilles. Available for $95

Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Kelly-087 Helmet

The Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Kelly-087 Helmet won’t mean much to a lot of people. But for those who love Halo? This is one of the best things you can own, with the quality of this handmade product really making it worth the while (And money) of the most dedicated Halo fans. Available for $999.99

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5 Amazing LEGO Doctor Who Sets

Posted: 13 Jan 2016 01:46 PM PST

Lego Doctor Who Deluxe Tardis Playset

Just like we told you last year, Doctor Who LEGO sets are a reality, and here are the best ones we have found around the web for all the whovians in the house. Check them out in this special feature!

Doctor Who has become quite the success and caught the geek world by storm in its latest couple of iterations. The LEGO team, who already have quite a reputation for creating quality sets based on all the things we geeks love have been working hard to provide the fans with the best quality figurines and playsets for all Whovians, so they can have some amazing props on display or to play with. We have been around the web looking for the coolest Doctor Who LEGO sets and we believe we have come up with the ultimate list of them, at the lowest prices and with the most iconic figurines. Check out our selection below these lines!

LEGO Doctor Who Deluxe Tardis Playset

When it comes to LEGO Doctor Who sets, our favorite one has to be the LEGO Doctor Who Deluxe Tardis Playset, for it not only includes the most popular Doctor (the eleventh) but also a very rich set with several characters and 665 pieces to play around with. This set costs $129.99 USD but is currently 8% off at just under $120 – while still rather on the expensive side, it’s the biggest, most detailed set and features all of the main characters which is always a plus. This is the perfect set to have on display on any geeky room.


LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Building Kit

Despite the eleventh Doctor being our favorite, it’s not like we don’t feel anything for the twelfth, played by Capaldi. In the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Building Kit you will find the Doctor himself along with a TARDIS, the console room, Clara Oswald, two Daleks and a Weeping Angel you get to build. What’s more, if you still prefer the eleventh doctor, his figurine is also included so you get to pick your favorite lead. This set costs $59.99 and even comes with a booklet with trivia about the design and BBC television series


Dr. Who Level Pack – Lego Dimensions

Some people don’t really like the whole building aspect of LEGO but really love the figurines instead. It’s for them that this Dr. Who Level Pack inspired by Lego Dimensions (the Sci-Fi themed LEGO video game) exists for. In this set you will find a twelfth Doctor Who figurine along with a TARDIS and K-9 all ready for display on your favorite shelf – all for $29.99. Best of all, it’s currently on sale and you can get it for 25% off at $22.49.


Doctor Who the Time of Angels Set


The Doctor Who the Time of Angels Set is an extremely rare and hard to find set that is not sold at retail locations and can only bought through the internet. It is so rare it’s become quite the collectors item, and despite it’s relatively low price point (just $19.50 USD) it is a set that inspires respect for the truly dedicated fan. Warning, though, despite the picture including the figurines, these do not come with the set itself and need to be bought separately.


Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Construction Playset

And speaking of getting figurines, here’s the Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Construction Playset that comes with them. This set includes the eleventh Doctor Played By Matt Smith, the TARDIS and Amy Pond Figures, which perfectly complements the previous set. This officially licensed Doctor Who set costs $18.05, which is among the lowest price points we have seen for such cute, detailed figurines.

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Make Your Desk Glow with a Mighty Marquee Desk Light

Posted: 13 Jan 2016 01:20 PM PST

Mighty Marquee Desk Light 01

Lamps that shed white light onto your office aren’t good for expressing how much of a geek you really are. The Mighty Marquee Desk Light by Dumpsty, on the other hand, can give your workmates a pretty good idea about the things you like.

At 9″W x 3″H x 2″L, the Mighty Marquee Desk Light is big enough to provide you plenty of light exactly when you need it. After all, it relies on 15 LEDs to illuminate the area. Since LEDs can help you save a lot of energy, you won’t even have to worry about the bill. Furthermore, this particular light box doesn’t connect straight to a power outlet. Instead, it relies on a microUSB cable to supply power either from a power bank, laptop, desktop computer, or charger. Overall, it’s an extremely portable device that proves to be very convenient, as you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Probably the best part about this light box is that it comes with three graphic rectangles designed to remind you either of one of the most famous movie franchises in the world, or some of most popular console and arcade games from the ’80s. It should be noted that these rectangles are only applied to one side of the light box, so it’s probably best to place it with its back to a wall. The rectangles are attached using magnets, and can be replaced anytime you want. Since it’s LEDs we’re talking about, any heat emitted by the light box is negligible.

The first rectangle, pictured below, is a reference to the Atari 2600 Star Wars game from 1983, the very definition of a psychedelic trip. Some game, huh? With TIE fighters in one corner and an X-Wing in the other, you have something to represent each side of the Force.

Next, there’s a Donkey Kong graphic that has the mighty gorilla and Princess Peach on one side and Mario trying to evade barrels in the other side, with a noticeable Nintendo badge slapped in-between.

Not at last, there’s a Centipede rectangle that’s supposed to remind people of yet another Atari arcade game. However, this might be too obscure of a reference for all people to get, so it depends on how geeky your coworkers are.

Included in the package are the Marquee Light Box, a microUSB power cable, as well as the Donkey Kong, Star Wars and Centipede graphics. That’s everything you need to turn your desk into a shrine for geeks.

Within the next 8 hours you can gen the Mighty Marquee Desk Light from Walyou Deals for $49.99, a 43% discount from the original price of $89. After these 8 hours pass, you’ll only be able to buy it at the full retail price from somewhere else, so take advantage of this unique chance while you still can. Your desk certainly deserves a lamp to put it in a geeky light!

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This Charger Can Replenish Your Xbox One Controller Battery In 1 Minute

Posted: 13 Jan 2016 11:35 AM PST


A company by the name of PDP was present at CES 2016 where they showed a charger that could recharge an Xbox One controller battery in one minute. Read all the details in this feature!


Among all the new trinkets, technology and gadgets that appeared and were discussed at CES 2016, there was a quite interesting piece of hardware for Xbox One owners: a super charger for Xbox One wireless controllers that could completely replenish its battery in just under 60 seconds. This new technology for batteries already has a first working prototype, and according to what PDP said to popular gaming website Polygon, it works perfectly. Let’s admit it, too: the fact that there’s a product out there that can charge a battery in one minute and provide us with between eight and ten hours of continuous gameplay is nothing short of amazing.



The man in charge of the creation of such a device, Christopher Dingle, explained that this technology is unlike any other found on other fast-charging gadgets. PDP have straight up created a new type of power pack that doesn’t just work like regular lithium-based batteries, and basically doesn’t produce a chemical reaction to generate energy, but the energy is produced through physical reactions instead in a completely different process. This means that the useful life of the product will last way longer than a regular lithium battery and provide you with many years of gaming in comparison. Sure, getting a charger dock is an investment, but if you take good care of your systems, a gadget like this could even end up saving you money.

As of now, there is no confirmation nor release date for this product, or even the certainty that it will ever come out, but the company behind it is hopeful that they will be able to start a pre-order phase by the end of 2016 and release sometime in 2017. PDP also weren’t able to discuss a potential price for this product, but they think it’s gonna be around $99 USD – hopefully they don’t pull an Oculus and release for a much higher price! More interestingly, though, they confirmed they were also working on a PlayStation 4 version, which could be released simultaneously if they get a concept working in time.

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