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20 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Posted: 24 Jan 2016 02:16 AM PST

21 Funny Valentine's Day Cards

There’s a lot of heavy, sometimes forced and fake romance involved in Valentine’s Day. One way to make things a little lighter is by sending out a funny Valentine’s Day card, and hope it’s enough so you don’t have to also buy an expensive gift.

Toilet Paper Valentine’s Day Card

About 80% of married couples argue about toilet paper. It’s a fact. Trust me, don’t look it up. Available for $4.50

Pho Valentine’s Day Card

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Pho is a delicious Vietnamese dish. It means you’re loved by someone who sends you this card. Don’t think too much about it.

Nicolas Cage Valentine’s Day Card

I don’t know if Nicolas Cage is the first thing that comes to my mind when trying to think “romantic”, but at least his name makes sense when trying out a Valentine’s day pun. Available for $4.

Smartphone Addiction Valentine’s Day Card

On Tinder or on some other dating app you swipe to a certain direction when you see someone you like. Such a mundane action, such an important decision. Available for $4.04.

Valentine’s Day Farting Card

Humour and not feeling ashamed of each other is important in a relationship, maybe more than anything. It’s also important letting your partner know about it. Get it for $3.91

Valentine’s Day Funny Dog Card

There are a lot of things to say about this card, but it would be better if we let it speak for itself. Get it on Etsy for $6.

Valentine’s Day More Than Coffee Card

Personally, I’m not a coffee person. But I understand the sentiment, married to someone who can’t begin the day without a cup or five. When someone tells you they love you more than coffee, you know it’s for real. Available for $4.5.

Netflix Valentine’s Day Card

The epitome of Netflix and chill (although maybe some beer or wine is better than coffee in this case), put on a Valentine’s card. Get it for $4.5.

Bacon Valentine’s Card

The “love you more than X” was already taken by coffee. So bacon was used to make a nice little pun, while arousing someone’s taste buds at the same time. Get it for $3.5

Peanut Butter & Jelly Valentine’s Day Card

There are a lot of things I prefer putting in a sandwich more than peanut butter & jelly, but few things combine as well as they do, despite not seemingly matching to begin with, just like a lot of great couples. Get it for $3.

Kanye & Kanye Valentine’s Day Card

While Kanye West is with Kim Kardashian, there’s no one and nothing in this world he loves more than himself. And that’s one strong relationship to be compared to. Get it for $7.89.

Breaking Bad Valentine’s Day Card

Things didn’t turn out so well for Jesse & Walt, but for a while, they had a beautiful thing going thanks to chemistry. Available for $4.99.

Bell Curve Valentine’s Day Card

It’s always a 50-50 kind of thing, falling in love. But probably is something worth taking a chance on. Available for $3.67

The Bodyguard Valentine’s Day Card

Whitney Houston had a lot of good songs. For some reason, the most annoying of them seems to be the one to leave the most lasting impression. At least you can use it on Valentine’s day. Available for $5.

Titanic Valentine’s Day Card

So many things here, so many layers: The Titanic, in real life and movie, which is a tragic love story that ends in drowning. There’s also the Dave Matthews Band song, which is about love, but also other things. Deep. Get it for $4.

Nice Buns Valentine’s Day Card

Being compared to a hamburger isn’t always the best way to get a romantic day going. But when it’s the buns you’re complimenting… well then, OK. Get it for $4.5.

Settling Valentine’s Day Card

Short, clean, simple. Just like the move from TheFacebook to just Facebook. Get it for $2.92

All you need is Love & Wi-Fi Valentine’s Day Card

Today, love still triumphs all. But not having any connection to the Internet is really annoying, and love can’t help you there. Available for $4.33

Netflix & Chill Valentine’s Day Card

A very cryptic invitation, but it’s sorta romantic. It’s also a beautiful design. Get it for $5.

Grumpy Cat Valentine’s Day Card

A grumpy cat is always a great way to finish a post about Valentine’s Day, cards and love. P.S. You’re not getting that heart back. Available for $5.

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Olmose Gives Your Old Smartphone a New Purpose

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 02:42 PM PST

Olmose Dog Station + Guardian 01

Assuming that you’re not paying tens of thousands of dollars on luxury (and always overpriced) smartphones, the first thought to cross your mind when cracking a mobile device’s display probably is to throw it away and get a new one. Belgian company Olmose is here to demonstrate that it doesn’t always have to be like that, and that unused smartphones can still be put to good use.

Even though the display is the main interface between a smartphone’s apps and its user, a crack affecting it shouldn’t determine us to disregard its capabilities entirely. After all, the rear camera most probably survived the physical damage, and there is still plenty of processing power under the hood, so the best thing to do would be to repurpose the smartphone by turning it into an extremely affordable home security system with help of the Olmose Guardian app.

Since installing and uninstalling apps on smartphones is something that can be done remotely, you won’t need to use your device’s display for that. Once the Olmose Guardian app is installed, you can proceed to recording or simply monitoring your home. Any and all events will trigger notifications that will arrive on your current smartphone, provided that you’ve chosen to be notified.

There are two apps that comprise the Olmose system. The Guardian app gets installed on your unused smartphone, while the Olmose Remote app needs to be running on your new device, in order to control the functions of the former. First of all, there’s a Video only mode that enables you to monitor whatever happens in front of the smartphone’s camera. Secondly, there a Surveillance mode that sends you notifications whenever particular motion patterns are detected by the camera. Thirdly, the device running the Guardian app can be turned into an anti-burglary alarm that sends you push notifications/emails/phone calls whenever suspicious movements are detected, regardless if it’s day or night.

The Dog Station developed by Olmose complements the Guardian app by adding infrared advanced detection and advanced night vision, not to mention that this device can act as a stand for the phone running the app.

Below are all of the functions that the Guardian has. Smartphone aside, this is one of the most affordable solutions you could find for protecting your home, car, or baby.

Olmose has turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for mass producing the Guardian. At the time of writing, backers had pledged nearly 4% of the €100,000 funding goal, and the campaign still had 37 days to go. Early birds can secure for themselves an improved security system comprising of a Dog Station and the Olmose Guardian app for $64.50, while the rest of the backers will have to pledge $75 or more in order to get these products in April 2016. In case you only want the app, you need to pledge $21.50 for a lifetime license for one Guardian.

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