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Ukrainian Man Has Been Walking Barefoot for the Last 10 Years, Regardless of Weather

Posted: 07 Jan 2016 06:31 AM PST

Despite the region's sub-zero winters, a Ukrainian man from Kiev has been walking around barefoot since February 2006.

Chinese Companies Are Asking Female Employees to Get Pregnant on Schedule

Posted: 07 Jan 2016 03:14 AM PST

While couples in China are welcoming the end of the nation's decades-long one-child policy, private companies seem to be reacting to the news with ludicrous new policies regarding maternity leave. They're actually asking female employees to submit an application of pregnancy, seeking the company's approval to become a parent up to a year in advance.

Mr Plastic Fantastic – Guy Has 1,497 Valid Credit Cards

Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:54 AM PST

Working up a credit score for Walter Cavanagh has got to be a mathematical nightmare – the man has nearly 1,500 valid credit cards to his name and holds the Guinness record for the most credit cards.

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