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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Tiny House Villages: What the Mt. Hood Village in Portland and University Research Reveal About the Movement

Posted: 31 Oct 2016 02:00 PM PDT

The tiny house movement has gained many followers and enthusiasts around the world. Ecology, economy, convenience and energy conservation are only a start. Let's face it — they're just so cute! One could argue that a tiny house — officially any home of less than 1,000 sqare feet — is really just a glorified caravan, merely replacing metal with a "down-home" wooden and rural vibe. Read more…

5 Cool Ways to Mark the Halloween Season

Posted: 31 Oct 2016 05:00 AM PDT

Yes, it's Halloween! We see it as a good time to sneak a break from the crazy world and dodge fake cobwebs, duck as eggs are thrown and eat too much candy. You can even wear a clever disguise if you feel the urge to fool trick-or-treaters. As a nod to the orange day, we've gathered five cool Halloween-related items that may bring a smile to your chocolate-covered faces. Read more…

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