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20 Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Posted: 14 Oct 2016 04:15 AM PDT


With Halloween just around the corner, the time has come to finally decide what costumes to wear. Finding one is never easy, and that’s what we’re here for: Helping you choose which Star Wars costume to wear for Halloween, because there’s obviously nothing better.

The recommendations brought here by us are for adult Star Wars costumes. You can go down a more specific road: Kids, women, even pets.

In any case, whether you’re searching for it on your own or focusing on one of our recommendations, we hope you find what you’re looking for:

Star Wars Rey Halloween Costume

Rey is THE star of The Force Awakens and its greatest revelation, and on the light side of the Force map, she has the coolest costume. The costume includes a top, pants, cuff, detached sleeves and a belt with pouch. Buy the Rey Star Wars costume on Amazon.

Star Wars Kylo Ren Halloween Costume

The Kylo Ren Costume includes a robe, hooded cape and mask. The custom lightsaber he has can be purchased separately.

Star Wars Finn Halloween Costume

The complete the trio of stars introduced to us in The Force Awakens, here’s the Finn costume, which is actually the highest rated among all the Star Wars costumes.

Star Wars Darth Vader Halloween Costume

The good news (no bad news this time): You’re going to look like the best villain ever created by wearing the Darth Vader Costume. The costume kit also includes the red lightsaber. Yay!

Star Wars Young Obi-Wan Kenobi Halloween Costume

This Obi-Wan costume fits the Attack of the Clones period in the timeline, and for someone who always changes his opinion about liking and disliking the prequel trilogy, Obi-Wan is one the few good things I don’t flip-flop on.

Star Wars Princess Leia Halloween Costume

A classic Star Wars costume, the Princess Leia costume includes the wig, hooded dress and the awesome looking belt.

Star Wars Slave Princess Leia Halloween Costume

As you might imagine, this is one of the more popular Star Wars costumes in circulations. Whether it’s guys begging their girlfirends to wear it for Halloween or some cosplaying, or girls who love this version of Leia, it’s easy to see why so many people love the Leia slave costume.

Star Wars Han Solo Halloween Costume

One thing worth mentioning about the Han Solo Deluxe costume is that it’s a pretty tight fit, even at the XL, so that’s something worth considering when buying it or another Star Wars costume.

Star Wars Chewbacca Halloween Costume

For those wondering, yes; the Chewbacca costume can be washed in a machine.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Halloween Costume

Stormtroopers are perfect people going in groups to their Halloween parties, especially if you don’t mind not getting recognized. The Stormtrooper costume doesn’t include the blaster.

Star Wars Women’s Boba Fett Bounty Hunter Halloween Costume

Most of the costumes we’re showing on the list are the men’s version, but just like this Boba Fett costume, almost every Star Wars costume has a women’s version as well, not to mention those portraying female characters.

Star Wars Jedi Hooded Robe Halloween Costume

Answering the most popular question: The robe doesn’t include the lightsaber. It goes perfectly with someone wearing a Luke Skywalker costume, adding the Star Wars Jedi robe to it to get the complete light-wielding look.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Halloween Costume

While Luke himself has changed over the years in both appearance and the clothes he wears, his earliest version from A New Hope remains the most recognizable with the character.

Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Halloween Costume


For those who might be worried it can get a little bit hot inside, you’d be happy to hear that the Jabba the Hutt costume includes a battery-operated fan.

Star Wars Captain Phasma Halloween Costume

Captain Phasma is a pretty successful attempt at creating a slightly superior, more menacing stormtrooper. I love the detail on the foam armor on the jumpsuit. To buy the Captain Phasma costume.

Star Wars Queen Padme Amidala Halloween Costume

This is the more formal of Padme’s attire, because basically, her without her queen clothes is as plain as can be. The Queen Padme costume includes the dress and headgear. You gotta take care of your own face paint.

Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Halloween Costume

The best jumpsuit ever made appeared on ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’, and nothing has been able to top it ever since. Buy the X-Wing Pilot costume on Amazon.

Star Wars Jawa Halloween Costume

The coolest thing about the Star Wars Jawa costume is the included mask with eyes that light up.

Star Wars Tauntaun Halloween Costume

In my opinion, the inflatable tauntaun costume is the funniest one someone can wear on Halloween in connection to Star Wars.

Star Wars Rogue One Deathtrooper Halloween Costume

Even if ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ hasn’t come out yet, the deathtrooper costume is already proving to be one of the coolest things people are looking forward to seeing and being from the movie.

Need more ideas for Halloween? Check out our Top 50 Halloween Couples Costumes list.

13 Most Awesome Doctor Strange T-Shirts

Posted: 13 Oct 2016 03:22 PM PDT

Doctor Strange Retro T-Shirt

Marvel are hoping to do to Doctor Strange what the Iron Man film did to that character almost 10 years ago. For those planning to let themselves get swept away in the hype, which is always fun, why not get yourself a cool Doctor Strange T-Shirt?

Obviously, you can browse the wide selection of Doctor Strange shirts on your own, but we’ve selected the 13 very best, just to make things easier, and hopefully more stylish:

Doctor Strange Movie T-Shirt

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange with a red cape breaking the black & white? That’s a beautiful piece of clothing to have.

Marvel Comics Doctor Strange Blue T-Shirt

The dark blue is a great contrast to the yellow and red that are usually very dominant in the comic pages when Doctor Strange appears. It comes in almost all sizes, including 5X-large.

Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts T-Shirt

Great artwork of the doctor in action. The black background works well in terms of story too, if you know a bit about the Doc. Buy it on Amazon.

Doctor Strange Marvel Movie T-Shirt

Out of all the shirts, Marvel being a Disney company is best reminded through this shirt.

I Am Doctor Strange T-Shirt

The eye of Agamotto is probably going to be something a lot more people now about. This shirt is one of the few depicting such an important piece of Doctor Strange’s lore.

Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto T-Shirt

This Doctor Strange shirt is for those who love to see the dashing fella in flight.

Marvel Men’s Doc Mythos T-Shirt

If you like the Doctor Strange clothing to look badass, this shirt is for you.

Doctor Strange CGA Coloring T-Shirt

I love this specific Doctor Strange shirt because it reminds me of my days playing on the PC with a CGA screen.

Dr. Strange Trippy-Looking T-Shirt

There’s something a little bit less grounded with Doctor Strange and his portrayals through different mediums. This shirt captures the trippiness of Doctor Strange perfectly.

Doctor Strange Retro T-Shirt

The belt and the cape waving makes this Doctor Strange Shirt larger than life, which is how a sorcerer supreme should be.

Doctor Strange Graphics Not Fade T-Shirt

This Doctor Strange shirt with qualify graphics on it comes in a variety of colors, from black to royal blue and deep heather.

Doctor Strange Comics Panel T-Shirt

With this shirt, when you meet people, they can talk to you and read a nice looking Doctor Strange comic panel.

Doctor Strange Fiery Skull T-Shirt

Last but not least, a Doctor Strange shirt that reminds us of someone going to an Iron Maiden concert. Doctor Strange in his metal mode, I guess?

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