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7 Sophisticated Star Wars Posters in Chalkboard Blueprint Style

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 09:58 AM PDT

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chalkboard Poster

Among the horde of Star Wars items and accessories flooding the market by the second, you sometimes find something special and original, like these chalkboard poster prints of ships and droids from the Star Wars universe.

Designed to look like U.S. Patents blueprints, these posters come in various shapes in a chalkboard like look, making it seem like you have the original designs to the whole Republic, Rebellion and Empire star fleet, which is pretty impressive if you have friends that love Star Wars.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chalkboard Poster

This beautiful look into the guys of the Millennium Falcon will give your living room/office a more scientific look, and it’s actually on a small discount deal at the moment over on Amazon, if you hurry.

Star Wars X-Wing Chalkboard Poster

There’s something a little bit less sophisticated and complex about the X-Wings, which is fine. Having a blueprint of a toy and not the best ship in the galaxy isn’t a bad idea either.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Chalkboard Poster

And just so the dark side of the force doesn’t get neglected, here are the best ships the empire has to offer in this chalkboard print poster form, probably even better looking than the X-Wings.

Star Wars C3-PO Chalkboard Poster

Somewhere in the galaxy there’s the person who designed the first C3-PO unit and delivered a charming, bumbling droid upon the stars, and changed history forever, in a good way, most of the time. You can make people think the original plans are at your house!

Star Wars R2-D2 Chalkboard Poster

Yes, a little bit simplistic. But remember, before the prequel trilogy, R2-D2 was really a simple, adorable droid. We suddenly found out he did a lot more before the Republic fell apart and the Empire took over. I kinda like the simple version of him hanging on my wall.

Star Wars AT-AT Chalkboard Poster

Despite the little writing being only “Fig 1” as in “Figure 1”, I really wish it was a tiny person about to get squished by the AT-AT. Imagining that makes this poster a lot more awesome.

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Chalkboard Poster

What does having an imperial shuttle poster say about you? That you’re a practical person, not swayed and carried away by the firepower of the X-Wing, the popularity of R2 droids, or the cuteness of the AT-AT. Pragmatic people can enjoy posters too.

10 Most Beautiful Game of Thrones Maps to Hang on Your Wall

Posted: 19 Oct 2016 01:18 PM PDT

Game of Thrones Full Planetos Map

One of the best accompanying things to any well constructed fantasy story and world is a map. The universe created by George R.R. Martin in A Song of Ice and Fire, mostly known as a Game of Thrones, has some beautiful maps.

The Game of Thrones Maps come in all shapes and sizes, differing in detail and focus: Westeros alone, parts of Essos, all of Essos, and perhaps the entire world. You choose what best suits your style, preferences and home or office:

Game of Thrones Giant Map of Westeros & Essos

The size of his beautiful map, which shows Westeros in all its glory from the beautiful south to the wonderful north, and Essos in all of its encompassing massiveness, is 55″ x 39″.

Game of Thrones Antique Style Map of Westeros & Essos

For those who like their maps to have the hand-made kind of look, comes this Westeros & Essos map, which makes every detail come together to look like beautifully drawn trees on a canvas. It comes in two sizes: 36×24 and 55×39.

Game of Thrones Vintage Paper World Map

The awesome addition in this map is the house sigils surrounding Westeros and Essos, complementing the vintage style. It’s size is 28×20.

Game of Thrones Map of Westeros & the Free Cities

A map that zooms in a bit into Westeros and the Western part of Essos, which consists of the nine free cities, before the more exotic part of the Planetos unfolds. The free cities, for those who don’t know, are Braavos, Pentos, Lorath, Lys, Myr, Tyrosh, Qohor, Norvos and Volantis.

Game of Thrones Westeros Houses Map in Color

This colorful map, focusing on Westeros and its great houses (Targaryens, Martells, Baratheons, Arryns, Tyrells, Tullys, Greyjoys, Starks and Lannisters) comes in two sizes: 16×13 and 28×24.

Game of Thrones TV Opening Map

For those who absolutely love the Game of Thrones opening (and it is awesome) but care less for the actual map details, this is perfection.

Game of Thrones Full Planetos Map

This is basically the biggest map in the ASOIAF universe, including the Shivering, Jade, Narrow and Summer Sea, with Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos and what may or may not be Ulthos. It’s 24×27 in size.

Game of Thrones Minimalistic Map

For those people who like it simple, this is Westeros, and just a bit of Essos, down to its bare essentials, which is actually part of its charm. Not massive, but pretty, and fits a certain home decor. 

Game of Thrones Topographic Westeros Map

I love maps that give you a 3-dimensional sense, and this topographic map of Westeros really brings out the differences between the 7 kingdoms, and how massive and varied the world George RR Martin created actually is. It’s 31×14 in size.

Game of Thrones Black & White Map

This black & white map of Westeros, Essos and a bit of Sothoryos reminds me of old DOS games about global warfare between nations, something along the lines of Dictator. It comes in select sizes, from 5” x 7” up to 20″ x 30″.

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