Optical Illusion of The Day: Everyday LIFE Illusion

Optical Illusion of The Day: Everyday LIFE Illusion

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Everyday LIFE Illusion

Posted: 02 Oct 2016 08:02 PM PDT

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes doesn’t it? Sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem, nor do they turn out the way that you thought they would. And, sometimes, things in life just seem a little skewed. When I ran across this LIFE illusion, it just seemed pretty fitting…

life illusion

The skewed letters spelling the word in this LIFE illusion just reminds me of the way life in general goes sometimes. It’s confusing, contorted, and seemingly impossible. That’s just the way life goes sometimes, though, isn’t it. But, nothing is ever impossible and not everything is as it seems. Sometimes it helps to be reminded of that to get through the tough times.

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