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21 Epic Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 19 Oct 2016 01:13 AM PDT

Star Wars Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater

The best way of adding some flavor to your Christmas dinner and holiday is walking around with a Star Wars ugly christmas sweater, making you and everyone around you happier, guaranteed!

Whether it’s a light-side or dark-side themes sweater, or an even upgrade on the dorkiness level cardigan, choosing Star Wars to be the subject of your mandatory ugly christmas sweater spreads the most important gospel in the world a little bit faster and wider.

Star Wars Movie Title Ugly Christmas Sweater

When you wear one of these babies, everyone knows you’re the life of the party on Christmas.

Star Wars Darth Vader Red Ugly Christmas Sweater

Riffing on Darth Vader’s best line, this ‘I find your lack of cheer disturbing’ is perfect to buy for one of your parents to wear around during Christmas.

Star Wars Han Shot First Ugly Christmas Sweater

Han Solo might not talk about it much, but he did shoot first in the cantina. This ugly christmas sweater proves it.

Star Wars AT-ATs as Reindeers Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everybody loves AT-ATs. Everyone loves reindeer. Everyone loves this sweater.

Star Wars Darth Vader vs Obi Wan Lightsaber Duel Ugly Christmas Sweater

I love sweaters that depict a moment or a scene. In this case, it’s Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi dueling it out on the Death Star with lightsabers. Epic moment, epic ugly christmas sweater.

Star Wars Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

If like it you do, buy this ugly christmas sweater you will.

Star Wars Darth Vader Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

‘Merry Christmas, you filthy Jedi Rebel’ is exactly what I want to hear Darth Vader say to me if I ever run into him during Christmas. To buy the Darth Vader ugly christmas sweater.

Star Wars Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater

Darth Vader is no Santa Claus, but his Stormtroopers? They make quite fitting elves, at least in the universe of ugly Christmas sweaters. Buy the sweater on Amazon.

Star Wars Santa Claus Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maybe I was wrong, maybe Darth Vader is actually Santa Claus. The ho-ho-ho would sound awesome coming out of his mask voice filter.

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merry Sithmas does sound like something Palpatine would say. Maybe he’s even the one selling these ugly Christmas sweaters to give the Empire’s revenue a spike around the holidays.

Star Wars Lets Gets Sith Faced Ugly Christmas Sweater

I don’t think this is Darth Maul. I think this is just your regular Dathomirian Zabrak trying to get drunk on Christmas, a perfect image for an ugly christmas sweater.

Star Wars Chewbacca Ugly Christmas Sweater

‘Merry Christmas, you filthy Wookiee’ is a riff on a wonderful scene from another Christmas movie, ‘Home Alone’. It adds quite a lot to the Chewbacca ugly christmas sweater.

Star Wars Hoth Sweet Hoth Ugly Christmas Sweater

As Tauntauns love to say, there’s no place like Hoth. This ugly christmas sweater shows the awesome battle on Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars It’s Cold Outside Ugly Christmas Sweater

If this ugly christmas sweater is to be believed, Boba Fett doesn’t mind the cold, while Darth Vader does.

Star Wars Boba Fett Ugly Christmas Sweater

The best bounty hunter in the galaxy deserves to have a ugly christmas sweater of his own.

Star Wars Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Ugly Christmas Sweater

For some reason, this Mandalorian ugly christmas sweater reminds me of Far Cry: Primal.

Star Wars R2-D2 Wrapped in Tree Lights Ugly Christmas Sweater

As I’ve written in the past, R2-D2 goes perfectly with every winter/icy setting. Get his christmas-light bulbed version sweater on Amazon.

Star Wars R2-D2 Ugly Christmas Sweater

R2-D2 stands in all of his glory on a Christmas sweater that is the epitome of holiday ugliness. Buy it on Amazon.

Star Wars Cookies Cardigan Ugly Christmas Sweater

I wonder which cookie tastes best: Yoda, Chewie, Darth Vader or C3-PO. They all look great on this dorky cardigan-ugly christmas sweater.

Star Wars Darth Vader Cardigan Ugly Christmas Sweater

The color combination, the style, the dual Darth Vader face: This cardigan truly is ugly, maybe the ugliest sweater on this list, making it so special and wonderful. Available on Amazon.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cardigan Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sticking with the cardigan fad, this Stormtrooper cardigan makes a nice addition to any ugly Christmas sweater collection.

14 Famous Monsters & Their Halloween Costumes

Posted: 18 Oct 2016 03:12 PM PDT

Joker & Pennywise

Every Halloween, even villains and monsters from classic tales or horror films like to put on a costume. Or at least one talented artist likes to think they do.

The work of icetheendless consists of taking horror film villains like Jason Voorhees and Samara Morgan and putting them in surprising Halloween costumes. Pennywise as another famous clown, and Freddy Kreuger going as another famous clawed nightmarish figure. We even have some Halloween costume suggestions to accompany the brilliant artwork.

These are Kayako Saeki from The Grudge as Bubbles, Regan Macneil from The Exorcist as Blossom and Samara Morgan from The Ring as Buttercup.

Pennywise the clown from It dressed as The Joker. For anyone looking to go as The Joker this Halloween, there are some pretty awesome options to choose from.


Freddy Krueger dressed up as Edward Scissorhands, which is still quite a popular Halloween costume.

The killer from Scream as Shy Guy from Mario. The Scream mask is a simple Halloween prop that works well at parties.

Jason Voorhees dressed up as Mighty Duck. Makes sense.

And Michael Myers (the fictional one) obviously dressed up as Austin Powers. I was actually surprised it’s a real costume.

Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre going as Ash from the Evil Dead.

Off to more general monsters, a vampire is dressed as Batman, Frankenstein is going as the Incredible Hulk, and a Lycan is going as Scott Howard from Teen Wolf the movie, not the series which is about Lacrosse. You can actually get the jersey on Amazon.

An interesting, creative idea, as  Billy the puppet from Saw goes as dat boi. The Saw mask makes a pretty good costume prop.

Slender Man going as Saitama from One Punch Man. Yes, if you’re asking, there is a Slender Man costume.

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