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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

7 Reasons Why It’s Hip to Be Square

Posted: 07 Oct 2016 12:00 PM PDT

You'd think the humble square might have been played out by now as a design concept. Not so, according to Yu Hiraoka, a designer based in Milan. Squares and cubes feature strongly in his portfolio, and he has a knack for turning their simple forms into eye-catching pieces. Hiraoka studied design in Japan, the U.K. and Italy, then launched his professional design career in 2013. Read more…

The Kosmos Pen: Deceptive Simplicity

Posted: 06 Oct 2016 02:00 PM PDT

The German design company Stilform takes classic themes and updates them for the modern world, with a few clever twists to enhance the final product. "We are a team full of contrasts, energy and curiosity," say the designers, and that neatly sums up the work they do. Take their latest product, the Kosmos pen. It's clearly a minimalist design, and won the coveted Red Dot Design Award for 2016. Read more…

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