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14 Best Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL Cases

Posted: 05 Oct 2016 08:31 AM PDT

Google Pixel XL Case MicroP

Google are launching a new smartphone upon the world, in two versions: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. It might be an excellent, maybe even perfect phone, but without a good case protecting it, it can become worthless very quickly.

The phone has been available for pre order since October 4, and will be available in shops as soon as October 20. You can start sorting through cases and ordering them now:

Google Pixel Case by DGtle

Slick, simple and does the work in terms of protecting from shocks and scratches. The Google Pixel case by DGtle comes in 10 different colors.

Google Pixel Case by LK

The LK slim thin Google Pixel case has an Anti-slip design providing extra grip on surfaces. You can purchase it in five different colors, including black, clear and jelly pink.

Google Pixel Transparent Case

The transparent Google Pixel Case by SPARIN provides you with a simple way of protecting your phone without it actually looking like there’s a case on it. Buy this case to retain the original color and design.

Google Pixel Case by Ringke

The Ringke Google Pixel Case is a tad of better quality than most from what we’ve been able to gather, and it’ll be in stock from November 30.

Google Pixel Case by Vinve

The Vivne soft TPU case for the Google Pixel comes can be bought in two colors: Black and clear. To buy the Google Pixel Case by Vivne.

Google Pixel Case by YOUMAKER

The YOUMAKER case for the Google Pixel offers interesting color designs: Rosie gold on gray and white on gray. But you can go with the simple and safe choice: Buy it in black on black.

Google Pixel XL Heavy Duty Case

For those who care less about style and slickness, and more about the phone being well protected, the heavy duty Google Pixel XL Case by NageBee is the way to go.

Google Pixel XL Case by Tauri

Especially designed for the Google Pixel XL, the Tauri phone case comes in five different colors, and you can currently buy them for $7.99.

Google Pixel XL Case by MicroP

The MicroP Google Pixel XL case is currently available in five different colors. You can currently buy it for $7.89.

Google Pixel XL Case by DGtle

If you’re going to get the DGtle Google Pixel XL Case, we recommend buying it in one of the Matte colors: Smoke, black or blue.

Google Pixel XL Case by Cimo

A slim, lightweight case to protect your Google Pixel XL phone. I’m usually not a huge fan of the more flashy colors, but aside from X-clear design in the photo, I really recommend getting the purple case.

Google Pixel XL Case by SPARIN

The SPARIN Google Pixel XL Case comes in two different colors: Buy it in Black or Clear.

Google Pixel XL Case by Pleson

Pleson take pride in their Google Pixel XL case being super easy to put on the phone, and even more: It’ll stay on. To buy the Pleson Google Pixel XL case.

Google Pixel XL Case by Ringke

Like we mentioned in the regular, non-XL version of the Google Pixel XL: Ringke are a tad more expensive than most, and their cases will be in stock starting November 30.

11 Fun Superhero Baseball Caps

Posted: 05 Oct 2016 01:00 AM PDT

Wonder Woman Baseball Cap

Dressing up, even partially, like a superhero, isn’t confined to the days of Halloween. We like to feel like our favorite comic book superheroes and characters every day, even just a little bit. Wearing a baseball cap with a Superman or Wolverine logo on it can help us feel a lot more confident, telling the world a number of things, but mostly that we have good taste.

Spider-Man Baseball Cap

Most Spider-Man hats feature the web crawler all over the cap. I prefer the more minimalistic approach this Spider-Man baseball cap has to offer.

Superman Baseball Cap

The Superman snapback baseball cap hat comes in five different color variations: Black, black-white, blue-white, golden red, and red-blue.

Wolverine Baseball Cap

The Wolverine Baseball Cap/Hat comes in four colors: Red, Black, light brown and navy.

Batman Baseball Cap

The Batman black-logo snapback baseball cap hat is available on Amazon.

Captain America Baseball Cap

When you’re going for the more patriotic look, Captain America Baseball Caps is the way to go.

X-Men Baseball Cap

This works well for both X-Men fans or a team that plays in dark blue and yellow. Michigan Wolverines or West Virginia Mountaineers?

The Flash Baseball Cap

There are plenty of Flash Baseball caps around, a lot of them pretty cool. But I like that red isn’t part of the equation here, and I love the visor, making this Flash baseball cap better than the rest.

Iron Man Baseball Cap

I love designs that break the mold a little bit, and giving Iron Man a darker makes this Iron Man baseball cap the best one out of all the options.

Wonder Woman Baseball Cap

A classy look for a classy character, this Wonder Woman Baseball cap is available on Amazon.

Thor Baseball Cap

This Thor Baseball Cap goes beyond the character itself, featuring ancient runes and Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Incredible Hulk Marvel Baseball Cap

A bit cartoonish, but it works. Just like we said about Captain America: When you feel like telling the world you’re angry, a Hulk baseball cap is the way to go.

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