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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

Chainsaw Art Creates Wild Wooden Sculptures and Furniture

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 06:00 AM PST Each year, chainsaw artist and wood sculptor Peter Leadbeater adds three artworks to Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire, U.K. at the request of Leicestershire County Council. Initially in 2012 he was commissioned to carve three pieces for the site during a one-year stay. The response to the project was so positive that he has been asked to stay on, with his own work area next to a small hut a short walk from Beacon Hill's lower parking area. Read more…

5 Cool Journals to Grab

Posted: 14 Nov 2016 02:00 PM PST

We're winding down what's been a tumultuous 2016. Now it's time to grab a new journal and get your head around 2017. Journaling is a fun way to keep track of time and memories, and if you ever need to produce an alibi...Just sayin'. Luckily we've been keeping our eyes open, scanning trustworthy sources for interesting journals. Read more…

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