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7 Best Mass Effect Products to Celebrate N7 Day

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 06:54 AM PST

Complete Mass Effect Trilogy

Calling all Mass Effect fans and crew members of the Normandy, the greatest holiday of the year is upon us: N7 Day! November 7th is BioWare’s designated Mass Effect holiday, a day when Mass Effect fans everywhere can gather together and share their passion for one of the most beloved video game series ever. It’s a celebration of everything that makes this series great, from its fantastic writing and characters to its engaging, entertaining gameplay.

Of course, you can’t celebrate without some Mass Effect gear! So we’ve gathered some of the best stuff that’ll make your N7 Day a day to remember. Whether you’re going to throw a party on the Citadel or stay at home and start a new playthrough of the game, here’s what you need to grab in order to have the best N7 Day ever:

N7 Mass Effect Leggings


Cute, stylish, and sexy, all at the same time, these Mass Effect leggings are perfect for every FemShep and gamer girl out there. With their sleek design, you can wear them anywhere, from lounging around your house to going on a date with your Kaidan (or any of the other romance options). Come on, someone besides me has to like Kaidan…right? No? Anyway…these leggings are awesome.

Monopoly: Mass Effect N7 Collector’s Edition Board Game


Who doesn’t love a classic game of Monopoly? Of course, regular Monopoly can sometimes get a little monotonous, so why not spruce it up with your favorite video game? Mass Effect Monopoly is here to breathe life back into this old game. With a themed board, pieces, and cards, it will be sure to be a much more entertaining experience than regular Monopoly.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe Book


Filled with artwork from one of the greatest video game trilogies of all time, this Mass Effect art book is perfect for every art lover and Mass Effect fan. With nearly 200 pages of art, commentary from the game designers, full-color paintings, rough sketches, and detailed descriptions of characters and events, this is an absolute must-have.

Funko POP Games Mass Effect Garrus Vinyl Figure


Garrus is a fan favorite among Mass Effect lovers, and what could be better than having this precious little version of him sitting on your desk? You’ll probably want to end up collecting all of the other adorable versions of the Mass Effect characters, from Shepard and Miranda, to Tali and Grunt. They’re too cute to resist! I want to throw all my money at them.

Mass Effect: Cerberus Normandy SR-2 Ship Replica


Forget model airplanes, trains, and cars, here’s an amazing replica of Mass Effect 3’s Normandy ship. This replica, as well as various other replicas of Mass Effect ships available, will make you feel like dusting off your game disc and joining Shepard, Garrus, Tali, and the entire crew of the Normandy for an adventure all over again. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate N7 Day.

N7 Mass Effect Hoodie


Want to relax in style like Commander Shepard? Then this N7 Mass Effect Hoodie is the one for you! Made with high-quality cotton, this hoodie is comfortable, great for cold weather, and perfect for showing off your Mass Effect love. Style and comfort? Sign me up!

The Complete Mass Effect Trilogy


Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, this award-winning sci-fi trilogy is one of the greatest ever created. Filled with beautiful artwork, a memorable story, exciting gameplay, and characters who you’ll be guaranteed to fall in love with, Mass Effect is a necessary experience for all gamers. If you don’t own the complete Mass Effect trilogy or haven’t yet played it, you’ll want to make sure you buy it in time for Mass Effect Andromeda, coming out next year.
You can also always buy it as a gift for the sad soul in your life who’s never experienced it; they’ll thank you for it.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you have a happy, fun, N7 Day! And don’t worry, every day can be N7 Day, just pop in Mass Effect and take off on the greatest adventure the galaxy has to offer. Too bad there’s not a Kaidan in real life…I’m just kidding. We’re all into Garrus. Who can resist the scales? In all seriousness, Mass Effect is not a series you want to miss out on.

20 Coolest Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Items for 2016 Presidential Election Day

Posted: 06 Nov 2016 01:03 PM PST

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

With the 2016 presidential election only two days away, it’s probably the last opportunity to buy a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump item, with some very creative ideas in the list below.

We’ve already let you know about Clinton & Trump shirts. In this list, you can go a bit deeper into the candidates fandom. There are crazy Hillary Clinton things out there. There are insane Donald Trump stuff you can buy on the web. We tried to bring you the best of both worlds, which aren’t that different from each other, at least when it comes to the merchandise.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Socks

One of those ridiculous things that somehow become cool for some reason. If Hillary Clinton socks make you feel presidential, go for it.

Hillary Clinton Action Figure

For some people, having a candidate for president of the United States action figure somewhere in the house is even better than having a superhero one.

Hillary Clinton ‘Ready for President’ Cap

This Hillary Clinton cap says she’s ready for president. I wonder if she’ll actually BE president after Tuesday, and make this tagline a prophetic one.

Hillary Clinton 2016 Pinback Button

If you don’t feel like dressing up too heavily in Hillary Clinton attire for election day (or to celebrate the win the day after), this Clinton 2016 button will do.

Hillary Clinton Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

One of the cooler Clinton items, this is Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail in POP vinyl from Funko!

Hillary Clinton Lifesize Cutout

If you want to feel as if Hillary Clinton is next to you all the time, this Hillary Clinton lifesize cutout is the perfect addition to your home.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Playing Cards

Whether you’re playing Poker or some other card game, the Hillary Clinton presidential playing cards, with her family, other Democrats and women in power featuring on the cards, you’re bound to have plenty of fun.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Bobblehead

There’s a saying that says: If you love someone, buy a bobblehead of him. Maybe love is a strong word. Support. If you support Hillary Clinton, you should buy her presidential bobblehead.

Hillary Clinton Mask

I’m not sure if this Hillary Clinton mask if for people who support her or oppose her, but it’s hard to deny that it really is something.

Hillary Clinton 2016 Nutcracker

Some people refer to a strong woman as a ball buster. In this case, Hillary Clinton, or a figure of her, is literally a nutcracker. It’s probably the most useful presidential gadget you’ll ever buy.

Donald Trump Speaking Button

Donald Trump is famous for having a big mouth. Now there’s a Donald Trump button that speaks some of his more famous Trump-isms.

Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Cap

The Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ cap is probably the most famous item from the Trump campaign trail.

Donald Trump Talking Pen

The Donald Trump talking pen is the #1 best selling item on Amazon among gags & practical jokes toys.

Donald Trump Bobblehead

Hillary Clinton has one, so Donald Trump deserves a serious looking bobblehead too, although he seems a bit less presidential compared to hers.

Donald Trump Presidential Socks

These Donald Trump presidential socks will always remind the person looking at them that they’ve done something wrong, because Trump seems to be angry with something here.

Donald Trump Lifesize Cardboard

It’s probably the two thumbs up, but this Donald Trump lifesize cardboard cutout makes me feel good about myself.

Donald Trump Middle Finger F*** You Bobblehead

Another Trump bobblehead, only a lot more explicit. You can buy the Donald Trump ‘Hey Clinton, F U’ bobblehead on Amazon.

Chia Donald Trump Pottery Planter

The Chia Donald Trump freedom of choice pottery planter looks a lot like the real-life version. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Donald Trump Silver Eagle Novelty Coin

For some reason, this Donald Trump Silver Eagle coin makes me think of the United States as a monarchy.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Whether you’re getting it out of positive or negative feelings towards Donald Trump, it’s hard to deny the allure of buying the Donald Trump toilet paper roll.

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