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23 Coolest Designs of Zippo Lighters

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 08:55 AM PDT

Zippo Punisher Lighter

There’s something old-school cool about Zippo lighters no matter what they’re design is, but obviously, there’s a nice looking Zippo lighter, and there are incredible-looking Zippo lighters, at a whole other level of coolness.

Obviously, you can go for the slick, simple, classic Zippo lighter look. In our opinion, that’s a little boring, especially for people who collect Zippo lighters. The options are truly endless, but through enough research and hard work, we managed to find the 23 coolest looking Zippo lighters, for your pleasure:

Zippo Villain Lighters

The Zippo villain lighters have 7 different designs. My personal favorite is this bearded devil.

Zippo Day of the Dead Lighters

The Zippo Day of the Dead lighters series has three sets of animations. I find the candy apple red design the most disturbing, which makes it the best fit for your lighter.

Zippo Punisher Red, White & Blue Lighter

I’m a huge Punisher fan, so you can imagine I find the Zippo Punisher lighter quite endearing.

Zippo Grim Reaper Lighters

Death and skulls always work well when it comes to smoking, and they make a fitting design on the Zippo grim reaper lighters.

Zippo Tree of Life Lighters

From death to life, and this beautiful ‘Tree of Life’ Zippo lighter, which has this earthy, natural look to it thanks to the antique brass.

Zippo Psychedelic Skull Lighters

Surprising or not, Zippo have a huge collection of skull-design lighters. I prefer mine to look like I just used some LSD.

Zippo Playboy Lighters

Another not-so-surprising thing? The huge amount of Zippo Playboy lighters, with 30 different designs to choose from.

Zippo Biohazard Lighters

Whether it’s green or yellow, a Zippo Biohazard lighter is, well, you can figure out the irony on your own.

Zippo Buddha Lighters

Seeing Buddha so happy on your Zippo Lighter will immediately make you smile.

Zippo Bald Eagle Patriots Lighters

There’s nothing more patriotic than a bald eagle (right?), so a bald eagle with an American flag? That’s an overdose of ‘Merica, but it works on a Zippo lighter.

Zippo American Flag Lighters

There are a number of American Flag Zippo Lighter designs. This antique silver plate armor Zippo lighter is the best of them.

Zippo Sons of Anarchy Lighters

On Amazon, you can find 7 different and terrific designs from the Zippo Sons of Anarchy Lighters series.

Zippo NFL Chrome Lighters

A cool Zippo lighters line for NFL fans. We picked the Dallas Cowboys (Yes, I’m a fan, which means I’m having a good year so far) to represent, but you can get a Zippo lighter with the design of every NFL team.

Zippo Western Lighters

I think there’s some pretty obvious connection between Zippo lighters and the wild west, which makes this design spot on and very fitting.

Zippo Military Lighters

The Zippo defenders of freedom lighter is my personal favorite from their Military lighters line.

Zippo Wolf Lighters

What do wolves and Zippo lighters have in common? I’m not sure, but they do look great together.

Zippo Color Spectrum Lighters

It’s pretty awesome looking at this Zippo lighter and imagining you’re wearing thermal goggles.

Zippo Jack Daniels Lighters

There are 13 different lighters in the Zippo Jack Daniel’s Lighters line, and you can buy the all on Amazon.

Zippo Dragon Lighters

A clever little idea: A Zippo lighter shaped as a dragon’s head, which makes it look like he’s breathing fire.

Zippo Harley Davidson Lighters

For the Harley-Davidson fans, Zippo has a great looking line of lighters.

Zippo Ace Card Lighters

Ace of Spades is great song by Motörhead, and it also looks great on a Zippo Lighter.

Zippo Clover Lighters

Whether you’re a Notre Dame fan, someone of Irish descent or simply enjoy the St. Patrick’s day symbolism, the Zippo clover series is incredibly good looking.

Zippo Luxury 3 Brush Lighters

Zippo lighters always look luxurious, but this brushed brass design, reminding me of Black Adam for some reason, looks especially high-end, excellent for those who care about these things.


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