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18 Coolest ‘Ghost in the Shell’ T-Shirts

Posted: 14 Nov 2016 11:03 AM PST

Ghost in a Shell Cartoon Logo T-Shirt

Pretty soon, Masamune Shirow’s masterpiece ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is going to get a Hollywood makeover, for better or worse, and with the movie coming out soon, having the right t-shirt is a must for the experienced or new Ghost in the Shell fan.

Scarlett Johansson will play the part of The Major (Motoko Kusanagi) in a film based on the manga series that became a lot more. The Cyberpunk coolness and a little bit of other emotions and thoughts that are come out in the various depictions of Ghost in the Shell show on the t-shirts as well, which give out a very cool, futuristic vibe, which is why we like them so much, and hope you do too:

Ghost in the Shell Art Men’s T-Shirt

Ghost in the Shell is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, among other things. This T-shirt does just that.

Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma T-Shirt

The Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma t-shirt is available in Sapphire Blue, Sport Grey, Ice Grey, White and Black.

Ghost in the Shell Cartoon Logo T-Shirt

If you’re looking for an iconic Ghost in the Shell image on your t-shirt, look no further than this one. It comes in white or black.

Ghost in the Shell SAC logo T-Shirt

You can buy the Ghost in the Shell SAC logo t-shirt in black, grey and white.

Ghost in the Shell Printed All Over T-Shirt

The all-over print Ghost in the Shell t-shirt does a good job of capturing the city of Niihama.

Ghost in the Shell Poster-Style T-Shirt

Personally, I always prefer a poster kind of look on my t-shirts, including a Ghost in the Shell t-shirt, just like this one, which comes in grey, white and black.

Ghost in the Shell Anime Art T-Shirt

I don’t know why, but purple and this specific Ghost in the Shell work of art work great together on a t-shirt. 

Ghost in the Shell Character Names T-Shirt

This t-shirt is good way of reminding yourself or someone looking at it the names of Ghost in the Shell characters.

Ghost in the Shell Cyborg T-Shirt

The blue/green coloring along with the density of characters and robotic limbs in the artwork make this a pretty telling t-shirt when it comes to what Ghost in the Shell is all about.

Ghost in the Shell Section 9 T-Shirt

Out of all the Ghost in the Shell t-shirts on this list, this is probably the most bad a$$ one.

Ghost in the Shell ‘Ghost Stands Alone’ T-Shirt

You can buy this cool ‘Ghost Stands Alone’ t-shirt in various colors and size on Etsy.

Ghost in the Shell Title T-Shirt

Sometimes, just writing ‘Ghost in the Shell’ on a t-shirt is all a person needs to feel happy about being a fan of this series.

Ghost in the Shell Squad T-Shirt

Ghost in the Shell looks great in black & white, on a t-shirt or somewhere else.

Ghost in a Shell Motoko & Logo T-Shirt

There’s something very lonely about the Ghost in the Shell future, and this t-shirt does a good job of giving off that vibe.

Ghost in the Shell Cartoon Style T-Shirt

This cartoon-style Ghost in the Shell t-shirt is available in five different colors: Blue, red, white, black and purple.

Ghost in the Shell Katsuya Terada T-Shirt

The Ghost in the Shell Katsuya Terada t-shirt is available in black, blue, navy, green, red and white.

Ghost in the Shell Motoko Kusanagi T-Shirt

I’m not sure if Motoko is falling in this picture, but she probably is, making this Ghost in the Shell t-shirt just a bit more awesome.

Ghost in the Shell Man & Machine T-Shirt

I don’t know why, but this t-shirt makes me think of the issues discussed openly or under the surface in Ghost in the Shell, especially consequences of technological advances and themes on the nature of consciousness and identity

9 Best Laptop Backpacks of 2016

Posted: 14 Nov 2016 07:05 AM PST

Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack for Laptops

Laptop bags are a quintessential gear that you must own, if you own a laptop obviously. Most of them have separate compartments for the charger, mouse, and other accessories. They also have protective padding that protects the laptop from unusual shocks that can easily damage the sensitive components.

This list of the 9 best-selling laptop bags of 2016 will help you make your decision faster. You can be assured of top-notch quality and durability with these laptop backpacks and at the end of the day it all comes down to your choice.

SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart Backpack

SwissGear backpacks are known to be rugged and the SA1923 laptop bag is no different. The laptop compartment opens up quickly. An additional feature is the laptop window which allows the bag to be scanned easily at airports.

There is a separate pocket for music players and there is also a sunglass holder. The contoured shoulder straps are extremely comfortable. It comes with the brand name of SwissGear and you shouldn't think twice about buying this one.

AmazonBasics Classic Backpack

Like the name suggests, the AmazonBasics Backpack is the most basic laptop bag that you can ask for, but that’s not a bad thing. There is no surprise to the fact that it is present on a list of the 9 best selling laptop bags of 2016 on Amazon. The reviews tell the complete story and you can buy the laptop bag in 7 different colors which include, black, gray, aqua, navy, red, royal blue and white.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

You can buy the Herschel Supply Co.'s Pop Quiz Backpack in 27 different colors. There is a huge range of colors available and it will suit almost anyone's liking. There is a handy compartment at the top which is meant for phones, but can be used to store anything for quick access, like pens, pencils or other accessories.

AmazonBasics Backpack

The AmazonBasics backpack for laptops is a step further from their classic backpack. It offers a lot more space for stuff like notebooks, water bottles, tablets, files and music players while keeping the laptop compartment roomy. It is also slightly larger than the Classic backpack and you can go for it if you are on a tight budget and you are looking for a feature-rich laptop bag.

KAKA Backpack for Laptops

The KAKA backpack is made of highly durable terylene oxford fabric and it comes with a waterproof lining, which will keep your laptop safe from the occasional spills. The breathable mesh pad at the back and padded shoulder straps make it extremely comfortable to use. You can buy the KAKA backpack in black, gray, red, blue. There is also a 'camo' color option which looks really cool.

Kopack Slim Business Backpack

Kopack Slim Business backpack might be the best laptop bag on the list in terms of the features on offer. It is made from a durable nylon fabric that is resistant to water and tears. If that didn't impress you, then their unique patented zipper design will. Buy it now in black or light gray and don't forget to check out the anti-theft zippers on them.

The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis backpack comes in 28 different colors and if the 27 colors offered by Herschel Supply Co. wasn't enough, this one is for you. This backpack comes with an external fleece-lined pocket that can store small electronic gadgets or sunglasses. You can buy this one, but don't forget to choose your favorite color.

Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack

Don't let the weird name of this backpack fool you. The Ibagbar Vintage Canvas backpack is one of the classiest looking laptop bags that I've seen. The backpack is 98% cotton and 2% leather, so please be careful about dunking it in water. It has tons of storage spaces and the build quality is premium. You can buy it now in black, brown, gray and dark gray.

SwissGear Blue Ibex









The Blue Ibex from SwissGear comes with all the safety features you can ask for. It has a reinforced handle, shock absorbing shoulder straps, padded back panel, a case stabilizing platform and three layers of shock-absorbing foam to protect your laptop. It is also one of the priciest options on the list but you can buy it without any regrets and is one of the best selling laptop bags of 2016.

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