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8 Best Cell Phone Mounts & Holders for Your Car

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 11:07 AM PST

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Cell Mount

Cell mounts are an invaluable addition to any vehicle and it helps in more ways than one. This clever little piece equipment can be mounted on the windshield, the air vents or simply kept on top of the dash. Cell mounts offer extreme versatility in terms of design and they allow the commuters to stay connected in this busy world.

In order to help you enjoy that kind of comfort while driving, we've compiled a list of the top 8 cell mounts for your car, which offers great value for money while giving an unparalleled performance.

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 (V2.0) Cell Mount

The iOttie Easy One Touch 3 might be the most advanced car mount out there and is one of the best cell mounts for your car. It now features a universal Easy One Touch mounting system that allows easy locking and unlocking of the device.

Easy One Touch 3 has sticky gel pads but also comes with a dashboard pad to place it on different surfaces. The most innovative feature is the inclusion of shock absorbing stabilizers that keep the phone safe during bumpy rides. You can get yourself the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 and it comes in a cool matte black finish.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Cell Mount

Easy Touch 2 is the younger sibling of the Easy Touch 3 and it loses out on a few features while keeping most of the important ones. The One-Touch lock system is present as well as the sticky gel pads. It does not have the shock absorbing stabilizers but the sturdy locking system will keep your phone safe.

The Easy One Touch 2 even looks a lot like its successor with its matte black finish. The reviews on this one are just off the charts and it will not disappoint you, so get yourself one right now.

Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount

Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount is tiny but it does its job really well. The MagicPlate that comes with the MagicMount can be installed behind your phone or case. This secures your device to the mount.

It does not have a cradle and can be placed on your dash with automotive-grade 3M adhesive. The knob at the bottom allows for viewing your device at any angle. Buy the Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount in black or white.

AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Cell Mount

The AVANTEK universal cell phone air vent car mount does not have the fancy sticky gel pads nor any other mounting mechanisms. If you've been using car fragrances that clip onto the air vents, then this one will be familiar.

AVANTEK car mount also features the simple clip-on design found on car fragrances. It also has a knob to rotate the device to the required angle and clamps to lock it in place. If you're on a budget, then this one is definitely for you.

TaoTronics Car Phone Mount

This car phone mount from TaoTronics combines some of the features found on the other car mounts. It has a suction cap at the bottom, clamps to lock the device in place, a rotating knob to rotate the device and an additional soft foam rubber cushion to protect the rear side of your device.

VINTAR 360 Rotate Cell Mount

If you're a fan of minimalistic design then the VINTAR 360 Rotate will impress you. It has a simple clamp holder and air vent mounts. The air vent mounts are compatible with almost all kinds of air vents and the grippers are coated with an anti-skid material to avoid slipping.

The VINTAR 360 Rotate cell mount has a ball-socket mechanism for adjusting the device's orientation. You can buy this one right now, but it comes in black only.

TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Cell Mount

You can buy the TechMatte MagGrip car mount in three different colors and is one of the few car mounts to come in more than one color. There's the usual black and the other colors are blue and red. If you're a fan of flashy cell mounts, then you might want to get the blue or red car mount.

The MagGrip has a magnetic plate which is to be placed between your phone and its case. This can then be effortlessly attached to the mount.

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Mount

The WizGear air vent magnetic cell mount looks just like the MagGrip from TechMatte. It does not come in different colors and you can buy the WizGear car mount in black only.

It can be attached to your air vent and the magnetic mount uses a reinforced magnetic holder which is to be placed between your phone and case.

14 Coolest Monopoly Special Editions

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 02:15 PM PST

Monopoly Fallout Collector's Edition

Even a timeless classic like the Monopoly board game had to adapt to the changing times, resulting in some really fun special editions of Monopoly.

At some point, Boardwalk avenue and the railway station just don’t cut it anymore. But turns out Monopoly can still be a lot of fun, with just a bit of added creativity and a subtle makeover. This old school real estate board game has plenty of versions, so we picked out the most special, often geeky editions for you:

Monopoly Fallout: Collector’s Edition

While doing the research for this post, finding out there’s a Fallout edition to Monopoly was probably the most surprising moments. I mean a video game about nuclear war, mutated animals and A LOT of violence doesn’t quite say “family board game”. But having played it, it works. The Monopoly Fallout collector’s edition is available on Amazon and Thinkgeek.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition

The idea that makes Monopoly: Ultimate Banking Edition so catchy is the absence of cash. It’s all about quicker gameplay and instant transactions.

Monopoly Game: Empire Edition

The twist with Monopoly: Empire, like in most deviations of Monopoly games, is the things you buy: In ‘Empire’, it’s the world’s most famous brands, giving a modern, refreshing touch to the game, especially for the younger players.

Monopoly Game: Junior Edition

Basically, Monopoly for kids, with quicker gameplay, and more relatable spots to buy, like an ice cream parlor and a skate park. Beyonce was wrong. Girls don’t run the world. It’s kids. Which makes it the opposite of surprising to see that Monopoly Junior is the most popular Monopoly game on Amazon.

Monopoly Game: Pokemon Kanto Edition

You can buy the Monopoly Pokemon Kanto Edition on both Amazon and Thinkgeek. Thinkgeek also offer the Pokemon Jonto Edition. Both feature the gyms from the game/series, and special Pokemon tokens and Poke Marts and Poke Centers replacing traditional houses and hotels.

Monopoly Game: The Walking Dead Survival Edition

Zombies are cool these days, so why not make the Monopoly-Walking Dead crossover? In the Monopoly Walking Dead Edition, you buy property and then fortify it, which is the apocalyptic way of upgrading the property.

Monopoly: Super Mario Bros Collector’s Edition

The best of the Nintendo Monopoly games, the Super Mario Bros. collector’s edition makes you feel like you’re on your NES, playing the best video game in the world. You can buy it on Amazon or Thinkgeek.

Monopoly National Parks Edition

The national parks edition of Monopoly allows the players to become one with nature while staying at home. Or, they can go camping and take the board game with them. Works either way.

Monopoly Luxury Edition

I’m not sure if this can be considered steampunk or simply luxurious, but either way, this Monopoly board is gorgeous. The Monopoly Luxury Edition is like a little coffee table, only with beautiful Monopoly art on it and drawers filled with expensive metals and cash.

Monopoly The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition

Play Monopoly in the land of Hyrule? Count me in! The Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda collector’s edition is available to buy on Amazon and Thinkgeek.

Monopoly: The Big Bang Theory Edition

Playing Monopoly is kinda geeky, so combining the most popular show about geeks with the best board game on the planet makes sense. The best thing about the Monopoly: The Big Bang Theory Edition are the tokens: Leonard’s glasses, Sheldon’s spot, Raj’s dog and other memorable things from the rest of the gang.

Monopoly: Disney Theme Park Edition

Monopoly: Disney Theme Park Edition is the 3rd Disney-themed Monopoly game, with a pop-up Disney castle for extra effect.

Monopoly Jurassic World Edition

The Monopoly: Jurassic World edition allows the players to relive some of their favorite moments from the movie(s) and learn a bit about dinosaurs, which personally I can never get enough of.

Monopoly: Rick and Morty Edition

Probably the most creative idea for a Monopoly special edition, the Monopoly: Rick and Morty edition is for more than just fans of the TV show. Even if you haven’t heard of it, this version is incredibly fun to play. Obviously, watching the show doesn’t hurt.

20 Coolest Star Wars Backpacks

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 12:01 PM PST

Star Wars Chewbacca Furry Backpack

Whether you’re carrying school stuff, baby items or a laptop, it’s better to do it with a Star Wars backpack, just because it’s cooler and looks better.

We know big Star Wars fans (and even the smaller ones) look for every opportunity to show off their love for the best movie saga (it’s much more than that at this point) ever made, so we put together a list of the best looking Star Wars backpacks in our galaxy, which we’re pretty sure you’ll be very happy with:

Star Wars Baby Characters Backpack

If there was one word to describe this Loungefly Star Wars baby characters backpack is sweet. Star Wars and sweet is a great combination. I love that they included some of the more minor characters like Greedo, or a blonde Luke Skywalker, who I’ve never seen before.

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack

What I love about this Star Wars Rebel Alliance backpack is it’s not too “out there”. The orange and white-ish colors of the pilot jumpsuits, and the emblem of the rebels. You don’t need more than that.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon, X-Wing & Death Star Backpack

This Star Wars backpack is perfect for those who love to see space battles, or at least portray them on their back, featuring the Millennium Falcon while X-Wing ships and TIE fighters battle around the Death Star. I wonder how it ends.

Star Wars BB-8 Backpack

The artwork and design on this BB-8 backpack make it look like you’re actually carrying a droid on your back. A cute, adorable droid.

Star Wars 3D Molded Nylon Backpack

The Loungefly Darth Vader 3D molded nylon backpack is one of the most beautiful Star Wars backpacks you’ll get to see. The dark side has never looked as good on someone’s back.

Star Wars Tattoo Flash Print Backpack

Another Loungefly design, the Star Wars tattoo print backpack looks a lot like a teenager’s notebook would look like, if they had Star Wars on their mind all day. It’s also a nice little contrast to the grimness of the Darth Vader backpack. As someone from the Wu Tang clan once said, ‘diversify your backpacks’.

Star Wars Rebel Squadron Pilot Backpack

Another Rebel Alliance backpack, only suited for carrying laptops, and not your general backpack things, although I’m sure they fit in. That’s a plus, and also the Star Wars Rebel squadron pilot backpack has a bit more style to it than others. It’s not just about the logo. If you pay close attention, it looks like the bag has small wings. Maybe if you imagine hard enough, you’ll actually achieve lift off.

Star Wars Chewbacca Furry Backpack

If cute is what you’re looking for in a backpack (and if you have little kids, I’m pretty sure you are), look no further than the Star Wars Chewbacca furry backpack, which is overflowing in adorableness. Not sure why, but Chewbacca looks angry. Maybe he doesn’t like being this small.

Star Wars R2-D2 Knapsack Backpack

Just like the real R2-D2 droid, this Star Wars R2-D2 knapsack backpack is cute, compact and very useful. It also doesn’t talk back like the film version, which is very good for bossy people who don’t like being talked back to.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Backpack

I love black and white, I love blueprint designs, so you can imagine I really love this Star Wars Millennium backpack, and I imagine I’m not the only one.

Star Wars Classic Backpack

There’s something very refreshing about this comic-book style, making the Star Wars classic backpack fresh and retro all at once.

Star Wars Comic Book Panel Backpack

From a comic-book look and feel to an actual comic book panel. This Loungefly Star Wars comic book panel backpack is an excellent way to keep the people walking behind you entertained.

Star Wars Boba Fett Mandalorian Suit Backpack

Maybe the best-looking backpack on this list, this Star Wars Boba Fett Mandalorian suit backpack has a lot of things going on: The Boba Fett suit design, all with a combat kind of look. Oh, and it’s also useful for carrying your laptop around.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Backpack

There’s something very charming about a more minimalistic design. The Star Wars Stormtrooper backpack doesn’t scream out “Star Wars” or anything. It has the empire emblem and the design inspired by the suit, making it a beautiful backpack to walk around with.

Star Wars BB-8 ‘Join the Resistance’ Backpack

Slightly different and more “bag” looking than the first BB-8 backpack on the list, this ‘Join the resistance’ BB-8 backpack has more compartments, and even a call to action for those who are tired of the empire’s oppression. In real life, that might be your parents nagging you. But they might also be the ones buying you this backpack, so don’t resist too much when they ask you to take out the trash.

Star Wars BB-8 Lights & Sounds Backpack

Why another Star Wars BB-8 backpack? Because this one makes sounds and has lights, that’s why.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Suit Backpack

As much as I love being a light-side of the force supporter, TIE fighters are simply cooler, and TIE fighter pilots look like the most awesome thing in the world. So you can understand this Star Wars TIE Fighter pilot suit backpack really appeals to me and anyone else who appreciates the empire’s finest.

Star Wars Kylo Ren First Order Backpack

Straightforward and awesome. Kylo Ren is great character, so why not have him and the first order on a backpack? It makes sense.

Star Wars Moulded Stormtrooper Helmet Backpack

Just like the Darth Vader backpack from before, the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet backpack has that ‘this isn’t a regular backpack’ kind of look to it, only in white.

Star Wars Boba Fett Backpack

What I love about the Star Wars Boba Fett backpack is that if you’re not a pretty big Star Wars fan, you’re not going to realize what it’s supposed to be. Just a regular backpack to some, something a lot more meaningful to others.

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