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Dornob | Design Ideas Daily

5 Offbeat Adult Coloring Books for a Fun and Stress-Free 2017

Posted: 23 Nov 2016 06:00 AM PST

There's a distinct possibility that the world and all its craziness can get a bit overwhelming now and then. (We're looking at you, 2016...) And in response, many adults are turning to a relaxing old-school pastime to de-stress and unwind. Coloring. Yes, coloring books are back, but this time they're geared towards grown-ups. If you think you're too old for this kids' stuff, think again: Grab coloring pencils instead of crayons, and jump in. Read more…

Glitches in Three Dimensions: Distorted Versions of Traditional Textiles

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PST

Like files that are too large or corrupted to load properly on your computer screen, these traditional carpet patterns appear to melt, stretch, distort, display color incorrectly and dissolve into pixels. But they're not Photoshopped. They're real, physical textiles created by artist Faig Ahmed, who explores mutations in patterns that are generally predictable as a way to reveal the unlikelihood of perfect symmetry in our chaotic universe. Read more…

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