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16 Adorable Christmas Santa Hats

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 07:45 AM PST

Nice & Naughty Santa Hats

Wearing an entire Santa Claus suit for Christmas is a heavy commitment. You can still capture the essence of the holiday at a Christmas dinner or party with a fun little Santa hat.

The lighter version of showing your love for Santa Claus and Christmas, Santa hats do all share a few recognizable characteristics, but you’ll be surprised how many variations of such a simple thing exist. We picked out the best Santa hats for you to have fun with this Christmas:

Classic Santa Claus Hat for Christmas

White at the bottom, white on top, and red all over the rest of the place. It isn’t a riddle, it’s just your usual, classic Christmas Santa Claus hat.

Stripes Santa Hat

Another classic Christmas Santa hat, only with a slight twist: A lot more white with a striped, candy-cane kind of look.

Nice & Naughty Santa Hats

Each hat in this set has ‘Nice’ on one side and ‘Naughty’ on the other side, to present the conflict at the heart of every person. Or maybe just to be funny on Christmas.

Snapback Santa Hat

For those who feel that a regular Santa hat just isn’t cool enough for them, the gods of Christmas bestowed something that some would consider a little bit cooler: A Santa Snapback hat.

Long Christmas Santa Hat

For those of us who don’t have long hair like some princess from an almost forgotten fairytale, this long Christmas Santa hat helps replicate the feeling and inspire some holiday cheer.

Christmas Santa Reindeer Hat

The ultimate Christmas combination: A hat that’s also a Santa hat and a reindeer hat all in one.

Santa Chimney Hat

I’m not sure if this Santa chimney hat is depicting him stuck down a chimney or simply beginning his descent down into a house. Either way, it’s really cool.

Santa Cowboy Hat

Bringing Christmas a little bit of a Western or Southern flavor with this Santa Cowboy hat.

Blinking Santa Hat

Your classic Santa hat for Christmas, only with a nice addition of six blinking lights to make it a chirpier Christmas party or dinner.

Santa Hat with 20 Blinking LED Lights

Another Santa hat with lights, only this time with a lot more of them (20), this time with higher quality LED lights. There’s a nice deal if you buy a set of 2.

Sparkling Santa Hat

This sparkling Santa hat adds a disco-ball flavor to any party, or turning a dull event into a Christmas party due to its flashiness.

Dirty Looking Bad Santa Hat

For people who are tried with the squeaky-clean image of Santa Claus, this ‘Bad Santa’ hat helps deliver a rebellious message to their future Christmas dinners.

Dual PomPom Santa Hat

What’s better than a regular Santa hat? A supposedly regular santa hat, only with double fluffiness thanks to the second pom pom, giving it a jester kind of look.

Santa Hat Headband

Another original way of showing your love for Santa, this time with a belt on the Santa hat headband.

12 Santa Hats & Jingle Bell Necklaces Set

The set includes 4 different styles of santa hats and 12 jingle belling necklaces in order to add a bit of bling to your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Set of Santa Hat, Elf Hat and Santa Coil Hat

A nice little set for 3 people, or just someone who loves switching it up on Christmas, which includes your classic Santa hat, an elf hat and a Santa Coil Hat.

14 Funniest Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 21 Nov 2016 12:30 PM PST


One good way of making Christmas dinner lighter and funnier is by wearing a funny ugly Christmas sweater.

While holiday dinners are mostly a fun occasion, sometimes they can get a bit heavy. So putting on a hilarious ugly Christmas sweater can do the trick, and inspire the right kind of mood between the members of the family, or simply the people you hang out with. Which ugly Christmas sweater to choose? Don’t worry, we picked out the best ones for you:

Harambe Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Harambe meme is probably the biggest one of the year outside election stuff, so it’s only natural the Internet’s most popular dead gorilla will show up on an ugly Christmas sweater.

South Park Member Berries Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every once in a while (quite often) South Park creates something that becomes a medium crossing meme. The member berries are one of those things, especially when it comes to sports. They make an excellent subject for a fun-looking ugly Christmas sweater.

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal Ugly Christmas Sweater

The most famous line from Home Alone? Something from a fictional movie Kevin McCallister is watching during the movie. ‘Merry Christmas you Filthy Animal’ deserves an ugly Christmas sweater of its own.

Drake Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater

Drake should definitely make a Christmas version of hotline bling. This ugly Christmas sweater of the fictional event is fun, but an actual video would be cooler.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Carlton Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alfonso Ribeiro, or Carlton, helps makes this ugly Christmas sweater one of the most 90’s things someone can wear for Christmas dinner or anywhere else for that matter.

I’m the Realest Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s hard to find someone who admits they like Iggy Azalea’s songs, but I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t know which song is referred to on this ugly Christmas sweater. Confusing.

T-Rex Eating Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

If Jurassic Park ever makes a Christmas special, this ugly Christmas sweater would be a perfect description of what goes on. I’m sure some T-Rex will eat some sort of reindeer.

T-Rex Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m not sure why, but the most fearsome killing machine in the history of planet earth has turned into something very mockable over the years. T-Rex and ugly Christmas sweaters work well together.

Santa on a Chimney Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m not sure if this ugly Christmas sweater is funny, funny-disgusting or simply disgusting. But I know some people who love these kind of jokes, and they won’t mind “desecrating” Santa like this.

Santa Peeing Ugly Christmas Sweater

In the previous sweater, Santa Claus is doing a number 2. Now he’s celebrating the holiday with a number 1. A much more “PG” ugly Christmas Sweater.

Lazy Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sloths are the epitome of being both lazy and lovable, something a lot of us can identify with, and hope that this ugly Christmas sweater delivers the message so people don’t ask us to actually do anything difficult during the holiday.

Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater

Llamas and Christmas don’t have a lot in common, but when you sing along with a llama’s name? It makes a funny ugly Christmas sweater.

Snowman Nose Thief Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’m not sure if this is dirty joke or a “clean” one. Either way, this snowmen ugly Christmas sweater makes me smile.

‘Go Jesus it’s Your Birthday’ Ugly Christmas Sweater

After a few drinks, you’ll find this Jesus ugly Christmas sweater funny too.

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