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9 Best Robot Dog Toys to Buy Your Kids

Posted: 11 Nov 2016 02:04 PM PST


If you’re a parent with kids that won’t stop nagging you about getting a dog, buying them a Robotic dog is probably the perfect solution.

Being a dog owner myself, I can understand why parents don’t want to cave into the pressure from the kids to get a dog: Until they get to a certain age, the responsibility of feeding it, walks and overall taking care of it, will fall on your shoulders, and it’s a heavy burden to bear, although I do think if it’s worth it.

But if you still decided against getting a dog, there are some incredible robot dog replacements just waiting to be “adopted” to their forever home. Excellent voice and gesture recognition, a wide variety of voice command understanding, and constantly improved agility and motion, making today’s robot dogs the perfect placebo pet for kids who just won’t take no for an answer.

Robot Dog Zoomer: The Interactive Puppy

The best thing about Zoomer, the interactive puppy? He’s a tri-lingual robot dog, responding to commands in English, Spanish and French.

Georgie the Robot Dog: An Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

A super cute, bandana wearing robot dog, Georgie has different sets of adorable behavior modes, including tug-o-war, dancing and many more. The Georgie robot dog set includes a rope toy, bandana and puppy training guide.

Robot Dog Zoomer Interactive Puppy: Shadow

When Zoomer was made, he also got a best friend, Shadow! He’s pretty much the same robot dog Zoomer is, with the same capabilities, but looks a bit different.

Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup: Robo Dog

The Paw Patrol series is filled with adorable Robot dogs. There’s Robo Dog, their most popular model, but the line includes Chase, EMT Dog, Everst, Rocky, Rubble, Ryder, Skye and Zuma.

SaintSmart Jr. Electronic RC Smart Dog: A Wireless Interactive Puppy

One of the more sophisticated Robot Dogs on the market, the SaintSmart wireless puppy works on a 2.4 GHz radio remote control, and shows realistic movement and a variety of emotions, all with exceptional agility, granting it greater physical performance abilities.

Jenx the Robot Dog: Voice Recognition Interactive Puppy

Jenx is one of the more intelligent robot dogs you’ll encounter, with excellent voice recognition, and also very high quality gesture sensing. The eyes changing color based on mood isn’t something exclusive to Jenx, but the Jenx group managed to make it work even better with this robot dog than others have with their products.

Zoomer Robot Dogs Series – Bentley Interactive Puppy

Turns out Zoomer the Robot dog has a lot of friends. If you want your kid to have the same robot three or four different times with slight variations and a made up story about how they’re best friends, Bentley is the dog for you.

Wishtime Intelligent Robot Toy Dog

Some robot dog toys look like robots. Others simply look like really cute dogs, like the Wishtime Robot Dog toy. It can do quite a lot, including sing and dance, with the chasing function probably the one that will provide the most fun to your kids.

IHOVEN Voice Control Robot Dog

The IHOVEN robot dog does a great job of acting as close as possible to a real dog, following the sound of your voice and reacting to it. There are up to 15 voice commands it understands, along with the LED eyes that change colors based on its mood. It’s not too different from most robotic looking dogs, it’s only better than most.

10 Coolest Watch Dogs T-Shirts

Posted: 11 Nov 2016 12:36 PM PST


The Watch Dogs 2 video game is coming out soon, so why not show the world you’re into hacking video games and get yourself a Watch Dogs t-shirt?

One of the interesting things about ‘Watch Dogs’ is the critical reception vs popularity factor: Critics didn’t like the game, saying it was soulless and unoriginal. But it was very successful on all platforms, and for good reason: It was fun to play.

I assume Watch Dogs 2 is going to be no different. So enter your hacking-anarchist mode, imagine this is Mr. Robot or something like that, and get the right Watch Dogs t-shirt for you:

Watch Dogs Everything is Under Control T-Shirt

According to the video game, a lot of the major things happening around us had to do with the hacking in the Watch Dogs universe.You can buy the ‘Everything is Under Ctrl.’ Watch Dogs t-shirt on Thinkgeek.

Watch Dogs I Am Dedsec T-Shirt

One of the things hackers in the Watch Dogs world love to do is show everyone that they, Dedsec, did whatever it is they did. You can be part of that fake pride too with the ‘I Am Dedsec’ t-shirt.

Watch Dogs Dedsec Skull Logo T-Shirt

From this angle, the Watch Dogs Dedsec skull logo t-shirt kinda reminds me some old 80’s text-based video game.

Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce in Binary T-Shirt

Aiden Pearce in binary code with the Watch Dogs logo looks actually better than the “real-life” one. Or maybe I’ve played this game a bit too much.

Watch Dogs Dedsec T-shirt

The Watch Dogs Dedsec t-shirt is available in six different colors: Black, pink, navy, red, royal blue and white.

Watch Dogs Logo T-Shirt

If you wanna walk around without most people knowing what your shirt is about, except for a select few, go the inside joke route with the Watch Dogs logo t-shirt.

Watch Dogs 2 Logo T-Shirt

The Watch Dogs 2 t-shirt has a nice anti-establishment touch to it thanks to the “sprayed-on” design. Lawbreakers use graffiti, as we all know. It comes in six different colors: Black, pink, navy, red, royal blue and white.

Watch Dogs 2 Logo T-Shirt for Women

Same schtick, only in a design for women, with a v-neck. I always prefer a t-shirt with a v-neck.

Watch Dogs Logo & Title T-Shirt

Remember we wrote about having no one understand what your t-shirt is about in the text above? Well, this shirt is a lot clearer for those who don’t know the logo.

Watch Dogs Logo Aiden Pearce Title T-Shirt

The Watch Dogs trifecta: Logo, Aiden Pearce and the game’s stylized title, all on one t-shirt.

If you still haven’t played the original game (came out in 2014), it’s available on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U. The sequel, coming out on November 15, is currently available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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