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Best Cyber Monday Apple Tablets Deals

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 11:46 AM PST

iPad Pro 9.7-inch Model

One of the premier features of Cyber Monday is the deals on Apple devices, and specifically their tablets. You can enjoy excellent prices on the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 if you’re quick enough.

With so many Apple products out there, it’s sometime difficult to get confused what goes where and who needs what. Unless you’re a big Apple fan, Mini, Air and Pro doesn’t mean that much for you. But in order to sort you through the discounts and Cyber Monday deals, here are the best discounts you can find for the Apple devices mentioned above, for you to enjoy even before it’s December if you act quickly:

iPad Pro 9.7-inch Model

The iPad Pro first came out in 2015 with a big, maybe too big 12.9-inch model. In 2016 they came out with the slimmer, smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro and what can I say, it’s much more comfortable to use. The Cyber Monday deal on the iPad Pro is on the 256GB model, in gold or rose gold, costing just $925.99 compared to $1029 before the discount. It has 12MP camera, True Tone Flash and works on the Apple iOS 9. The 32GB version has a small discount, costing $679 instead of $729 on Cyber Monday.

Apple iPad Air 2 9.7-inch

The iPad Air 2 is from the generation that came before the iPad Pro, and has been around since 2014. The Cyber Monday discount is for the 64GB and 128GB devices: the iPad Air 2  64GB device, costs $480 instead of $599, and you can buy it in gold or silver. You can buy the 128GB iPad Air 2 for $468.49.

Apple iPad Mini 4

The latest in the line of the iPad Mini, the Apple iPad Mini 4 is on a very significant discount this Cyber Monday: The iPad Mini 4 16GB costs $314.85 instead of $399, with the silver costing a bit more than the gold. The 64GB iPad Mini 4 can be bought for $435.49 instead of $499.99 this Cyber Monday.

6 Best Cyber Monday Kodi Media Streamer Deals

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 10:58 AM PST

Rveal Streaming Media Player & Android TV Box With Kodi

Consuming your entertainment, be it TV shows, movies or even games via streaming media players is becoming more and more popular, so why should you be left behind when there are these awesome TV boxes with Kodi just waiting to be bought on Cyber Monday?

It’s one of the more difficult things to search for online. Not just because of finding the right deal and sale on Cyber Monday, but also because of the complicated terminology at times. So just trust us (like I hope you have before) to pick out the best media streaming players for you to buy on Cyber Monday:

KUKELE 2017 Streaming Media Player With Kodi 17 & Android 6.0

Possibly the best streaming media player you’ll find on discount during Cyber Monday, the KUKELE 2017 comes with Kodi 17 pre-loaded and unlocked, and works on the Android 6.0.1. It’ll cost you $189.99 instead of $699.99, an insane deal no matter what you call this day.

KAT-TV Elite Android HD TV Streaming Box With Kodi

The KAT-TV Streaming Box comes fully equipped with Kodi 16.1 and works on the Android 5.1 OS. The KAT-TV box is probably one of the easiest to startup in its category, and you can buy it for $289 instead of $499 on Cyber Monday.

Stream Smart S4 TV Box With Kodi

A nice little TV box with excellent streaming capabilities, and it comes with Kodi and a powerful quad core Android 4.4. It supports 1080p video decoding, and supports massive application and game installation. Its Cyber Monday deal brings it down to $265.55 instead of $289.99.

Rveal Streaming Media Player & Android TV Box With Kodi

An excellent streaming media player by Rveal, there’s not setup necessary for Kodi or any other add-ons: Just plug it in, let the internet do its thing and in seconds you’ll be facing one of the easiest interfaces you’ve ever used. You can buy it on Cyber Monday for $249 instead of $299.

KDLinks 4k TV Media Player With Kodi

Personally, this is my favorite device on this list, and not just because of the price. It has 4k capabilities, and pretty much supports everything you need, including XBMC Kodi while operating on Android 4.4. It’ll cost you $219.95 on Cyber Monday instead of $335.

XBMCMart Kodi Streaming Player

An excellent streamer, the XBMCMart naturally has Kodi, and the powerful firmware to work with it. You can also play any 3D Game or movie on it, with the ability to watch in 1080p or 4k without a problem. It’s not on the biggest of discounts, but it’s the best of the devices at its price range: You can buy it for $160 on Cyber Monday instead of $170.

7 Best Member Berries Shirts & Sweaters for South Park Fans

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 07:35 AM PST

South Park Member Berries Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every time a new season of South Park begins, they set a new trend or create a new meme. This year, the member berries came into our lives, and later on our t-shirts, sweatshirts and even ugly Christmas sweaters.

So if you like havin a meme as your statement, whether it’s for Christmas dinner or just out walking on the street, take a look at our picks for coolest South Park member berries shirts & sweaters and start membering:

South Park Member Berries Ugly Christmas Sweater

The perfect way to show you’re an up-to-date South Park fan and up-to-date with the latest hottest memes, Member Berries ugly Christmas sweater is the coolest, funniest thing you can wear to dinner this holiday.

South Park Member Berries T-Shirt

Maybe if you remind people with this member berries t-shirt they’re supposed to be friendly to one another, you’ll be able to change the world in a good way, one berry at a time.

South Park Member Berries Donald Trump Hoodie Sweatshirt

Donald Trump himself is something of a walking, talking meme that somehow became president, so putting his lush golden piece of hair on a member berry, added on a hoodie, makes perfect, hialrious sense.

South Park Member Berries All Over T-Shirt

This Member Berries ‘All Over’ t-shirt reminds me of something a retiree would wear while going on vacation in Mexico. It has that summer-retirement vibe to it, only with an added twist of all the meaning South Park writers poured into this specific animation.

South Park Member Berries Women’s T-Shirt

As someone who follows quite a lot of sports and loves getting into sports memes, the member berries show up quite a lot when making fun of certain team and players, and makes a great thing to wear if you’re planning on taunting someone. You can get this ‘Member?’ t-shirt for women, men and kids.

Women’s South Park Member Berry Remember T-Shirt

Another cute Member Berry t-shirt, this one playing on the more grotesque, obese up-close look they’ve gotten. If you’re looking to make someone laugh, member and throw up a bit inside, this is the right t-shirt to buy.

South Park Member Berries Member Trump T-Shirt

Instead of just one member berry, a whole bunch of them, in a lot of different colors! This member berries t-shirt plays more on the whole Donald Trump rise, and to be honest, I like the group of purple, talking berries a little bit more when there’s an American president between them.

7 Best Black Friday Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 12:18 PM PST

Dyson DC39 Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

While robotic vacuum cleaners are the trendy thing right now, it’s impossible to beat the cleaning capabilities of an “old-school” vacuum cleaner, especially a Dyson vacuum on a Black Friday weekend deal.

Whether it’s a small, handheld vacuum or a big, ball-designed Dyson, you’re getting one of the best cleaning machines on the planet. One that’s easy to operate, light to lift, and is capable of cleaning even the toughest spots. All you have to do is pick the right Dyson vacuum cleaner (so many options it’s easy to get lost) for you, after we narrowed down the options to the best Dyson vacuums with a Black Friday deal discount.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Cinetic big ball animal canister vacuum cleaner is the perfect combination between lightness and the ability to suck up anything in its path. You can buy it for $569.99 instead of $599.99 on Black Friday, but it’ll serve you for years, and provide cleaning quality that’s impossible to match.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the more popular Dyson items, the DC65 multi-floor upright vacuum cleaner costs $442.48 instead of $499.99 on Black Friday. It comes with a 5-year parts & labor warranty, and thanks to its ball technology, steering is made easy even in previously difficult spots around your house.

Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson ball allergy upright vacuum cleaner probably provides the strongest suction you’ve ever seen, and is on a massive discount on black friday. You can buy this Dyson vacuum for $343.99 instead of $499.99, and enjoy its top-notch engineering, focused on helping you get rid of the allergens in your home.

Dyson DC47 Animal Ball Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A great compact and lightweight vacuum, which can turn on a dime and provides great control for the user. The Dyson DC47 Animal Ball Canister Vacuum Cleaner is on a $100.99 discount during Black Friday weekend, costing $349 instead of $449.99. It weighs just 13.84 lbs.

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

First off, I just love the purple color of this Vacuum. Sure, cleaning is the most important thing, but a chic look isn’t bad either. But on to the important stuff: The #1 selling vacuum on Amazon in its category, the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner costs just $299 on Black Friday, down $200.99 from the original price, a 40% discount.

Dyson DC39 Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to its ball technology, the Dyson DC39 multi-floor vacuum cleaner is easy to control and get into the more difficult of places. It’s especially good on hardwood floors and not too shabby on a carpet too. It costs just $299 on Black Friday, down from $399.99.

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi-Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A terrific handheld vacuum, the Dyson DC35 digital slim multi-floor vacuum cleaner costs $284.99 on Black Friday, down from the original $329, saving you 13%. Thanks to the root cyclone technology, the vacuum does not lose suction power as you clean up your house. It’s so good you can actually replace your bigger vacuum with it.

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