Optical Illusion of The Day: Shiny Legs Illusion

Optical Illusion of The Day: Shiny Legs Illusion

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Shiny Legs Illusion

Posted: 01 Nov 2016 05:16 AM PDT

The Internet is perplexed over yet another optical illusion! This time, everyone seems to be up in arms about this shiny legs optical illusion…


Most people see these legs as being super shiny. It appears as though the legs are covered in oil, causing light to reflect off of them. But, not everyone sees shiny legs here.

Some people see something much simpler. I saw shiny legs here at first too. Once I saw the bigger picture, though, things started to become a little clearer…


Can you see it now? These aren’t a pair of shiny legs at all, but legs with streaks of white paint. The paint gives the illusion that light is reflecting off of the surface, making the legs appear oil slicked and shiny. Of course, the paint markers surrounding the legs are also a bit of a clue here too.

Several Internet users have also said that once you see the white paint in this shiny legs illusion, there’s no going back! You won’t be able to see the legs as being covered in oil again. All you’ll see are the white paint streaks.

What do you think? Did you see the shiny legs first? Did the larger image make it easier to see that it was just white paint? If you saw the shiny legs at first, can you unsee the paint?

If you liked this shiny legs illusion, check out this drawing that stumped the Internet a while back!

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Possibly the BEST Leaning Tower of Pisa Illusion Picture Ever!

Posted: 01 Nov 2016 06:11 AM PDT

A Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion picture is a must-have is you’re ever lucky enough to make it to the iconic Italian city of Pisa! Pretty much every tourist has had a photo taken of themselves with this slightly crooked tower. Usually, it’s a forced perspective photo giving the illusion of them pushing the tower over or leaning against it.

Some tourists, though, go above and beyond with their forced perspective photos. These cheerleaders took a pretty great one, but I think the BEST Tower of Pisa illusion (so far) goes to this lady!

leaning tower of pisa illusion picture

Talk about a love for Italian culture! This lady actually has a picture of herself “hugging” the tower! And, with the way that the tower is leaning toward her, it looks like it just might be returning the affection. Looks like a little love might be in bloom here.

Think you know of (or have) a better Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion picture? Leave it in the comments or send it to our Facebook page!

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Surreal Window Shadow Illusion

Posted: 01 Nov 2016 06:28 AM PDT

There’s nothing quite like the sun streaming through your window, especially in the morning. This isn’t exactly an easy thing to replicate, but I think that this surreal window shadow illusion does a pretty good job of it!

window shadow illusion

At first glance, even I was fooled and thought that this was nothing but a shadow of the window frame on the wall. It’s not, though. This is actually the work of artist Regina Silveira. The “shadow” on the wall and floor is not real, but painted on. This artist definitely captured all of the proper angles and lines to recreate a very realistic shadow. It makes me wonder if this window shadow illusion was modeled after an actual shadow.

What do you think? And, don’t forget to rate this optical illusion as well before you go!

Like this realistic window shadow illusion? Head over and check out some of Yumi Kamashita’s work, which uses real shadows in the actual artwork!

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