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16 Cutest Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 11:17 AM PST

Pokemon 'Wishing Chu a Merry Christmas' Ugly Sweater

A big part of the holiday season is jollyness, and few things are as jolly as Pokemon ugly Christmas sweaters.

With or without Pokemon Go, Pokemon has always been a part of the geek universe, sometimes more popular and sometimes a bit further away from the mainstream. But it’s back big time this year, making a Pikachu, Bulbasaur or Charmander ugly Christmas sweater a perfect clothing item for Christmas dinner.

As with all of things such as geek fashion, the options are difficult to sort through. That’s why you have us: To pick the best Pokemon ugly Christmas sweaters for you:

Pokemon ‘Wishing Chu a Merry Christmas’ Ugly Sweater

Pikachu, Pokeballs, candy and a festive feeling. You can’t ask for anything more from a Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater.

Pokemon Pikachu & Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

A different twist on the first Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater, this one seems to offer more holiday cheer, and you can never get enough of that to help you go through dinner with the family.

Pokemon Holiday Pikachu Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s Christmas, so of course it makes sense to have Pikachu dancing on an ugly Christmas sweater and make it look awesome.

Pokemon Pikachu & Charmander Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pikachu alone isn’t always enough to make a Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater look awesome. That’s why Charmander came along, and his addition works.

Pokemon Bulbasaur Ugly Christmas Sweater

Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s something else, but Bulbasaur seems like the perfect Pokemon to put on a Ugly Christmas Sweater for some reason.

Pokemon Freezing Pokeballs Ugly Christmas Sweater

Out of all the ugly Christmas sweaters on this list, this blue Pokeball Christmas sweater delivers the notion of cold in the most clear and effective way.

Pokemon Pokeball Ugly Christmas Sweater

A nice little way of being creative when it comes to Pokemon ugly Christmas sweaters: A knit sweater that’s one big Pokeball.

Pokemon ‘Merry Christmas’ Sweater

You don’t need some special insight on Christmas or the Pokemon phenomenon to realize how beautiful this ugly Christmas sweater is.

Pokemon 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

This isn’t a Christmas sweater exactly, but the color attack on your eyes makes up for the lack of holiday spirit, and puts it in a place of honor along with other Pokemon ugly Christmas sweaters.

Pokemon Minimalist Ugly Christmas Sweater

This cute, minimal-style Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater comes in four different colors: Red, navy blue, royal blue and black.

Pokemon Pikachu & Pokeball Ugly Christmas Sweater

For no particular reason, I really love this little happy & winking Pikachu on a Pokemon Christmas sweater. It makes me smile too, which is important during the annoying holiday season.

Pokeball & Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Thanks to Pokemon Go, Pokeballs have a much more central place in Pokemon lore this year, including on ugly Christmas sweaters.

Pokemon Pokeball Pixelated Hoodie

Again, not your classic ugly Christmas sweater, but this Pokemon Pokeball hoodie is perfect for Christmas. Not just because it looks awesome in pixelated form, but the red & white deliver when it comes to holiday spirit.

Pokemon ‘All I Want This Christmas is Chu’ Sweater for Kids

I’ve used the word cute a time or two on this post, so we’ll go with adorable: This is an adorable Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater to get a child.

Pokemon Go Ugly Christmas Sweater

I thought I got in a bit too late into the whole Pokemon Go thing, but turns out it’s still very much a thing, so wearing this sweater during Christmas while looking for rampaging Pokemon in the park next to your home seems like the fitting attire for such an important mission.

Pokemon Reindeer Pikachu Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you want ‘cute’ on your Pokemon ugly Christmas sweater, Pikachu wearing a reindeer hat and holding a Christmas present is as cute as humanly possible.

16 Ideal Tablecloths for Thanksgiving

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 07:29 AM PST

Thanksgiving Festivities Border Tablecloth

One of the most important ingredients in setting up the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is choosing the right tablecloth, one that’s a perfect fit for the holiday, season and the rest of the decor.

You can imagine that choosing a Thanksgiving tablecloth isn’t easy with so many options out there. But that’s what you have us for: Do some serious tablecloth searching so you have the ideal tablecloth for your Thanksgiving dinner:

Thanksgiving Harvest Splendor Tablecloth

This Thanksgiving tablecloth makes the dinner table looks so full it makes me imagine of a food scene in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

Black & White Coloring Book Thanksgiving Tablecloth

An interesting twist on your usual Thanksgiving and fall colors, this black & white holiday tablecloth isn’t just unique, it’s beautiful.

Thanksgiving Elegant Harvest Themes Tablecloth

This elegant Thanksgiving tablecloth comes in three different sizes: 60 by 84, 60 by 104 and 60 by 120.

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Vinyl Tablecloth

Believe it or not, this Thanksgiving ‘give thanks’ vinyl tablecloth is one of the more popular ones on Amazon, and it comes in just one size: 59 by 90.

Thanksgiving Foliage Tablecloth

Acorns, leaves, orange, brown. It’s hard to find a tablecloth that has more autumn and Thanksgiving than this one, only it does it without being filled with too many details, making it more pleasant on the eyes.

Thanksgiving Leaves Tablecloth

To those who love their tablecloths a little bit more crowded in details, this Thanksgiving leaves tablecloth is ideal.

Thanksgiving Warm Feeling Tablecloth

When Thanksgiving comes around, it’s already chilly, or even cold, depends on where you live. So to make your dinner guests feel warm and cozy, go for the Warm-feeling Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Thanksgiving Nature & Leaves Tablecloth

This Thanksgiving tablecloth features an elegant pattern of leaves and autumn designs. Besides the usual sizes, it also offers a 70-inch round option.

Cute White Thanksgiving Tablecloth

This is a great Tablecloth before dinner. The cute art works well on the white background. After Thanksgiving dinner? Let’s hope you have some good stain removers.

Thanksgiving Yarn Dyed Tablecloth

For some people, Thanksgiving is all about pumpkins and the color orange. If you’re one of these individuals, this Yarn Dyed Tablecloth is perfect for you.

Colorful Thanksgiving Tablecloth

One of my favorite tablecloths on the list, it does a good job of filling in the Thanksgiving details, along with an unusual bright green to give Thanksgiving dinner a more fresh feeling.

Thanksgiving Festivities Border Tablecloth

I personally love this design, leaving a whole lot of white room while keeping the borders interesting, filled with a pumpkin patch and a big, uncooked turkey. One of my favorite Thanksgiving tablecloths on this list.

Thanksgiving Harvest Tablecloth

The Thanksgiving harvest tablecloth comes in four different designs & colors: Harvest day wheat, Harvest day wine, Harvest wheat and Wheat scroll.

Thanksgiving Activity Paper Table Cover

If your Thanksgiving dinner isn’t about being fancy and more about keeping the younger members of the family entertained, than the Thanksgiving activity paper table cover is the perfect solution.

Thanksgiving Autumn Critters Tablecloth

Another option for a more childish, fun-looking Thanksgiving tablecloth, featuring cartoon animals, somehow associated with autumn.

Thanksgiving Maple Leaf Lace Tablecloth

The Thanksgiving Maple Leaf Tablecloth comes in spice color (like the one in the image) or in brown.

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