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16 Hottest Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted: 13 Nov 2016 11:38 AM PST

Stranger Things Eleven Days of Christmas Ugly Sweater

A TV show as epic as Stranger Things deserves to be present at every Christmas table, so let you voice be heard with a Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Whether you’re a fan of the Upside Down concept, Eleven with or without a nose bleed, waffles or kids getting kidnapped by monsters with a head that opens up like flower, a Stranger Things christmas sweater is the best way to show your family just how big of a fan you are. Good thing they’re so Xmasy ugly that they’re freaking cool:

Stranger Things Upside Down Merry Christmas Sweater

This Stranger Things ‘Merry Christmas’ Sweater makes me wonder if they celebrate holidays in the Upside Down. I know the monster doesn’t.

Stranger Things Pissed Off Eleven Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater shows Eleven in her most adorable mood: Pissed off. Things get really interesting when that happens.

Stranger Things Christmas Lights Sweater

If there’s one famous Stranger Things scene or “thing” that is “Xmassy” in nature, it’s the lights Will’s mother hangs to try and communicate with the other side. You can buy the Stranger Things Christmas Lights sweater in nine different colors.

Stranger Things Bike Ride & Upside Down Ugly Christmas Sweater

A pretty conventional way of describing the world of ‘Stranger Things’, but a fantastic Stranger Things ugly Christmas Sweater nonetheless.

Stranger Things Let’s Get Strange Ugly Christmas Sweater

This artwork of Eleven makes me think of her leaving the supermarket, ready to wreak havoc. You can buy the Stranger Things let’s get strange ugly Christmas sweater on Etsy.

Stranger Things Barb Deserved Better Christmas Sweater

Barb has become one of those memes that has gotten out of control. Hopefully we’ll see more of her or about her at least in season 2. Meanwhile, wear this Stranger Things Barb Christmas Sweater in her honor.

Stranger Things Alphabet Lights Christmas Sweater

What I like about this Stranger Things alphabet lights Christmas sweater is that it takes something that’s been done quite a lot since the show became a hit and gives it a slightly different, artsy twist.

Stranger Things Eleven Days of Christmas Ugly Sweater

This Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater makes me think of Eleven as someone biblical. Maybe that was the whole point. I can understand why, considering she’s as powerful as we can imagine, maybe even more.

Stranger Things Bleeding Eleven Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can have Eleven and her bloody nose on your ugly Christmas sweater in six different colors, including maroon and forest green.

Stranger Things Video Game Style Ugly Christmas Sweater

One of the coolest ugly christmas sweaters on this Stranger Things list, this is how a video game of the show would look like in its arcade version.

Stranger Things Eleven & the Guys Ugly Christmas Sweater

You may like Mike, Justin, Lucas or even the Demogorgon, but there’s no doubt the star of this show, and also it’s most powerful character, is Eleven, fully deserving to be at the center of a Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater.

Stranger Things Xmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

What I like about this Stranger Things Xmas ugly Christmas sweater are the waffle makers just hanging, frozen on the wall. Maybe Eleven has one in her woods hideout in case there aren’t any in the dropoff point?

Stranger Things Maybe I’m Crazy Christmas Sweater

I can understand the sentiment, which makes this Stranger Things Christmas sweater perfect for those who feel like they’re going crazy when staying around the family for too long.

Stranger Things Plot Ugly Christmas Sweater

While this Stranger Things Christmas sweater appears to be a depiction of the show’s main characters and nothing more, if you connect the dots you can almost see the entire plot, from the D&D game at the beginning to the showdown with the monster at the end.

Stranger Things Run Christmas Sweater

The alphabet lights? Very Xmassy. The red RUN all over it? It’s still a Christmas Sweater, but a horror one, which some Christmas dinners are. You can buy the Stranger Things RUN Christmas sweater in six different colors.

Stranger Things Keep Calm Christmas Sweater

The best thing to do when the power goes out is keep calm. This Christmas Sweater might be difficult to see when the lights are out, but it still looks awesome, even if it’s just in Stranger Things style and doesn’t have the show’s title written all over it.

18 Perfect Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Posted: 13 Nov 2016 07:06 AM PST

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you haven’t decided on your holiday decor, we’re here to help.

It’s quite incredible to find out just how many Thanksgiving decor accessories exist, but it really is very simply to give your home a warm, fall feeling for the holiday with just a small item or two. The options are endless, so we narrowed it down for you, giving you our selection for the perfect Thanksgiving decor ideas:

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Pillow Covers

A simple and sweet Thanksgiving gift that doesn’t scream ‘holiday season’ or something, but makes the house a bit more classy and warm. Yes, pillow covers can do that.

Funny Thanksgiving Door Hanger

Humor is a necessary addition to any Thanksgiving theme decoration. The ‘gobble till you wobble’ door hanger will help put the guests in the right mood immediately. The rest, alcohol will do.

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Another way of welcoming people into the house on Thanksgiving is by putting up a huge fall wreath on the door. It tends to leave an excellent lasting impression.


‘Give Thanks’ Blocks for Thanksgiving

The ‘Give Thanks’ blocks for Thanksgiving include a resin turkey, pumpkins, a bushel of apples and a haystack.

Gold & Red Leaves for Thanksgiving

A 12-foot long wire garland, with fall-like leaves made out of foil copper, in order to give that outside feeling inside the house without all the mess.

Thanksgiving Block Set

A nice little way to decorate the house for Thanksgiving, and also something to play with kids, having them spell Thanksgiving or something else while at the dinner table.

Turkey Garden Flag for Thanksgiving

A nice little way to give your garden a Thanksgiving kind of touch. Obviously, you can use this turkey flag inside as well, but something about it makes me want to place it outdoors.

Thanksgiving Autumn Leaves Quilt

Probably my favorite item on this list, this Thanksgiving autumn leaves quilt is a beautiful handmade item, which can serve as a blanket or a wonderful decorative piece on furniture or a table. It’s 50″ by 60″.

Inspirational Table Top Pumpkins for Thanksgiving

A set of 3 pumpkins to put on a table or dresser and give the home a more Thanksgiving-kind of feel, saying ‘count your blessings’, ‘give thanks’ and ‘happy fall’.

Thanksgiving Glass Lighted Pumpkin

An excellent item to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, and not just because it looks great, but because it looks expensive, even though it’s not. You can buy this battery-operated glass pumpkin for $23.68.

Thanksgiving Autumn Maple Tree Set

This set of 3 autumn trees with the golden foliage is another fantastic way of making your home look like New England in the fall, giving that extra Thanksgiving vibe during the holiday. The trees come in set of 5″, 7″, and 9″ for a variety of looks.

Colorful Thanksgiving Door Sign

If you’re wondering what to hang on the doors and windows for Thanksgiving, this 3-color sign that’s all about feeling thankful and grateful is a fantastic idea.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Shelf Sitters

If you have some room on your shelves that needs to be filled out, these Thanksgiving pumpkin turkey shelf sitters will do the trick, although I haven’t decided if they’re creepy or sweet.

Thanksgiving Dinner Straws

A fun 25-pack of straws to make your Thanksgiving dinner table and drinks feel and look a little bit more festive. There’s no harm in that.

Thanksgiving Harvest Owls Set

Real life owls, if you ever had one as a pet, aren’t that cute. But ceramic owls on Thanksgiving? Adorable, and a perfect addition to the decorative effort in your home.

Thanksgiving LED Pumpkin

Remember the glass pumpkin from before? Well this is an even more fancy upgrade to your Thanksgiving home, taking the technology up a bit into the LED territory.

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Banner

Another nice idea to add a little something to your home without making too much of an effort is a Thanksgiving banner. Can you guess what it says? Yes, give thanks. Who would have known?

Thanksgiving Decorative Turkey Table Accent

This Thanksgiving decorative turkey table accent is a great way to show those who don’t know what a good piece of bird looks like before it goes into the oven.

If that’s not enough Thanksgiving awesomeness for you, we at Walyou got you covered: Check out our lists on funniest Thanksgiving t-shirts, hilarious Thanksgiving hats and the best Thanksgiving toys.

10 Best Yo-Kai Watch Products

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 12:49 PM PST


The role-playing video game series, Yo-Kai Watch is one of the top games in Japan, even bigger than Pokemon. With each game selling millions of copies, a successful cartoon, and hundreds upon hundreds of Yo-Kai Watch toys and merchandise lining the shelves of stores everywhere, it’s no wonder Nintendo and Level-5 decided to bring the powerhouse series to America last year.

In Yo-Kai Watch, you play as a young boy or girl, and work with the hilarious ghostly butler, Whisper, a being known as a Yo-Kai, to stop evil Yo-Kai’s from ruining the lives of the citizens of Springdale. You’ll meet several memorable and funny Yo-Kai’s along the way, making it hard to put the game down, as you’ll want to collect them all. Colorful graphics, a vibrant world, charming characters, and a fun storyline, make the Yo-Kai Watch series a happy treat.

Yo-Kai Watch Game for the Nintendo 3DS

This is the original game that started it all! When Yo-Kai Watch was released in Japan in 2013, it was an immediate hit, spawning everything from a TV show, to books, action figures, and plush toys.

This first entry in the series is definitely worth a play through, as you’ll get to meet fan favorite characters Whisper and Jibanyan for the first time and embark on a charming adventure with hundreds of other Yo-Kai friends. Once you’re done with it, move on to Yo-Kai Watch 2.

Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero

Introduced in Yo-Kai Watch 2, the Model Zero is an upgraded, cooler version of the original Yo-Kai Watch, first seen in Yo-Kai Watch 1. This watch comes with two exclusive medals, making it well worth a purchase.

SDCC 2016 Hasbro Yo-Kai Watch Jewelnyan Set

This amazing product comes with five exclusive Yo-Kai medals, a special “Jewelnyan” Yo-Kai. Now you can have fancy nyans to go along with your regular nyans! Don’t let Jibanyan get too jealous…

Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Hoodie

Already thinking about your next Halloween costume? Why not be Jibanyan with this awesome hoodie? Heck, go ahead and wear it any day of the year. I’d be your friend for sure.

Yo-Kai Watch Komasan Plush Figure

Oh my swirls, look how cute Komasan is! You need to cuddle up to this bundle of preciousness! Don’t ignore those big, sad eyes and that frowny face; make Komasan a happy lion dog. (I always thought he looked like a cat, the internet told me otherwise.)

Yo-Kai Watch Lunch Bag

Food and Yo-Kai Watch, two of my favorite things. If I ever pack a lunch to work, I’m going to pack it in this Yo-Kai Watch lunch bag. I don’t even care. And if you’re a kid, you’ll be the coolest kid in school. Let those other kids eat out of their Pokemon bags, your bag is superior.

Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Plush Figure

Okay, I already showed a plush figure, but I couldn’t resist including this one. Jibanyan is the most iconic character in Yo-Kai Watch, his face is all over all kinds of merchandise. If you can only pick one plush to cuddle with at night, it should be this one. Or don’t pick just one. Collect as many as possible, because they’re all perfect and adorable.

Yo-kai Watch Series 2 Medal Mystery Bag Collection

With 24 bags each containing three medals, you’ll have endless fun scanning the medal mystery bag collection with your Yo-Kai Watch. There are also even more medal collections to be obtained, so you’ll never run out!

The Game of Life: Yo-Kai Watch Edition

We all played Life when we were kids. There’s probably a law somewhere stating that every child must grow up playing it. It’s a great game on its own, but it’s made even better by adding Yo-Kai Watch to the mix, after all, the Yo-Kai Watch world is more exciting than the real one.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Game

Yo-Kai Watch 2 is the perfect sequel to the original Yo-Kai Watch. It builds on its predecessor with more locations to explore, a larger cast of Yo-Kai, an improved battle system, and more mini games. Although you should still play the original, Yo-Kai Watch 2 is also a good introduction.

It was released with two different versions: Fleshy Souls or Bony Spirits. Both have the same story, but there are a few Yo-Kai characters that can only be found in their own specific version. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll want both, so you can find as many Yo-Kai as possible.

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