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30 Coolest Transformers T-Shirts to Get in 2017

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 02:00 PM PST

Transformers Split Logo T-ShirtTransformers Split Logo T-Shirt

While the Transformers returned to the mainstream and multiplied in popularity thanks to the ultra successful films, the cool part of this franchise belongs to the 80’s animated show, which is what the t-shirts, even in 2017, are all about.

There’s an endless amount of Transformers t-shirts in all kinds of styles, colors and shapes. But for 2017, you need a to be more original than before, which is why we cherry picked the 30 t-shirts below:

Transformers Periodic Table T-Shirt

Learning some chemistry with the Transformers? That’s a wonderful idea for a t-shirt. Looks and Brains, all-in-one.

Transformers Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, Bumblebee & Grimlock T-Shirt

If I could choose four Autobots to have on my t-shirt, it would be these guys, with Grimlock and Hot Rod making me especially happy.

Transformers Rollin With my Homies T-Shirt

And here’s another awesome 80’s look with a t-shirt of these 3 lovable fellas.

Transformers Dinobots T-Shirt

This Dinobots t-shirt comes in four different sizes: small, large, medium and x-large.

Transformers Split Logo T-Shirt

For those who can’t decide which side they’re on, this split Autobot-Decepticon logo t-shirt was made.

Transformers Optimus Prime Comics Style T-Shirt

On a t-shirt or in any other form   , Optimus Prime always looks good when he’s running towards something with a great sense of purpose.

Transformers You’ve got the Touch t-shirt

In the 1986 animated film, one song stands out: You’ve got the touch. Unlike what this t-shirt shows, it isn’t played by Optimus Prime.

Transformers Feeling Optimistic T-Shirt

Out of all the Optimus Prime t-shirts out there, this is one is the one that takes itself less seriously.

Transformers Megatron Tyranny T-Shirt

The t-shirt a tyrant like Megatron deserves.

Transformers Me Grimlock T-Shirt

No Grimlock t-shirt is complete without his famous tagline.

Transformers Decepticons & Megatron T-Shirt

There’s something extremely appealing with the red color spilling over Megatron, giving this t-shirt a fearsome quality.

Transformers Jazz T-Shirt

Jazz is an awesome character, and this is a cool t-shirt. It’s a shame they didn’t really develop his characters in the movie, bringing him in only to be torn apart by Megatron.

Transformers Starscream T-Shirt

My favorite Decepticon and Transformer is Starscream, who looks f***ing majestic on this t-shirt.

Transformers Galvatron t-shirt

It’s hard to find something more 80’s in this Transformers post than this Galvatron t-shirt.

Transformers Soundwave Superior T-Shirt

Soundwave is my 2nd favorite transformer, and I’m glad he gets such an awesome t-shirt, with all of his destructive minions, to showcase his boombox style on.

Transformers Unicron T-Shirt

This t-shirt is great in showing the menacing force that is Unicron, something of a Galactus kind of character, who was voiced by Orson Welles in the 1986 film, which was Welles last cinematic work before his death.

Transformers Megatron Instrument of Destruction T-Shirt

Megatron has never looked more metal than on this Instrument of Destruction t-shirt.

Transformers Classic Bumblebee Kids T-Shirt

Bumblebee, as depicted in this kids t-shirt, was cooler in his pre Camaro days.

Transformers Optimus Prime & Grimlock T-Shirt

This t-shirt depicts the Samurai version of Optimus Prime, as he rides the lovely Grimlock.

Transformers Women’s Baseball Shirt

This women’s Transformers baseball-style shirt comes in red and black.

Transformers Ugly Christmas T-Shirt

While Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the more popular item around that time of year, going with a Transformers Christmas t-shirt is in no way inferior.

Transformers Starscream Faded T-Shirt

Transformers, despite the 21st century films, are basically 80’s. This Starscream t-shirt confirms that.

Transformers Logos in Disguise T-Shirt

This t-shirt gives a pretty cool spin on one of the famous lines from the Transformers theme song.

Transformers Devastator Blueprint T-Shirt

Devastator, the features Decepticon on this blueprint t-shirt, is the combined form of the Constructicons, and he packs a mean punch.

Transformers Magazine Cover T-shirt

I love how Optimus Prime looks roughed up (like in the 1986 animated film) on this t-shirt.

Transformers Cool Autobots Logo T-Shirt

Most of the time there’s nothing too original about an Autobots logo, but this t-shirt manages to give it a fresh angle.

Transformers got transformer T-Shirt

Got milk is old. Got transformer is refreshing, on a t-shirt or some other medium.

Transformers The Last Knight Women’s T-Shirt

A t-shirt for the upcoming Transformers film in 2017, which you can call Transformers 5, or The Last Knight.

Transformers The Last Knight T-Shirt

Another t-shirt promoting the 2017 Transformers film.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron T-Shirt

There’s a pretty awesome video game called Fall of Cybertron. This is the equally awesome t-shirt.

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