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7 Best Organizers For The Tidy Geek

Posted: 21 Feb 2017 11:11 AM PST

Star Wars Inspired "Rebel Spy" Jewelry boxStar Wars Inspired "Rebel Spy" Jewelry box

Most techy and geeky people collect advanced gadgets and stuff that make our space untidy and messy at times. Of course, we would want to sort things out and organize so that we know how to pull up our gadgets when we need them. A simple organizing box is okay, but a true geek does not settle with this. We don’t allow our gadgets to be stored in an ordinary box. We need to have something that embodies our interest and adds personality to our space, or room for that matter. This is the reason why we all need organizers and containers to keep our space clutter-free! Here are the top suggestions that will blow your mind.

LEGO Storage Brick

Remember all those days when your mom yells loud for stepping on a LEGO block lying on the floor? Relive your childhood memories by having this awesome organizer for you! It’s a durable plastic organizer that stores all your gadgets and gizmos in a striking and beautifully made large-sized LEGO block. It comes in various classic LEGO block colors, and you can also stack them like you used to when you got multiple storages! Have fun like a kid while making your space tidy and strikingly awesome!

Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set

Give your kitchen the attitude boost it needs by having these beautiful containers! Star Wars fans will agree that nothing suits their kitchen best than these r2 d2 containers. Waking up to your coffee and other condiments have never been this fun before. You can also use to organize small gizmos you may have at home. Try it now and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Inspired “Rebel Spy” Jewelry box

The rebel mark is only for the chosen few. Up your star wars fanatic game with this organizer canister with the Galactic Empire Insignia. It’s a trinket box/ organizer that measures around 3.5 x 5 inches that make a very cool addition to your star wars collection or as an organizer with the right personality to make your room or space stand out.

Pixel Chest Zelda Acrylic Plastic Box

With this jewelry/trinket organizer, you will also have a free necklace that goes with the package. Link and Princess Zelda is our all time favorites. It makes an excellent gift but is also a great addition to your room. This an exciting collectible for any gamers and kids at heart so that they can be reminded of their adventures with Zelda and Link as they grew up.

Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jar

Can you tell where’s the cookie? This cookie jar is perfect for fans of the dark knight or anyone who are enticed by the magnetism of the villains. Prepare fr your evil laugh during Holloween or keep it as a regular part of your Kitchen with the most personality. This cookie jar rocks and no further explanation needed.

Custom TARDIS Inspired Stash Jewelry Box

Fall in love with the high-quality and durability TARDIS organizer! If you love Dr-Who this is perfect for you. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart.

Game of throne Jewelry Box

Going gaga over Game of Thrones? Well, we can’t blame you. If you can’t have enough of it, then at least have this organizer box in your room. It will keep you company while waiting for the next episode or season to be aired. Kidding. Place it in the living room and allow your fellow game of throne fanatic friends to be jealous.


These organizers reveal your interests and personality with just a look. It is fun to have these in your space to make it clutter-free yet stylish. It is also wide enough to fit most of your trinkets/gizmos and other stuff that clutter your room. This is a great way to show your interests and your love for creativity. Check these items out and you’ll love it for sure.

10 Coolest Xbox One Skins

Posted: 20 Feb 2017 12:29 PM PST

Hey Xbox One owners! Tired of your old, boring, plain looking consoles? Want to spruce them up a bit? Well, take a look at this list of ten coolest Xbox One skins! These skins will make your consoles and controllers look a thousand times better. And if you don’t find anything you like here, take a look at this giant selection!

Xbox One Skin Frosted Frozen

Image via: VinylQuoteMe
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Frozen, is of course, the hit Disney film, but this cool skin has nothing to do with that. It’s just a cool, frosty, frozen skin. Ever wanted to pretend you’re playing video games in the freezing ice and snow? Well, maybe this skin will help you achieve that. (Though I must say you’re lucky if you haven’t gotten to experience winter lately. It’s pretty brutal where I live.)

Xbox One Galaxy Skins For Console And Controller Space Skin For Xbox One

Image via: VWAQ
I’ve always loved galaxy prints and designs. They make everything look a hundred times cooler almost instantly. I even once had a pair of galaxy print leggings, which needless to say, was probably a bit extreme of me and a definite fashion faux-paw. Anyway, this galaxy Xbox One skin is not a faux-paw, it’s pure awesomeness.

Space Invaders – Xbox One Controller – Vinyl Sticker Skin Cover Wrap Decal

Image via: ExtremeConsoles
You’ve probably heard of Space Invaders at some point. It was a huge arcade game back in the day, and is now a retro, nostalgic thing that I’m sure lots of hipsters like. I just really like the colors used in this controller skin, it’s so bright and fun. Even if you’re not much a Space Invaders fan, you’ll probably fall in love with this skin just like I did.

Real Wood Skin for Xbox One (wooden decal sticker)

Image via: iWoodInc
I know the heading says “real” but before you think about how a skin could possibly be made of real wood, let me put those thoughts to rest. It is indeed not real wood, though it certainly looks real. I really like this simplistic, modern, sleek approach to a skin. It looks like something a classy fancy person would have in their home. It’s probably a bit more sophisticated than the galaxy skin I love so much.

Xbox One Retro Grid Controller Skin Wrap Custom decal sticker

Image via: KOCustomCreationsAU
In case you haven’t been able to see it yet, I’m quite the fan of retro looking stuff. If you comb through any of my other articles, you’ll probably find lots of retro products. There’s just something about the past that’s so much fun to me. I love how the grid on this controller skin looks like the one people used back in the 80s for the background of photos. Those pictures may look cringeworthy now, but this controller decal sure doesn’t.

Xbox One Skin Gold Flake

Image via: VinylQuoteMe
I love gold. Maybe it’s because I’m a poor college student and freelance writer, but gold always seems to be calling me. (It’s because I’m destined to be rich, right? That has to be it.) Joking aside, I like the gold color of this awesome skin, and I think it looks classy and not too tacky.

Xbox One Skin Great Britain British Flag

Image via: VinylQuoteMe
Probably everyone has had some kind of decoration related to the British flag at one point. It’s such a common thing, many of us most likely don’t even think about how it’s kind of strange that so many people like another country’s flag so much. How often do you see the Scottish flag used as decoration? Huh? That’s right, never. Nevertheless, the British flag is great and looks great as an Xbox One skin.

Xbox One Beach Skins For Console And Controller Water Skin For Xbox One

Image via: VWAQ
Relaxing right? Man, just looking at this skin makes me want to book a vacation to Hawaii. (Or play a video game that takes place on some tropical island.) It’s so pretty to look at, probably the prettiest on this list. The bright blue color is beautiful. (Can someone please take me on a vacation?)

Holographic Xbox One Controller Skin

Image via: SlingshotCreative
Wow, this holographic skin reminds me of the future. It looks like something we’d see a century from now, when we have flying cars and stuff. (I know that probably won’t happen.) I love how this skin is just plain cool-looking.

XBOX ONE – Retro NES, Nintendo Console Sticker Skin Kit

Image via: HotwireGraphicsUK
Everyone loves Nintendo, or at least its classic console. Even if you’re an Xbox One owner, there’s a good chance you’ve played an NES game or two. Why not make your Xbox One console look like an NES? I think it would look pretty awesome.

11 Biggest Plot Holes in the Harry Potter Universe

Posted: 20 Feb 2017 12:14 PM PST


Image via: Zimbio

As I’m going through my second re-read of the Harry Potter books (and ignoring the recent abomination), I can’t help but wonder about the massive plot holes in the story. I’m not talking about making mistakes with chronology, years and age. I’m talking about massive mistakes in the fabric of the way the universe created by J.K. Rowling works. It doesn’t take away from the fun of reading this fantasy masterpiece (in its own way), but it’s still funny when you seriously think about some of them. Here are the 11 biggest you’ll encounter when reading the books:

Image via: eBay

Turning back time: In the third Harry Potter book, Prisoner of Azkaban, we’re introduced to a Time Turner, which Hermione uses to study in an endless number of classes, and later to save the day, like she and her partners in crime tend to do. There’s also one used in one non-canon book recently coming to light, which we will ignore. In any case, with this device at hand, who come we only see it being used by a 3rd year student at Hogwarts, and not by, well, everyone?

Image via: Zimbio

Basic education: Wizards who grew up in the muggle world get a basic education in math, reading, writing and such. However, children from wizarding families, unless there’s something we don’t know, get 0 education, including no time spent learning how to read (unless their families teach them) before they reach Hogwarts. Perhaps being magical gives them that advantage.

Image via: YouTube

Wizard Economics: There is such a thing as wizard money: Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. However, a lot of the things in the wizarding world don’t make sense when it comes to money. One prime example is Ollivander and his wands: He sells wands for 7 galleons. However, a wand with a unicorn hair in it (and other cores sound just as expensive) costs him 10 galleons to make.

Image via: YouTube

Wizard truth serum: Veritaserum is a truth serum; a potion which forces the drinker to answer any question truthfully. It’s forbidden to use on students (as Severus Snape points out). It should be something we see used a whole lot more in the books, especially in wizarding trials, however it is mentioned that some witches and wizards know how to counter its effects, especially if they used an antidote.

Image via: Youtube

The Secret Keep Conundrum: The Fidelius Charm hides a secret within the soul of the person, making that person a secret keeper. A house protected by the spell is invisible, unplottable and soundproof. If that is the case, why didn’t Lily and James Potter make each other their secret keeper? At the time, they made Peter Pettigrew their secret keeper, and he betrayed it to Voldemort. You know the rest. One theory suggests that the Secret Keeper can’t be someone living in that specific dwelling.

Image via: YouTube

The Marauders Map flaw: In “The Prisoner of Azkaban” we’re introduced to the Marauder’s Map, as Fred & George Weasley give it to Harry. The Map shows the entire school, and every person in it. And if that’s true, how come the Weasley twins never sew Peter Pettigrew (in Scabbers form) sleeping in the same bed as Ron. Even if you buy into the idea that the two stopped using the map after Ron arrived at Hogwarts, the rat previously belonged to their older brother Percy, and he was sleeping in his bed too. Sounds like a convenient mistake to move the plot forward.

Image via: YouTube

The Triwizard Tournament is really boring: In “The Goblet of Fire”, we experience the Triwizard tournament, which Harry Potter takes part of. The first mission, stealing a dragon egg, is quite exciting for the crowd to watch. However, the second mission (rescuing a person from the lake at Hogwarts) and the third mission (the maze) are not exactly spectator sports. Both are something only the participants can actually see, and we don’t hear about some form of letting the students at the school view the action.

Image via: YouTube

Using multiple wands at once: One of the famous moments in the action-paced “Deathly Hallows” book is Harry using 3 wands at once to stun Fenrir Greyback. However, he never learned how to use multiple wands, nor does he seem fatigued by performing such a spell. Is it that easy? Why don’t more wizards use that trick?

Image via: Youtube

How does a Portkey work?: The most famous encounter with a portkey in the Harry Potter books is when Harry and Cedric find one in the maze (4th book), and get transported straight to Voldemort. Once Harry is able to stop Voldemort (momentarily) from killing him, he grabs Cedric’s body and teleports back to Hogwarts through the Portkey. This leads to other questions: It is supposedly impossible to apparate into Hogwarts, so why not use a Portkey? And Dumbledore uses a portkey to reach Hogwarts, but is it something only teaches or headmasters can do? And in other occasions in the books using the Portkey had something to do with precise timing, unlike the first incident we mentioned. No clear answer.

Image via: Harry Potter Wiki

Tracing underage magic: Another charm that seems to provide contradictory results is the Trace charm, used to monitor underage (U-17) wizards so they don’t perform magic outside of school. It’s supposed to work when any magic is performed in the vicinity of the young wizard, however it can’t detect whether an underage wizard performed the charm or someone eligible. There were quite a few instances when aged wizards performed magic around Harry and his friends, including Dumbledore at the Dursley’s home. However, no letter from the Ministry of Magic came to reprimand Harry on that occasion, and others. Again, a plot device used for convenience, instead of absolute truth.

Image via: YouTube

Food should be easy: Gamp’s law of elemental transfiguration governs the magical world, but it does have exceptions, one of which is food. Food cannot be created from nothing, but it can be multiplied, enlarged and summoned if one knows where it is. If all that is true, why don’t Harry, Ron and Hermione (during their camping phase in book 7) use their magic to get food, instead of let their stomachs grumble while they keep worrying about their hunger?

Image via: Icepop

As we mentioned in the beginning, there are other mistakes in the Harry Potter books, movies and the whole entire operation. Rowling herself once admitted she sucks at math, which raises some questions about the timeline and characters age. However, this is something common in a lot of big fantasy series, not just Harry Potter so we let the minor mistakes slide, just this once.

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