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5 Essential Tips for Aspiring Web Designers

By Janice Cook | January 17, 2017

Web designing as a career has evolved over the years. A decade (or two) back, people with creative thinking and skills practiced this as a side-hassle to earn some extra dollars. But, today, people have started considering this as a full-time profession choice, thanks to the reality that designing has gained a dominant foothold in the world of information and technology.

The Golden Ratio – What Is It And How To Use It

By Ian Pearson | January 15, 2017/td>

The golden ratio (or the divine proportion) is a mathematical constant that can be often seen in the natural world, as well as in the artwork throughout the history. In mathematical terms, when a is larger than b, and the two are added and then divided by a, the sum represents the golden ratio (1.618). That number is represented by the Greek character “phi”.


What Happens in the Design Room: Five Steps to a Great Logo

By Earl Jonathan | January 13, 2017

Great logos are powerful business tools. A logo should be an enduring symbol of a brand and it should relay the core essence of a company. And to design a seemingly simple symbol is, in reality, a huge undertaking. And people should not take the task lightly to avoid creating a logo that is forgettable and expendable.

Born for music - HTML Template

By Theme Forest| 2017

Born is Compatible with all browsers. Indented source Code well formatted and commented to edit this template. This template comes with light and dark skins also have lot features , Albums Player, Albums Listing, Video Album Play List , Music Audio Playlist , Event Styles, Gallery Styles , Artist Styles, Blogs styles and more you don’t need to search for any other music band template your search will finished Music beat is perfect template for you.

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Quick hacks to boost your website traffic

Sujata Shrestha | December 12, 2016

Are you struggling to boost website traffic? Today, the most common problems for business owners face the lack of website traffic. Most of them are fed up of getting a noteworthy percentage of their search traffic from the past years and are searching for some effective ways to bring out applicable website traffic.

The Mystery Behind WordPress’ Popularity !

By Rebecca Cole | December 10, 2016

What’s so attractive about Brad Pitt’s personality and why does he have millions and millions of fans drooling over him ? There is something more to what he does, something special about his aura, attracting millions of people. His good looks, his great acting skills, the way in which he essays his roles, a calm and sober nature, dedication through which he does his work – all these attributes form a strong pillar for his popularity.

Convert Your Visitors Into Prospective Customers With Eye-Catchy Call To Action

By Melissa Crooks | December 8, 2016

People spend maximum marketing efforts to drive visitors to your website. But, driving more visitors to website is pretty enough? Well, bringing quality visitors to your website is just the baby step. Once they arrive at your website then what’s next? Are those visitors converted into quality inbound leads? If the answer is “NO” then you need to implement some strong strategy for “Call to Action” of your website. Implementing strong CTA is significant so that visitors don’t leave your website without creating any kind of connection with your company.

5 Steps to a Functional and Beautiful Blog Design

By Christina Battons | December 6, 2016

For any small business, a blog has the potential of doing a lot. Some of these functions include: assisting in customer interactions, attracting potential clients, publishing one’s thoughts, and getting attention from the search engine.

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