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8 Pokemon Inspired Kigurumi Onesies for Adults

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 12:08 PM PST


2016 was the year Pokemon made its big return into our lives. Calling it a comeback year wouldn’t be out of place.  Pokémon GO took the gaming app market by storm. Suddenly hunting Pokémon became something everything did, shared and talked about.

With its newly found and growing popularity came new, cool products for you to enjoy. The coolest of them all I think are the Pokemon adult Onesies! You can wear it at home just for fun, as PJs, as a Halloween costume and it can also be a fantastic gift idea for Valentine’s Day’s which is just around the corner.

In just over a month we’re going to celebrate Pokemon’s 21st anniversary, with the game making its debut on the Nintendo 3DS in February, 1996.

You don’t really need to be a huge Pokemon fan in order to appreciate the playfulness in wearing one of these cool onesies. Here are 8 awesome Pokemon onesies to bring out your inner Pokemon species.

Pokemon Charmander Fleece Onesie

Charmander might look cute and cuddly but watch out! This Pokemon has a fire tail so keep your eye open! After getting enough experience in battles this cutie will evolve into Charmeleon and later on into Charizard.

Pikachu Pokemon Onesie

Pikachu is probably the best known and most popular Pokemon, so even if you are not a Pokemon fan you’d love to wear it right? For the loyal fans, this Pikachu onesie can also be fantastic; it’s made out of fleece, so it’s perfect for this winter, and can also be used as a great costume for Halloween 2017.

Jigglypuff Pokemon Onesie

This Cute onesie is full of charm, but the most important thing about this Jigglypuff onesie is that its snuggly and extra comfy, just like an adult onesie should be.

Umbreon Pokemon Onesie

Like the real Pokemon Umbreon, this onesie features a black fur made out of fleece to keep you all warm and comfortable while hunting for your prey under the cover of darkness, spraying a cloud of toxic gas to capture what you seek. You can get night creature onesie here on Amazon.


This frozen Pokemon is all about creating small ice crystals around it. This Glaceon-inspired kigurumi features all the right colors and markings, making it one of the most beautiful Pokemon onesies on this list.

Jolteon Inspired Kigurumi

This chic looking Jolteon inspired kigurumi is going to make you look super cool. It resembles Pikachu but has more edge to it.

Bulbasaur Kigurumi

This Bulbasaur Kigurumi is cozy, comfortable and features all of the iconic marks such as the turquoise color with dark green spots and naturally his famous bulb on its back.


This comfy and cute Espeon onesie will be a truly loyal Pokemon to you and will keep you all warmed up through the cold winter nights. Just  like Espeon is loyal to it’s trainer.

If you are a loyal Pokemon fan we have more cool stuff you might enjoy. For more Pokemon related articles check out our 11 Cutest Pokemon Plush Toys and 19 Geekiest Pokémon Items to Buy Online.

Best Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Home Locks

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 10:25 AM PST


You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to set yourself up with a smart home. Today you can find great gadgets that will make your home smarter without breaking your piggy bank. From controlling your lights to feeding your pet, a good smart home is all about delegating your daily tasks to a device, and making your life easier overall.

Making your home smarter doesn’t mean neglecting your home safety. Today you can find lots of smart-locks solutions that will transform your old fashioned door lock to an innovative one. Some smart locks will be operated by wifi, while others via Bluetooth; but all smart locks in this list have one thing in common: They are easy to install and use a better encryption to increase digital security.

Schlage Connect – Touchscreen Deadbolt With alarm

Schlage locks are on of the better known and loved home locks. They have been around for almost 90 years. You can be be sure that there locks are powerful, sturdy and up to the task. The Schlage locks are all about luxury and giving you the best experience in smart home locks. It’s relatively easy to install & use. Using the Z-wave technology, it can connect you remotely via the web or your smartphone to your home and lets you lock or unlock your door remotely.

Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock 

With Kwikset lock, your Smartphone is also your key. This Bluetooth lock has a cool feature: Kevo will recognize you approaching your front door and will unlock when touched, so your phone can stay in your pocket or purse. Kevo also offers an advanced SmartKey security which provides a strong resistance against lock picking and lock bumping.

Yale Real Living Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave

The Yale lock is easy and fast to install using a screwdriver on standard doors. You can store in this lock up to 250 Pin codes, so you can create one code for each user. It also has a privacy mode (all code lockout), a voice guided programming in 3 languages. Unlocking and locking your house is super easy using its backlit touchscreen keypad. The Yale lock has classic look for those who aren’t fans of hi-tech designs.

August Smart Lock

This is probably the most techie looking lock on the list. The August lock converts your smartphone to your smart key. Using your smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door, control who has access and who doesn’t, as well as other neat features.

ZKTeco Bluetooth Biometric Door Lock

We close our list with a relative newcomer. With the ZKTeco lock, you have a  keyless access to your home using your iOS or Android smartphone. You can also keep track of visitors, see a detailed log of who has entered and exited your home and a lot more interesting data. If love analysing and crunching digits over meaningless things, this is the perfect lock for you.

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10 Cool Remote Control Toys For Your Inner Child

Posted: 17 Jan 2017 02:30 PM PST


Toys in general aren’t just for kids. That’s especially true for remote control toys. Each time one of my boys gets one, you can be sure that my husband is the one who ends up spending more time than anyone playing with it.

You are never too old for a little RC fun. Go back in time and feel like a child; Check out these 10 cool remote control systems we found that your inner geek child would love to get.

Syma Remote Control Helicopter

The Syma Helicopter is very easy to fly, it has a fairly decent range and gives you a pretty good amount of fly time. Also, a nice little fact is that the remote is multi-channel so you can fly more than one helicopter at the same time.

Voyager Remote Control Boat

Perfect for the pool or even a lake, this RC boat features a rugged ABS anti-tilt hull and a water-cooled motor. This is a great toy for those who spend a lot of time near water and can experience the fun of a remote control toy among the waves.

Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS

A flying Tardis?!? All I can say about this geeky RC toy is, YES PLEASE!

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

This is top sellers of 2016 when it comes to RT toys, and might be in 2017 as well. The Sphero bb-8 is a new take on remote controlled toys. It is operated through an iOS & Android compatible app. This toy is more about Star Wars rather than speed, but it’s definitely cool and fun to use.

Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter

Star Trek fans, you are going to love this one. Let’s be honest: It doesn’t matter how well this remote controlled Enterprise is going to fly, you are going to love it anyway. This is an utterly impressive looking toy. It’s an authentic replica design with exceptional details and has real lights and 10 authentic Star Trek sounds, including the phaser sound effect.

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car

Thanks to its powerful brush 390 motors this truck is amazingly fast, and you also get some excellent off-road performance, in the grass, on the pavement and even dirt. 

RC Battling Tanks

RC tanks are cool, and in this pack you get two infrared radio remote control battle Tanks, packed with realistic tank sounds such as an engine running, cannon fire and more, super cool feautres.

Roboraptor Toy

This Roboraptor comes fully assembled and ready to roam the earth. Now you can control your very own Dino.

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

This monster truck is all about giving you the best rugged off-road action experience. It may not be the fastest R/C toy on this list, but it’s affordable, and you totally get a bang for your buck and more.

BlueFit German Tiger Remote Control Tank

This remote controlled Tank is extraordinarily detailed so it will look like a real tank. With this toy Tank, you can go just about anywhere, with this fantastic RC toy also capable of doing a 360-degree spin in the same place.

For more remote control fun check out our 22 Geeky Remote Controls and 21 Awesome Remote Controlled Toys.

14 Coolest Donald Trump T-Shirts For President Inauguration Day

Posted: 17 Jan 2017 02:06 PM PST

Trump 45 T-ShirtTrump 45 T-Shirt

The big day is coming: Donald Trump, believe it or not, is going to become the 45th president of the United States. There are some awesome t-shirts on hold for his inauguration day.

Whether you’re actually going to his Inauguration day (January 20, Washington DC), just going to hang around DC and soak in the atmosphere or celebrate it at home, we picked the best of the new president Donald Trump T-shirts, although there are many more to choose from.

Donald Trump Inauguration Day T-Shirt

You can buy the Donald Trump president inauguration day t-shirt for men, women and kids.

Donald Trump 45th President T-Shirt

The ‘letters-only’ version of the t-shirt before, celebrating Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States.

I Just Love Being Right T-Shirt

A t-shirt to make all Republicans proud, it comes in black, navy and slate, as well as for men and for women.

Obama’s Last Day T-Shirt

Remember, Inauguration day isn’t just the first day for Donald Trump, but also the last day for Barack Obama. Not the end of an era, but an end of an error, according to some.

Donald Trump POTUS T-Shirt

A cool Donald Trump POTUS t-shirt, with the hair accompanying the red, white and blue for the powerful color match. Buy it for men, women and kids in five different colors.

President Donald Trump Deal With it T-Shirt

Some people still can’t fathom that Donald Trump is going to be president. This t-shirt inda mocks them, and is simply telling them to deal with it, because it’s not going to change.

Proud to be New President Donald Trump T-Shirt

A t-shirt filled with presidential and Trump pride, for men, women and kids, that come in five different colors.

Guns, Freedom & Donald Trump T-Shirt

I’m not sure what the message is behind this t-shirt, but it’s hard to deny its catchiness.

Trump Inauguration Day 2017 T-Shirt

You can buy the Trump Inauguration Day t-shirt in blue, slate, asphalt, black and navy. It comes in men, women and youth designs.

Trump 45 T-Shirt

If you look a politics as some sort of sporting event, the Trump 45 t-shirt is perfect for you. It comes in a number of colors, but getting it in red over black is my personal favorite.

President Donald Trump Patriotic T-Shirt

Regardless of who the new president is, inauguration day is all about the red, white and blue. Unless you’re really unhappy with who the new president is. In that case, switching to a new TV channel is the best idea.

President Trump Best Day Ever T-Shirt

For Donald Trump and for a lot of his supporters and Republicans in general, the January 20th inauguration day is actually going to be the best day ever.

President Trump The Most Wonderful Day T-Shirt

What’s the difference between ‘The Best Day Ever’ and ‘The Most Wonderful Day’ t-shirts? Just the typography. If you’re happy Trump is becoming the president, they’re both great.

Make the News Real Again T-Shirt

I’m not sure if this t-shirt is mocking Trump or supporting his campaign against parts of the media, but it’s hilarious, and worth wearing for someone with a good sense of humor.

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