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17 LEGO Star Wars Sets to Start the Year With

Posted: 23 Jan 2017 10:35 AM PST

We have just witnessed the two newest flicks from Star Wars — The Force Awakens and Rogue One — a couple of months ago. And while Star Wars: Episode VIII is still a ton of moths away, geeks would agree that the Star Wars hype never goes away.

You can just stop waiting for that to happen at the moment. While wondering what fate your favorite characters will face in the next episode, you can just marvel with amusing LEGO collections that all of you Star Wars geeks would surely enjoy. Here are some of them:

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

This Star Wars LEGO may be one of the most detailed LEGO sets you can find. You do not only get to build the Death Star as how it's seen from the outside. This would also include some of the different chambers in the ship such as the super laser control room and Palpatine's throne room. Not only that. It also comes with 23 mini figures and various weapons! This is one of the most complete sets you can get!

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building Kit

But then, you also have the Millennium Falcon LEGO set, which also amusingly opens up and allows to put in your Minifigures and weapon into that ship. Ain’t that cool?

Star Wars LEGO Minifigures

You can also get something to match your awesome LEGO collection! Here's a set of custom-made Star Wars characters Minifigures that are compatible with your LEGO and bring together Yoda, R2D2, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, C3PO, Chewbacca and Han Solo.

LEGO Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper

You can also bring together rebel troopers and stormtroopers through this LEGO set.

100x Star Wars Clone Troopers LEGO Minifigure set

Or maybe form a troop of Clone Troopers with this Minifigure set. It comes with 100 Clone Troopers, their weapons, and a base plate to use these Minifigures with.

Darth Vader Star Wars Custom LEGO Minifigure

Or maybe you just need one Minifigure. One that's powerful enough like who else but Darth Vader!

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit

If that mini figure is not powerful enough for you, well then, you can have a fiercer version of Darth Vader through this 11-inch Darth Vader LEGO set, fully geared and ready for battle. Aren't you feeling the dark side yet?

C-3PO Exclusive LEGO Figure

If a cute droid will do for you, here’s a red-armed C-3PO exclusive LEGO for you.

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Building Kit

Relive parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle LEGO building kit. Measuring 11 inches high and with flap wings that are 15 inches long, this LEGO piece would stand out among your Star Wars collectibles.

LEGO STAR WARS Rebel U-Wing Fighter

Rooting for the other side of the fence? Then, this Rebel U-Wing Fighter LEGO set is the one for you!

LEGO Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter

But there’s also Resistance Troop’s Transporter LEGO set. So, take your pick. Or get both!

LEGO Star Wars Assault on Hoth

Get this funky LEGO set with sliding doors that mimics the battle of Hoth that we witnessed at Star Wars' Empire Strikes Back. It comes with various weapons and 14 Minifigures that includes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, as well as some rebel troopers and stormtroopers.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 2 AT-AT

To compliment the Assault on Hoth LEGO set, here’s an AT-AT microfighter set!

LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder Building Kit

Again, yet another complimentary set to the AT-AT microfighter series. Through this LEGO set, you get to have Stormtroopers in this funky vehicle. It's just sized about right at 8×6 inches but comes out as a cute and unique piece. Don't you agree?

LEGO Star Wars Encounter on Jakku

Items in this set show what Jakku represents – the market ambiance, together with your favorite Star Wars characters as minifigures, such as Rey and BB-8.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel Building Kit

Who could forget that moment in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi between Luke and his father Darth Vader? Surely you couldn’t forget that as well. So why not recreate that scene using this LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape Pod

For those who fancy droids that much, this is the LEGO set for you: a Droid Escape Pod with droid figures. Bring together C-3PO, R2-D2 and two Jawas and put them in action while you reminisce Star Wars: A New Hope.

7 Awesome Star Wars Drones

Posted: 23 Jan 2017 09:00 AM PST

Star Wars fans literally have thousands of merchandise that they can buy. But nothing will be as cool as the ones that I'm about to show you. I am not talking about action figures or posters, but drones. Drones that can actually fly. These 7 Awesome Star Wars Drones are just what you need to complete your craving for the most authentic Star Wars merchandise. There's the Millennium Falcon drone, RC Tie Fighter drone, X-Wing Starfighter drone and more. All these drones are available on Amazon and are just a click away.

Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing Starfighter

The X-Wing Starfighter RC drone is made from crash-resistant foam body. It can take a bump here and there but don't take it too far. It uses 2.4GHz communication which ensures ranges up to 250 feet away. The remote control is well designed and is pretty straightforward. There is an analog stick for moving forward and backward as well as one for moving up and down. The combination of white and gray along with Star Wars branding looks cool. All this comes in a neat box with a lot of Star Wars graphics. If not for flying, it'll make a great showpiece.

Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star RC Drones

We saw the X-Wing Starfighter just now. This one comes along with the Death Star and is apt for two people to battle it out. This can be combined with other Star Wars drones for the most epic battles. The Death Star hovers automatically and shoots at your X-Wing Starfighter. All you have to do is hit the Death Star consecutively for three times to take it down. This one works on 2.4GHz communication and the range is somewhere near the 200 feet mark. Make sure to buy 6 AA batteries.

Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

The Millennium Falcon is the most iconic starship in the Star Wars universe. Imagine flying one of those yourself. This Star Wars RC drone is really compact and comes with 4 rotors inside the body of the starship. The remote control is similar to the ones we've seen above and offers simple controls. There is onboard gyro stabilization for a smooth flight and the 2.4GHz communication offers a range of up to 200 feet. It requires 6 AA batteries to run which is not included in the set.

Star Wars RC Tie Fighter Advanced

This one is a uniquely designed Star Wars RC drone. The remote control also looks extremely good thanks to the combination of black and gray along with the Star Wars branding. This Tie Fighter, used by Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode IV is a must have for all Star Wars fans. The unique design and the placement of the propellers will just sweep you off your feet. The drone is made of a crash resistant material which ensures protection from the toughest crash landings. It is intended for flying outside and requires 6 AA batteries like the rest of them.

Star Wars Speeder Bike Remote Controlled Drone

The Speeder Bike RC drone looks cool if you ask me and the Scout Trooper on the bike just adds to the looks. Let me remind you, the Scout Trooper doesn't have any functionality. The Speeder Bike has 4 propellers attached on all 4 sides and there is gimmick gun which projects outwards. The best way to enjoy with this one is to get your friends to buy them as well. Then head outside and race against each other through obstacles making sure that you don't crash in the process.

Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Drone

This one is very similar to the Millenium Falcon drone that we just saw above. I said that one was compact and if you wanted a larger drone, then the Millennium Falcon XL is what you should get. It features the same design with the 4 propellers placed inside the body. But this one is much larger. And when I say larger, I mean it. Take a look at the picture for your reference. Since this a larger RC drone, it comes with much more controls than the smaller one. There is a barometric pressure height lock system and 6-axis gyro for the smoothest flight possible. Even though this one is much larger than the other ones on this list, it requires only 4 AA batteries.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Drone

The last one on this list is my favorite because of the level of detail that has gone into this one. It looks extremely well made and the propellers on the back of the Star Destroyer along with the other intricate details make it one of the most awesome Star Wars drones out there. There are 4 rotors inside the body of the drone, just like the Millennium Falcon drone. The remote control uses a combination of black and white and goes well with the drone itself. The whole body of the drone is made out of crash resistant foam and this one too requires 6 AA batteries to function.

17 Coolest Game of Thrones Cups & Mugs

Posted: 22 Jan 2017 02:39 PM PST

Whether you like your mugs for beer or for coffee, getting your drink in Game of Thrones style will make it even better.

It doesn’t matter what your style is: Funny, serious, pro-Stark, pro-Lannister or into dark humor (very dark), there is a mug to make each and every one of you happy about your little piece of Game of Thrones mixed in with the first, or last, drink you have at home. Here are the best options in our opinion:

Game of Thrones I Drink and I Know Things Glass Beer Mug

Tyrion Lannister is man of few talents. But he does do a couple of things very well: Drink and spew knowledge, sometimes pissing off the people around him. How are you when you’re drunk? I’ll guess you’ll find out after getting this Game of Thrones beer mug.

Game of Thrones I Am the God of Tits and Wine Coffee Mug

Another terrific piece of Tyrion wit, this time in a mug to drink coffee and not beer. Although nothing will happen if you use it for booze too.

Game of Thrones Coffee Mugs for Couples

As creepy as the relationship between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen is (especially in the books), their romantic words to each other make a pretty cool coffee mug couple for the Game of Thrones-loving house.

Game of Thrones Stark Coffee Mug

Winter is coming (or already here), which means you need a cool looking mug to drink your warm drinks in. For me, it’s hot coco most of the time.

Game of Thrones Lannister Coffee Mug

I’m not sure coffee tastes different whether you’re drinking from a Lannister or Stark mug. Maybe you feel different, which is good enough for me to get them both.

Game of Thrones Ceramic Beer Mug

If you have one House Stark mug for your warm drinks, why not complete the set and get yourself the right kind of drinking vessel to down a pint of beer or two with the same kind of artwork?

Game of Thrones Targaryen Beer Mug

Something tells me Targaryen’s were always drinking something that’s a little bit more upscale than your regular beer. However, you don’t have to do things like them.

Game of Thrones Coffee is Coming Travel Cup

A neat porcelain travel mug for people who simply can’t live without their coffee, even on the go, and could use a little bit of Game of Thrones humor to make their day a little bit better.

Game of Thrones Brew Cup

You can get this Game of Thrones Brew Cup with House Lannister, Stark or Targaryen on it.

Game of Thrones All Men Must Poop Coffee Mug

The Iron Throne has never looked less edgy in its toilet form. Who said you need to drink coffee while keeping a serious, grim face? Whether it’s the start of the day or the end of it, Game of Thrones puns on your coffee mug will make you laugh.

Game of Thrones Map Beer Mug

The perfect beer mug for Game of Thrones fans who wanna catch up on geography and do a little map reading while drinking a bit of ale.

Game of Thrones Hodor Coffee Mug

Warning: Drinking from the Hodor coffee mug will make you feel sad. The coffee will still taste good though.

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Coffee Mug

What sick bastard would drink out of a ‘Red Wedding’ Game of Thrones mug? Someone who appreciates the Freys and the Boltons, that’s who.

Game of Thrones You Know Nothing Jon Snow Coffee Mug

Even from beyond the grave, Ygritte manages to keep sending her famous line out into the real world through innocent coffee mugs.

Game of Thrones Bring me my Dragons Coffee Mug

I’m not sure if I hate this line or love it. However, graphically, it looks awesome on a coffee mug.

Game of Thrones Trial by Combat Coffee Mug

This coffee mug might be funny, but as we’ve learned from watching Game of Thrones, going the Trial by Combat road doesn’t always lead to a very good place.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Mug

One thing about this coffee mug: It’s not very useful as a drinking vessel because liquids get trapped under the Direwolf head. But as something to show off with? It’s completely awesome

6 Best Video Game Reboots

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 11:51 PM PST

If you've been a long time gamer, hearing news of a reboot will be like music to your ears. I've been playing games for the past 15 years or more and each day I hear of a game being rebooted, I'm transported to my childhood. I am in my twenties and gaming has been with me all my life. Starting from my very first game of Roadrash to the current AAA titles like Far Cry Primal and Watch Dogs 2, I've seen and played them all. So here are the Best Video Game Reboots that I've played in the recent past.


Doom has to be first on the list because it is the most recent game to be released. With a massive rating of 9 out of 10 from over 20,000 reviews on Steam, the Doom franchise has awakened to its former glory. The game is extremely fast and bloody. There are a lot of fresh multiplayer modes to choose from. The game came out two years after the initial announcement.

This is great because they were able to incorporate a lot of groundbreaking features of current-gen titles. The game encourages players to go berserk and kill the demons. The only downside to the game is that it doesn't have a gripping storyline. All you can do is kill demons and do this over and over again which can get a little boring.

Tomb Raider

Talking about a gripping storyline, Tomb Raider has just that. The reboot to the highly successful franchise, Tomb Raider was an improvement in all aspects. The gameplay, story, graphics, mechanics and characters were completely revamped and that has definitely helped the game a lot. With nearly 20 awards in its kitty, Tomb Raider is one of the best action-adventure games of all time. The game also has a sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, which takes things to the next level. If you are a fan of action games, then you must play the Tomb Raider and it is one of the Best Video Game Reboots of all time.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

We all have played Wolfenstein 3D, where we take on the role of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz and try to escape from the castle. The game was gripping but the graphics were not. But with the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the franchise created a new standard in exemplary storytelling and beautiful graphics. The game also has a prequel, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and there is also a sequel expected in 2017 titled, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. All of us are eagerly waiting for this one.

Mortal Kombat

There is no better game than Mortal Kombat when it comes to one-on-one fighting. The famous dialogue, "Finish Him", is something that I'll never forget. Mortal Kombat underwent a reboot in 2011 and the game turned out to be the best fighting game of that year. It sold over 2 million copies within a month of its release and had all the gory and violent elements that the franchise is famous for. This is undoubtedly one of the Best Video Game Reboots when it comes to fighting games.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

With the original game released back in 1994 titled UFO: Enemy Known, the XCOM series has gained a huge cult following. Unlike a lot of action-adventure games, the XCOM series uses a turn-based approach and encourages a lot of tactical gameplay. It is basically a strategy game but the reboot took things to a whole new level. XCOM: Enemy Unknown allows the players to take part in combat as well as in creating new technologies from the aliens, increasing the XCOM's base of operations and managing the finances. The combat takes place in a 3D environment from a top-down perspective. It was regarded as the Game of the Year by a lot of critics and the sequel, XCOM 2, has been universally praised as well.

Need For Speed

I've played almost all of the Need for Speed games and my favorites are Need For Speed: The Run and Need For Speed: Most Wanted. If you want a real-life experience of racing, then the brand new Need For Speed game is what you should get. The game received mixed reviews from critics due to a lot of factors like its always-online feature and dawn to dusk racing. But, let me tell you, one look at the game and its customization options are all it takes to erase all the negatives. It is one of the Best Video Game Reboots in the racing games category and there is no other game that can beat it with regards to realistic visuals and customizations.

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