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7 Meowellous Ikea Hacks for Cat Lovers

Posted: 20 Jan 2017 11:24 AM PST

IKEA Hack Cat HangoutIKEA Hack Cat Hangout

Ikeahacks are cool, but the idea to take one product and use it in a smart way by modifying it is super clever and geeky.

You can find a lot of IKEA hacks. Some will be out of this world while others are mediocre at best. I love seeing smart and original ways to use IKEA products differently. Today we are all about pampering our furry friends. You can find lots of products in IKEA that can easily become a litter box for your cat, a cat castle and much more. Below are 7 great ideas how to hack 7 different IKEA products especially for your meow friend.

IKEA Hack Cat Hangout

Image via: entermyattic

Made from IKEA PS 2014 Storage module this is probably the most chic kitties IKEA hack, simple and absolutely beautiful. This Cat hangout box was build for ‘Def’ the cat after his endless attempts to sit on top of the fridge. His owner decided to get him his very one space above the fridge, and the result indeed is stunning.

Stuva IKEA Litter Box

Let’s face it: A cat’s littler box is pretty ugly, so any attempt to pretty them up is highly appreciated. In this case the result is super slick and modern. The original IKEA furniture is an IKEA STUVA Storage benchTransforming this bench into a litter box is super easy;all you need to do it cut a hole so your cat can fit, and you are done.

Hol IKEA Litterbox

Image via: ikeahackers

The Hol box is extremely popular among IKEA hackers. I’ve seen lots of cool stuff being done with it and the coolest of the all I think is the turtle house. In this case  tok the Hol box and created a very elegant litter box.

Cat Tree by Frosta X

Image via: ikeahackers

Cats love to climb trees, so getting them an in-house cat tree is probably one of the best things to get your cat. There is no doubt that creating your very own custom made cat tree from Frosta IKEA stools is super nifty and cool.

Expedit Wall Shelf To Cat House

Ikea Expedit is probably one of the most known and loved IKEA lines of furniture. This cat’s owner wanted a cleaner and more modern cat house to fit their home. After finding that most cat houses available weren’t a good match, they decided to create this calm and clean cat house with scratcher.

 TRENDIG 2013 Tray Table

Image via: pinterest

This is super cool and you can actually create it very easily. May I add that bunk bed for your cats, clever and useful, love this hack!

Modern Cat Scratcher

Image via: we-are-scout

Lisa was looking for a modern style cat scratcher but couldn’t find anything she liked. She decided to create one on her own own using inexpensive IKEA furniture. She found IKEA’s Rast bedside table to be great for this hack and along with some twisted sisal rope and a staple gun, she managed to create this chic scratcher. 


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7 Best Photo Printers For Those Amazing Moments

Posted: 20 Jan 2017 10:34 AM PST


When hunting for a printer, a lot of factors need to be kept in mind. The first and most important thing is the cost per sheet, or in simple words, how economical the printer is.

There are some printers which cost a lot and the ink runs out very fast leading to multiple refills in a short span of time. Printer refills and cartridges can burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. This list is for the 7 Best Photo Printers that can churn out quality prints each time you use them. There is one option in every budget and it is up to you to decide which one to get.

HP Envy 5540 Photo Printer

There are only a handful of reliable brands when it comes to printers and HP is one of them. I have an inkjet printer from HP that is still going strong even after 8 years of usage. The HP Envy 5540 Photo Printer is the perfect option for those looking for a budget photo printer. Coming at just around $70, this one can print, scan, copy and even print wirelessly. The printer supports a wide array of photo sizes and can print from end to end for a borderless photo. This is by far one of the 7 Best Photo Printers for those under a budget.

Canon Selphy CP1200 Photo Printer

The Canon Selphy CP1200 is another great option for people looking to get a photo printer under $100. This one also has wireless printing capabilities, but there is no facility to scan. It is compact and can print card size, postcard, L size and square label photos. The CP1200 can either connect to your wireless network through the dedicated Wi-Fi button or print pictures through your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Canon PIXMA iP2702 Photo Printer

You might notice that this list is dominated by Canon and Epson. It is simply because they are the best when it comes to quality printing. The PIXMA iP2702 can print pictures at a resolution of 4800×1200 pixels resulting in mesmerizing photos. It comes with specially created ink which is also very easy to use and replace. This one from Canon can print a 4"x6" borderless photo in about 55 seconds which is amazing considering the resolution. If you want some amazing photos, then the Canon PIXMA iP2702 is one of the 7 Best Photo Printers that you should definitely get.

Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Photo Printer

The Epson Expression Photo XP-960 is slightly up the ladder in terms of pricing and performance. It comes for a little under $200, but it has all the features that you can possibly ask for. If you thought printing a 4"x6" photo in 55 seconds was amazing, then get ready to be blown away. The Photo XP-960 can print the same size photo in a mind-blowing time of just 11 seconds.  It also supports wireless printing from iPhone, iPad and even Android devices.

Epson Stylus Photo R280 Photo Printer

Things are heating up as we near the end of the list. Epson Stylus Photo R280 can print photos at a resolution of 5760×1440 dpi. The photos are also scratch, smudge, fade, and water resistant for some everlasting memories. Just like the XP-960, the Photo R280 can also print borderless 4"x6" photos in just 11 seconds. It can also print text documents at 38 pages per minute. Epson is proud of the fact that their photos can last for up to 200 years in albums. It is a bold claim and that is why it is on the list of the 7 Best Photo Printers.

Epson Stylus Photo 1500W Photo Printer

This is the last Epson printer on this list and is something that semi-professional and professional photographers use for some vivid photos. You shouldn't get it for printing documents but for the photos. It prints photos at a resolution of 5760×1440 dpi and it takes quite a bit of time. But the end result will surely impress you. The Photo 1500W can print the standard 4"x6" photos as well as larger photos of A3+ sizes as well. If you're serious about the quality of your photos, don't think twice about getting this one. It is no surprise that the Epson Stylus Photo 1500W is featured in the list of the 7 Best Photo Printers.

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Photo Printer

The last one on the list performs like a beast. It has a slightly lower maximum resolution compared to the two other Epson printer above this one. But there are professional features like an ambient light correction to match specified lighting conditions, 2-way paper feeding and auto photo fix. The PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II can print photos at a resolution of 4800×1200 dpi. An 11"x14" photo can be printed in about 1 minute and 23 seconds which is just great. This photo printer is the costliest on the list of the 7 Best Photo Printers at about $500, but it does its job perfectly.

27 Incredible Gifs Demonstrating the Awesomeness of Physics

Posted: 20 Jan 2017 08:20 AM PST

The Big Bang Theory BoardThe Big Bang Theory Board

Image via: YouTube

Physics is fun… to some people. Learning about physics in high school or university isn’t always the most interesting thing in the world, at least to most people. It doesn’t just sound boring to those who have no clue about Physics. It can be quite dull to those in class as well. However, everything complicated becomes simple and cool through the right kind of visualization. So through these 27 jaw dropping gifs that display something that sounds complicated from the world of physics, we hope to make you appreciate the laws and theories behind what makes everything on this planet function.

This is an example of the Magnus effect, in which a spinning ball curves away from its flight path.

Turns out burning candles can create vacuums: The higher air pressure outside the glass pushes the water inside and up.

The Levitron toy helps display something known as spin-stabilized magnetic levitation, where the pull of gravity is equal to the magnetic repulsion.

Simply put, this is an awesome explanation of how a Laser works.

Turbine convection, with the rising heat helping the spin motion, sorta lika a fan.

A bullet vs Prince Rupert’s Drop, which is a toughened glass bead.

An awesome demonstration of angular momentum.

And here’s an equally awesome demonstration of centripetal acceleration.

A cute lesson on how inertia works.

Turns out you can use TNT to extinguish an oil fire. This was taken in Kuwait back in 1991.

The excitation and dispersion of surface gravity waves, demonstrated by this awesome gif of a huge ship looking like it’s about to head to the depth before shockingly returning to an upright position.

A nice way to teach and learn about harmonic motion.

A straight pole through a curved hole. Yes, it’s actually happening, no edits!

A neat microgravity trick: One CD player is off, the other is on. Turns out they don’t act the same way.

A demonstration of Bernoulli’s principle, which states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or potential energy.

Baseball can teach you about physics too. For example, the trajectory and behavior of an object in motion.

Fans of Queen can be seen moving when they hear the music, hence a demonstration of the speed of sound.

A self balancing stick.

A neat spinning top toy.

This is a terrific demonstration of Schlieren optics, which comes from Schlieren photography, a process used to take pictures of the flow of fluids in varying density.

A rocket’s spin can be stopped with something as simple as yo-yo, more or less.

A Faraday train. A neat way of choo-choo’ing through life.

An oil bath vibrating at the right frequency can make an oil drop bounce on it indefinitely.

This is what happens when you have too much rear-down force, colliding with a head on wind.

The Spike Wave: Concentric wave singularity.

Demonstrating probability with a hexstat.

Resonating highway sign in Calgary. If you watch it until the end, the right sign falls in the end.

If this gave you a craving to experiment on your own, there are some awesome physics books to get you started with some simple things.

8 Best Classic Gifts Ideas for Dads

Posted: 19 Jan 2017 02:02 PM PST


Getting a gift for our dads can be tricky sometimes. On the one hand, it seems that most dads appreciate a cool gadget or a great tool, but there’s always a weird sense of deja vu when shopping for your father.

It’s hard to come up with new ideas for each birthday or father’s day. Just when you thought your dad has it all we came up with these 8 hot ideas for dad gifts, which are pretty basic yet unique enough to make a special gift for your dad.

Multifunctional Hammer Axe Tool

This tool includes 13 different other tools for dad’s various home fixes. It’s very easy to carry around and comes with an ergonomic handle, making it very easy to hold and operate. It’s great for both indoor fixing and for carrying to any camping or outdoor activities.

Academy da Vinci Clock

This beautiful clock comes with a great story – it is based on an escapement sketched by Leonardo da Vinci himself. It requires some assembling, something dad will also enjoy doing. Its great design means it doesn’t require batteries and it functions with the pendulum’s weight as the power source – how awesome is that?

Hidden Wall Safe

This hidden wall safe stash is great for hiding all your dad’s valuables. It’s great for installing at home or in the office. Once installed, it will resemble a regular electrical plug and no one will suspect what’s behind it.

Steel Blades For Hot Dogs

This one is for the BBQ-ing dads. The steel blades of this device slices the skin of a Hot Dog which expand as it cooks. This entire process will give the hotdog a special smoked flavor right from the inside. The juices from the hotdog caramelizes and gives a perfect crisp to its edge.

Laser Scissors Gadget

This awesome pair of scissors comes with a built-in laser pointer. No more crooked lines – with these scissors all your cuts will be absolutely straight. It comes with two adjustment screws that will allow you to aim the laser light perfectly wherever you want it.

Motion Activated Toilet Night light

This small gadget will turn your dad’s toilet seat into a magical lightened one. It is easily mounted and fits any toilet seat. It’s powered by a couple of AA batteries and will light when detecting motion. It even changes to one of 16 colors and has 5 levels of brightness.

Palm Shaped Ball Roller Body Massager

This great self-massager is ideal for stress relief after a long, hard day of work.  It’s equipped with 9 small metal balls that rotates firmly on any aching body part. It’s best-suited for most body parts such as your head, neck, back and feet. It makes the blood flow faster and helps reduce aches and pains.

Blue Precision Demagnetizer/ Magnetizer

This last tool is best suited for the handyman dad. It will magnetize or demagnetize any metal tool, including – screwdrivers, small and big screws, drill bits, nuts, bolts, nails, etc. It super easy to use and requires no batteries or electricity to operate. It’s lightweight which makes it very portable and easy to carry around. Can be used to convert any metal tool to a magnetic retriever of other small metal parts (such as bolts and screws).

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8 Geeky Coffee Tables

Posted: 19 Jan 2017 01:35 PM PST

Batman Coffee TableBatman Coffee Table

Geeky coffee tables are cool so why settle for a boring coffee table if you can get a LED one or a superhero-styled one? Finding unique and special furniture for your home is fun. Today it’s easy to get great items that will upgrade your house. 

It’s amazing how a simple table can absolutely transform the room’s vibe and feel. You can use a geeky coffee table not just in your living room, but get one for your kid’s room. If you have a playroom in your house it’s also an excellent way to add some geekiness into your home. Below you’ll find 8 super geeky and cute coffee tables all geeks will love.

Batman Coffee Table

Image via: MancaveEssentialsArt

If you are planning a man cave or just want to add some superhero sparkle to your home, this Batman coffee table can be a great addition. This table is just right, in color and in style. The table was crafted from hard maple wood, painted with a black stain coated and a high gloss polyurethane. To finish the look the legs are in powder coated hairpin, giving the coffee table its classic look.

Lord of the Rings – Coffee Table

Image via: TheDribblyYak

This coffee table is truly a work of art. Specially designed using pyrography technique, all of the table’s decorations were burned into the wood. The result is stunning: A one of a kind Middle Earth Map coffee table.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Image via: UpUpSquare

This controller table is probably one of the more famous geek-theme coffee tables out there. Over the years we presented here on Walyou several Nintendo coffee tables: From wood, glass and even plastic, but one thing all of them have in common is that they are super cool!

Jordan Coffee Table

Image via: CBwoodcraftdesigns

A very cool coffee table, perfect for the sports fans. It’s actually a storing box for shoes but can be used as very cool coffee table. You can store some magazines also. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition perhaps?

Pac-Man Coffee Table

Image via: PixelPixels

This coffee table is full of style. Combining the iconic yellow with the oak legs is super modern and totally IN. The Pacman table can also be perfect for your game room or your kid’s bedrooms.

Marvel Coffee Tables

Image via: AslansAttic

Colorful and oozing with retro, this Marvel Comics coffee table is all about chic and style. This table is also 100% recycled and hand-painted.

LED Coffee Table

Image via: Friendlystore

This modern innovative coffee table is featuring an impressive display of LED lights. It is battery operated, and you can easily switch it on or off to impress your friends (or dates).

Coffee Table”  8 Bit – Pixelated

Image via: RyonDesign

Forget about HD; this table is all about retro gaming. The 8-bit Pixel table is made out of a solid oak and was inspired by 8-bit graphics found in early computer gaming. Another cool fact about this table is that each side throughout the entire table has a different combination of hand cut cubes, so each side is unique, and no two sides are the same.

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