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15 Most Beautiful Wall Decals You can Find on Etsy

Posted: 10 Jan 2017 01:33 PM PST

Snowy Forest Wall DecalSnowy Forest Wall Decal

More often than not, the perfect wall decal is just the thing missing from giving your home/room/office the final touch to create the ideal vibe, with plenty of options to match what you’re looking for.

Etsy literally has hundreds of wonderful options for your wall decal needs, so we decided to make life easier for you, sort through them, and find the best ones:

New York Window Wall Decal

Whether you live in Chicago or Melbourne, you can always “open a window” and see the mighty New York City with this brilliant wall decal.

Winnie the Pooh Quote Wall Decal

This Winnie the Pooh wall decal might be intended for children, but I have to admit that as a 30-something grown man, I’m jealous of the kid who has it.

Mousehole Wall Decal

A brilliant idea for a wall decoration, especially if you have a cat who sees in 2D.

Compass Rose Wall Decal

Add this compass wall decal to a ‘not all those who wander are lost’ sticker, and you’ve got an incredible wall or ceiling for people to stare at.

Office Typography Decal

These kind of creative wall decals and decorations can really lift up the spirit in an office on a daily basis, even if it seems simple.

A Window to the Beach Wall Decal

Remember the New York Wall Decal? Same thing, only with a vacation kind of twist.

White Tree Wall Decal

Whether it makes you think of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings or Princess Mononoke in some way, this white tree is an awesome wall decal for kids or adults.

Snowy Forest Wall Decal

Another tree-themed wall decal, only a bit more atmospheric and maybe romantic.

Moon Phases Wall Decal

A cool way to teach your household about the phases of the moon.

Underwater Playroom Wall Decal

Take it from a father of a two-year old daughter: Kids love underwater stuff, and they’ll go crazy for a playroom with a sea-themed wall decal.

Rocket Ship & Space Wall Decal

Some kids love sea animals, others love spaceships.

Map of the World Wall Decal

There’s nothing like learning a little bit about geography from the comfort of your own room, without even opening a book.

Train Wall Decal

Whether you’re a choo-choo kind of person or not, it’s hard not to be impressed with this wall decal of a charging locomotive.

Hockey Wall Decal

For those who dream of being the next Wayne Gretzky, this is the perfect wall decal.

Baseball Wall Decal

And for those who dream of being the next Kris Bryant or something, THIS is the perfect wall decal.

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