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30 Clever Products to Organize Your Home

Posted: 25 Jan 2017 12:12 PM PST

Words have the power to inspire us, so let’s start with an inspirational quote by A.A. Milne “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

Organizing your home helps bring order to your life. Now, don’t be alarmed; we are talking about making small gestures that can impact your day in a good way. Like placing your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry box or even just to hang your keys on a cool keys rack. We searched for the best and clever products that will make your home tidier. This is what we came up with.

Key Holder

A key holder is a pretty basic product to have at home, but this beautifully designed Scandinavian-style key holder is absolutely gorgeous, making it far more unique than usual.

Image via: TwoWoodenDots

Entryway Organizer

Styling your house’s entrance is important, you know why? Because this is the first thing people see when they are entering your home. A well-designed entry is reflects on your home-feel and vibe. This extra chic organizer is acting both as a decorative feature while also adding a bit of order to your life.

Image via: etsy

FeltStorage Baskets

Baskets are a very practical item when it comes to keeping your home nice and tidy. You can use them to store all of those little things that are just lying around the house – or you can use them, just like in the photo, to sort and display your items.

Image via: etsy

Organizer Mail Storage

Image via: MidnightWoodworks Favorite shop

Although we live in a tech world, it is not paperless. Until we get there, we need to organize our mail. This special urban chic mail storage unit will do that while giving your home a beautiful rustic touch. This rack also provides you with some hooks so you can hang your coat, bag and keys.

George & Willy Daily Roller

Image via: etsy

This product is fresh, giving the boring old white pad a unique twist. It’s cool how easily you can add some rustic chic to your home.

Pear Shelf

Image via: Senkki

Shelves are always welcome. I think that besides their functionally they can also provide some 3D decoration around your house and add some character. This is a Pear shaped shelf which can be perfect for a nursery to organize some delicate items.

Leather Sliding Lid Photo Box

Image via: Host and Toast Studio

Photos are the best. These are the memories that we want to cherish and remember. Forget about the bulky old style photo albums: Store your photos in this specially designed box, which just emphasizes their importance and provides a very modern-chic way to keep them.

Tool Storage

Image via: TreeSky

If you are a crafty person, you probably have a special place you store your tools, and I bet it’s not very organized plus doesn’t look as stylish as this rack.

Tray Office Desk Organizer

Image via: Feltplanet

Some products are just meant to keep anything in one place, so you don’t go around the house to look for them. This tray is all about keeping your on-the-go items ready at any point.

Glass Jewelry Box

Image via: Glass Jewelry Box

After years of sorting my jewelry inside of an old and an ugly box, I finally got a super cool Deer jewelry stand to display all of my blings. It is super fun to have a fresh product to show your jewelry; this glass box is oozing with chic and style.

Beauty Station –  Make-up Organizer with Mirror

Image via: iSkelterProducts

Keeping the beauty-theme going, having a beautiful and functional station to organize your makeup is a woman’s dream. Forget about your messy makeup drawer. Getting ready each day is going to be more fun and super easy.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Image via: MakeupOrganizer

The Acrylic Makeup Organizer became very popular in the last 12 months. They are relatively cheap, durable if you are making sure you buy it from a good seller, and will keep your makeup in order without a fuss.

Men’s Desk Organizer

Image via: LovelyLadyCat

Let’s face it, guys need some help when it comes to organization. This men tray is very stylish and totally rocking an old style rustic, urban feel. Inside this tray you can store your keys, glass, phone, watch and more super functional items.

Watch Display

Image via: Robinson Merch Company

This watch display is super neat; you can keep your watches well stored and organized along with some jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

Glasses Organizer

Image via: okulo

This super cool glasses rack will save you the bother of searching your eyeglasses or sunglasses when you need them the most. Instead of placing them around the house you can hang them with style on this Glasses Organizer.

Ring Dish Wooden Jewelry Tray

This dino, turtle, rock shaped jewelry holder is simply rustic and useful. Never again will you misplace and lose your earrings.

Concrete Bath Set

Image via: fmcdesign

The bathroom easily gets cluttered. Getting specially designed products to keep everything at its place is what you need to reach a clean and well-organized bathroom. This bath set has a modern design. In it, you can store your toothbrushes, Q-tips and it even has a tray for more storage, as well as a soap dispenser.

 Bathroom Storage

Image via: RucheShelving

This is probably one of the chicest ways to store your toilet paper, but it can also be used to store small items in your bathroom like perfume, deodorant and more.

Floating Shoe Rack

Image via: MKLNfurniture

One of the biggest items that cause a great mess in your house is probably your shoes lying around the house everywhere. Having an easily and of course well-designed item to store them is the perfect solution for all of those displaced shoes.

Folding Shoe RackImage via: AlvaroDiazHernandez Favorite shop

Here’s another great and super stylish shoe rack. Made out of iron rods, this rack is all about the minimalistic design.

Gymnastics Medal Holder

Image via: StrutYourStuffSignCo

If you have lots of medals, this holder is the perfect way to display and keep them organized.

Bamboo Fruit Bowl

Image via: etsy

Keeping your kitchen in order can be difficult – getting products that can help you be more organized and clean is a blessing. Here’s a very chic Bamboo Fruit Bowl to keep all of your fruit in order and well presented.

Magnetic Spice Jars

Image via: etsy

A cool spice rack is also a great way to get the kitchen looking tip top.

Test Tube Spice Rack

Image via: andrewsreclaimed

This Test Tube Spice Rack is totally an item of style; it looks like a piece of art and not just an organizer for your spices.

Rustic Wood Wine Rack

Image via: Distressed Me Not

All-in-one racks are always welcome in my house. This super rustic yet clean looking rack is totally going to upgrade the way you have your glass of wine after a long day.

Ribbon organizer

Image via: TreeSky

Crafty people will appreciate a special product that it all about organizing their craft supplies. This ribbon storage and dispenser hits the nail on its head.

Shelf London Bus

Image via: Purplepollen

Kids = Clutter. The solution is simple: If everything has a place, everything will be nice and tidy. This bus-shaped organizer is perfect for those small cars lying around the house, The shelf is super cute and will definitely add a decorative aspect to the room.

Pencil Holder

Image via: LennyMud

I love to see products that take a nature element and gives it a creative twist. Instead of spikes, pencils! I just love it.

Black & White Toy Storage Basket

Image via: Langton Studio

If you have kids, baskets such as this are a must! You can easily shove in every toy that just lies around the house and emit an aura of order.

Mini Jewelry Display For GirlsImage via: Hopeandjadehandmade

Girls have a lot of things; it starts at an early age. This cutie of a display is perfect for organizing your princesses’ bows, ribbons and more.

33 Films That Won Best Movie at The Oscars & Golden Globes

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 01:18 PM PST

With the list of Nominees for the 89th Academy Awards announced, we thought it’s a good opportunity to look back at the films that won Best Picture at the Oscars after winning Best Drama at the Golden Globes. Since 1951 (the first year of the Globes) there have been 32 double winners. Will Moonlight be number 33?

Image via: Youtube

The powerful adaptation of Solomon Northup’s memoir, 12 Years a Slave picked up 3 Oscars and 1 Golden Globe award.

Image via: Youtube

Argo was a based on a true story (American embassy employees hiding in Iran during and after the revolution), obviously getting a very loose adaptation. It picked up 3 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

A mega hit that combines love, poverty, crime and ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ with Mumbai, beautiful and ugly at the same time serving as the backdrop to the story, Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: Youtube

With Return of the King, the Academy and Globes wanted to reward Peter Jackson for the entire trilogy, not just the final film. It won 11 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The movie based on the life of John Nash, A Beautiful Mind, won 4 Academy Awards and grossed over $300 million worldwide. Not bad for a biography.

Image via: YouTube

Gladiator made sword and sandal films cool again, although it stands above the rest in quality and its longevity, not to mention producing quotable lines. It won 5 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

American Beauty showed us how much it sucks to live in the suburbs, on the way picking up 5 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

Personally, I never understood the hype surrounding Titanic, but I guess $2.1 billion, 11 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes show how much I know.

Image via: YouTube

I’m with Elaine on this one… The English Patient sucks. But it made close to 10 times its budget, won 9 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

One thing I can say about Forrest Gump: Thank god they didn’t make a sequel, considering how idiotic the follow up book is. But the first movie is awesome, and won 6 Oscars as well as 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

When Schindler’s List was broadcast on Israeli Television for the first time, it was watched by 74% of people with their TVs on at the time. It also won 7 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

Kevin Costner was the hottest actor/director on the planet when Dances With Wolves came around. The film won 7 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes and made 20 times its budget.

Image via: YouTube

Another massive success on a relatively small budget, Rain Man picked up 4 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

A massive (and slightly boring) epic on the life of China’s last emperor, The Last Emperor won 9 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The first in Oliver Stone’s Vietnam trilogy, Platoon won 5 Academy Awards and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

Out of Africa won 7 Academy Awards and 3 Golden Globes. Interestingly it has a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I find it quite boring as well.

Image via: YouTube

A movie that helped popularize the that Salieri wanted Mozart to die (in real life the two were on good terms), Amadeus won 8 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

A story about love, love and love, Terms of Endearment ended up winning 5 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes. It also had an awful sequel in 1996, 13 years after the first movie.

Image via: YouTube

After Ordinary People, Timothy Hutton was supposed to become a mega star. He’s had a nice career, but it was never as huge as the expectations. The film won 4 Oscars and 5 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

In Kramer vs Kramer we learned how ugly divorce can be. The film won 5 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

A story about the ultimate underdog was the ultimate underdog that won. Rocky made over $225 million on a $1.1 million budget. It also won 3 Oscars.

Image via: YouTube

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest won 5 Oscars and 6 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The Godfather might be the most influential film on this list. Not just on cinema but on pop culture. It won 3 Academy Awards and 5 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The French Connection was the first R-Rated film to win at the Oscars since the rating system was introduced. It won 5 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

In the Heat of the Night won 5 Academy Awards and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: Youtube

A Man for All Seasons tells the story of Sir Thomas Moore in his final years. It won 6 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

If you look closely while watching Lawrence of Arabia, you might find Obi Wan Kenobi among the actors. The film won 7 Academy Awards and 6 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

Back in the day, Charlton Heston was the biggest star on the planet, especially when sand was all around him. Ben-Hur won 11 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

Another film with Alec Guinness in it, The Bridge on the River Kwai won 7 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The first ‘Around the World in 80 Days‘ film (there have been 3), it won 5 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

On the Waterfront was named for a series of newspaper articles, but introduced an original story. It won 8 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes.

Image via: YouTube

The Greatest Show on Earth (which also starred Charlton Heston) is considered the worst ever Oscar winner. It won 2 Academy Awards and 3 Golden Globes.


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